How To Get Compensation When Your Walmart Order Is Late

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Get Compensation When Your Walmart Order Is Late Mailboxes

How To Get Compensation When Your Walmart Order Is Late

In the past I have talked about how you can get compensation when your Amazon order is late.  Recently Walmart has been going after Amazon Prime members by offering 2 day shipping with no annual fee.  They have even moved it up to next day delivery on orders over $35 for certain items.  There are many times when Walmart has a better price than Amazon and I like that you can still get portal payouts for things on Walmart that you can’t on Amazon.  I ordered some items from Walmart recently and I wanted to see if they honor their shipping promises like Amazon does since my items came late.

With many delays during the coronavirus pandemic it is worth trying to see if you can get anything for severely delayed deliveries.

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Contact Walmart Via Chat

When I saw that my order had been delayed online I reached out to Walmart via their online chat feature.  You may be able to contact them via social media channels as well but this way is simple and in real time.

I went to their help page and selected order status.  Then at the bottom of the page you can choose chat, phone, or email.  Select chat and then type out your issue for the agent.

Get Compensation When Your Walmart Order Is Late

What I Said & My Compensation Offer

My items were supposed to come on Tuesday but ended up coming on Thursday.  I asked them if they gave any compensation when their 2 day orders were late, just like Amazon does.  See what I did there 😉?

She said absolutely and asked me to confirm my order number etc.  She said they could offer me 10% off of my order which I thought was fair.  Amazon usually gives $5 per item that is late and my bill was around $50.  There were 3 items in the order however so it probably would have been better with Amazon but something is better than nothing!

I had paid for some of my order with a gift card from Gyft (have to get that 5X earning!) Luckily Walmart attaches recently used gift cards to your account so it shows up now when I check out with my now remaining balance.

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Final Thoughts

I am a firm believer that if a company promises something that you should hold them accountable to it.  Especially when you pay for the service like you do with Amazon Prime.  Because Walmart offers their 2 day shipping free I wondered if they would react the same way.  I am happy to report that you can get compensated for late orders like I was with a 10% credit.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I had an issue with walmart grocery delivery, it was scheduled for 6-7, and no order at my door. I contact customer service they said by 10am next morning and they will red flag it. Well here it is after 10am and no order. I suggested what you said and asked if they compensate for late order like amazon does. She agreed that it was needed and will be applying discount to my order. Thank you for the suggestion even thoe I’m still waiting on my groceries!!

  2. I am a Walmart marketplace seller. As a result of USPS shipping delays, I have lost a lot of money. I shipped on time (within 24 hours). Walmart gave refunds to my buyers and the money came out of my account. How is that fair?? I paid for the products, paid to ship them (I offer free shipping) and I ended up with a list of refunds.

    Due to several “lost after delivery” claims, I shipped orders over $50 with signature tracking. One order for $325 is being held at the post office for delivery. The recipient wasn’t home at the time of delivery. She can still reschedule delivery. Walmart gave her a full refund without checking tracking. Before the package is sent back to me! Now she can get her order free simply by picking it up at the post office.

    I want people to be aware of how it is on the other side. The seller’s view. I am an honest seller, but find some buyers not to be. Buyers return used, broken items to me. The last return was a pair of pajamas that was a totally different size than what they bought from me. No tags and no packaging. I can’t resell them. It is doubtful that Walmart will reimburse me.

    • That is a good point Ali. I do feel for the 3rd party sellers caught up in this. I never personally order anything from 3rd party on Walmart but I know that it has to be frustrating for sure when it is out of your control.

  3. Marketplace order placed 2 weeks ago on a large $200 item! Seller immediately marked order as shipped, yet Fedex only showed ‘label created’. Stuck in that status for 2 weeks with zero updates! Chatted with agents which was not useful – they just emailed the seller, and asked me to wait for 48 hrs for a response; they said they could not even cancel the order until seller responds in 48 hrs.

    Phoned in, and agent said the delay is due to ‘severe weather’. I countered saying Fedex shows just label created, and it hasn’t even been shipped yet! Plus weather was bad just for 1 day! Agent offered to cancel order and refund immediately. I nicely asked if they have a policy to compensate customers affected due to delays like this. He promptly offered ‘maximum I can do is get you a $25 gift card. Would you accept?’. I took it!

  4. I used your advice exactly after not getting my $35 next day eligible free shipping order on time. I got 1 item 2 days later, and the other 4 promised between 3 and 5 days later, in two different tracking links. I said pretty much what you suggested, asking if they offered a discount for late shipments like Amazon does, especially since they couldn’t even pin down a time in 2 different notifications. They offered me 5%. I thanked them and said I thought it was customary to give 10%, especially since they sent two different conflicting tracking links. They agreed to the 10%. Thank you to Monica and you Mark! That approximately $3.60 was a smile for me on an otherwise no so smiley day.

  5. One thing to mention. If you’re looking at their NEXT DAY Delivery; it states that ALL items within the order must say Next Day avail or it voids out that option and redirects the order to standard delivery. They also state that it is ONLY items shipped & sold by Walmart, Not any of their 3rd party merchants. *i’m dealing with this issue right now. Item ordered 14hours before next day option cutoff; guaranteed fri 7/24; paid $5.99 extra to guarantee next day since item wasn’t $35; item only had to travel 45-60miles; still in transit via fedex, (fedex says it’s due to ground transportation being selected…) so I get to call again in the AM and speak to someone that KNOWS WTH is going on…
    I also got a 10% off my next order because an item listed as in stock for in-store pick-up, got cancelled due to out of stock (although the store STILL Shows item avail… lol)

  6. I tried Walmart’s chat box, and got an automated “bot” asking me what I wanted help with. It said it could connect me with a customer service rep and offered only a phone call as the only contact option. I typed in “chat” anyway as a contact method and it said that chat was temporarily unavailable. When is the Walmart chat available to chat with a real customer service rep? I don’t relish having to talk to one on the phone.

    • I used it around a week or two without issue but it was during normal business hours. Maybe try it again during the day today and see if you can get through?

  7. For the 2nd time I had a late delivery from Walmart. Actually kinda 3, but the last one was technically attempted to be delivered on time, but the FedEx driver didn’t want to leave it. I guess it’s driver discretion there. The first one, a few months ago, they gave me a $5 credit pretty quickly. This one the representative wasn’t as quick to offer one. He kept apologizing for the delay and saying I should have it by tomorrow. I asked if I could speak with a supervisor. He then asked if I wanted a promo code lol. $15 this time 🙂 It still stinks that stuff is coming late, but $15 almost makes it worth it lol. It’s about 20% of the item purchased.

  8. “Sincere apologies” … I see that from Andy in chat live. I said, “ty, but that doesn’t get my computer here.” Worked on logistics, chatted about major problem it caused and HE wanted to give 10% back to me. I’m chatty so blah, blah, nice but firm and he asked again if he could proceed with 10% off. I asked nicely to speak w manager. Just expressed disappointment. They offered to please give me 20%. So catch the flies w honey and always speak to manager.

  9. Didn’t work for me at all. Spoke to several people, none offered any compensation. I’ll be returning the item which will probably cost them more in return fees and processing than offering compensation. Plus they’ve likely lost me as a future customer.

    • Strange. I just recieved an email that my order due tomorrow is delayed. I did an online chat. Gentlemen said it would get to me by Tuesday instead. I asked for a credit since it wasn’t within the guaranteed 2 days, and he said sure they’d give me $5 towards a future order. I already received the code in my email, and I only talked to him a few minutes ago lol

  10. I’m reading this, because I think my Walmart order is going to be late lol. I ordered Wednesday. Free shipping with delivery by Monday December 2nd. One item shipped fast and was received today, Saturday. The other 4 items haven’t even shipped yet. Not sure how it’ll get to me by Monday (2 days sway) when it still hasn’t shipped, but I guess it’s still possible.

      • Ordered an item and 2 day shipping it was due on Tuesday and today is now saturday. I spoke with customer service via chat and found they were rude and didnt provide any help but i pushed for some satisfaction and was offered 5% i didnt think that was good enough and was given 10%. I still havent gotten my package yet. 2 days is now 6 days.
        I had 2 other orders before this that i picked up in store. One I was given the wrong item. And the other they cancelled because it was out of stock so i ordered another bundle pack for the xbox one s and picked it up than found out they charged me for both. How do you charge someone for something that you canceled because you were out of stock. It took me getting angry for them to even fix it. Unacceptable. So in the past 3 weeks 3 orders and not one was without a problem. Im done with walmart they cant get a simple thing done right. I gave them 3 chances. Amazon has never failed me yet.

  11. Thank you for this post! They also offered me 5% for my late packages. When I said the inconvenience of it seemed more like 10%, they obliged.

  12. Thanks a lot for the information. I contacted Walmart with the same situation, yet my package had not even shown up by the time I read your article. They offered 5% and I suggested 10% due to the package not even arriving. I was given a 10% refund some back and forth. In all, it wasn’t a difficult request.


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