Do Hyatt Globalists Get Free Valet Parking? The Truth Is That It Depends

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Hyatt Globalists Get Free Valet Parking
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Do Hyatt Globalists Get Free Valet Parking? The Truth Is That It Depends

We spend a lot of time talking about World of Hyatt and Hyatt elite status at MtM, even if elite status might be a scam.  Hyatt Globalist status comes with a ton of perks like upgrades, $100+ breakfasts, lounge access and a ton more.  One thing that flies under the radar a bit but is awesome is that Hyatt Globalists get free parking on award stays.  Yes it is annoying that you only get free parking on award stays but we are points people so that is most stays for us 🤣. The savings can really add up too, sometimes being $30-$40 a night! But do Hyatt Globalists get free valet parking included in this status perk?  The answer is, that it depends.

Hyatt Globalist Free Parking Perk

So we already know that the parking perk only works on award stays.  That is a little bit limiting but nothing we can’t handle.

The terms say the following:

Enjoy complimentary parking on free night awards (available at participating locations where parking can be charged to your room)
That doesn’t really specify standard parking or valet parking etc.  The truth of the matter is that it depends on what the hotel offers.  If they only have valet parking then that is what you get free.  If they offer both valet parking and standard self parking then the Hyatt Globalist is supposed to park in the self parking lot for free.  But there have been instances where that isn’t the case.
Shawn was staying at the Hyatt Grand Cypress in Orlando and they were redoing the self parking area.  This meant you had to park in an area quite a ways from the hotel and then wait for a shuttle to pick you up and take you back to the hotel.  Shawn decided to valet park instead and worry about it later.  When he was checking out of the hotel he argued his point that the self parking set up was kind of insane right now and they agreed to waive the valet parking fee since he was a Globalist.
Another time my parents were staying at the Hyatt Regency Orlando on International Drive on a guest of honor booking (the coolest thing in status in my opinion) and used valet parking. I told them only self parking was included with a Guest of Honor booking but told them to just play dumb at checkout.  They were able to get the valet parking comped since they were technically “Globalists” for the stay.

Final Thoughts

As with most fees, valet parking on award stays for Globalists seems like something you could negotiate. If it is the only parking option available then it will be covered no issues but if not you may still be able to pull it off.  With a little social engineering or a good excuse you may get that free upgrade to valet parking.  I know Hyatt will have often have the GM reach out to elite members before an upcoming stay via email.  It wouldn’t hurt to ask for valet parking to be comped, worst thing they can say is no.  I bet you get it more often then you think you will.
So, do Hyatt Globalists get free valet parking?  If it is the only option available it will be covered. However, you may be able to get if self parking is an option too.  All it takes is a little bit of a try-hard attitude!
Anyone else been able to get valet parking covered when it should not have been?


  1. “The savings can really add up too, sometimes being $30-$40 a night!”

    Much more than that potentially. About $70 in Chicago (personally experienced) and more in NYC I have heard.

    • Chicago parking is insane. I have paid more per night for parking than I did for the actual stay before.

  2. Currently staying at HR Austin. My Hyatt Concierge states to me that there is no charge for valet parking. When I checked in that wasn’t the case. However since I told them that My Hyatt Concierge state’s otherwise…they decided to waive it.

  3. I always get free valet parking on my award stays with Hyatt being a Globalist. It’s the best perk for me, I love it. Literally base my stay strategy on using free awards with Hyatt when I’m going to have a car vs. Marriott/Hilton when I’m not. In Chicago at the Park Hyatt or Thompson this is an easy $65-72 a night savings. I’ve never had an issue either, just charge to the room and poof it’s gone!


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