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Is Hyatt Timeshare Torture Worth $1800 in Value? Share Your Thoughts!

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Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa Timeshare Offer

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa Timeshare Offer

I received a very interesting email from Hyatt offering me a pretty tempting deal to visit their Hawaii property Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa.  This amazing offer comes with one catch, I would need to sit through a time share presentation.

I think that the numbers will show that the agony of sitting through a time share pitch would actually be worth it.  But let’s take a look.

Note: Some Of These Offers May Have Ended Or Changed Since Publishing

Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa Timeshare Offer
Hyatt Regency Maui

Details on the Offer

Here are the important dates of the offer:

  • Book by March 31, 2018
  • Visit within the next 12 months after purchasing

Here are the goodies:

  • 5 night stay at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa
  • 6 day Avis car rental
  • 7,000 Hyatt points

To qualify for this offer I need to do the following:

  • I have to endure attend a 90-120 minute timeshare presentation
  • Have an annual household income over $125,000
  • Be at least 27 years of age
  • I cannot have attended a sales presentation at any Hyatt Residence Club resort in the past 12 months
  • If married, or cohabitating, I must travel with my partner/spouse

My out of pocket cost would be $695 for this deal, which is highly discounted vs the normal price.

Shawn said that the timeshare property is located next door to the hotel but that you can use the amenities at both properties.  From everything I have read in the terms it sounds like I would stay at the hotel for this offer.

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Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa Timeshare Offer

Breakdown of the Offer’s Value

Let’s take a look at what kind of value I would be getting for the $695 I would need to shell out.

5 Nights at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa

After looking at the prices it looks like the hotel prices out in the $400-600 per night range when including taxes.  I will place the nightly value at $400 since it costs 20,000 Hyatt points per night.  I value Hyatt points at 2 cents a piece which would give the hotel a $400 a night value.

Total: $2,000

6 Day Rental from Avis

I will just go with the cheapest car rental for 6 days that I can find since that is more accurate than focusing on Avis.  After plugging in a few different dates I think it is safe to say I would get at least $350 in value from this.

Total $350

7,000 World of Hyatt points

As mentioned above, I value Hyatt points at around 2 cents a piece so this would have a value of $140.

Total $140

Grand Total $2490 in value for $695

That is a pretty substantial discount on a Hawaii vacation.  Getting anything at 28% of the cost is a good deal in my book.

I wonder if I paid the $695 with a card like the Capital One Venture card, and it’s $500 sign up bonus, if that would be considered a travel expense? My guess would be that the charge would count as travel but maybe someone could let me know in the comments section from personal experience.

I would also have to consider the flight costs to Hawaii since those are not covered in the offer.  Also if it would be worth it to go through 2-3 hours of mind numbing sales pitches to save almost $2,000?  Let me know what you think in comments section.

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This is a very strong offer from Hyatt.  Almost $2500 in value for just under $700 in cost is a pretty tempting offer.  Getting hounded the time share sales pitches on site may make it a nonstarter for some.

I think it is an amazing offer and if I had plans to visit Hawaii in the next 12 months I would be jumping for joy.  I don’t know if I can bring myself to book the trip solely because of this offer though.  If I lived on the West Coast it would be more likely.

Did you get emailed the same offer?  Are you thinking of taking them up on it?  If you didn’t get the offer would you do it if you did?

Here is Shawn’s review of the Hyatt Regency property from his previous stay.

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Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I received an offer for Westin Kāʻanapali Ocean Resort Villas – 6 days, 5 nights at $698. The price seems kind of high for an island-view studio villa with king-size bed. But I do already have a trip planned for June, so I’m considering it. I’m traveling with my sister and my toddler, so the king bed isn’t ideal. I’m also only staying 4 nights. Appreciate any thoughts/advice.

    This is your last opportunity to take advantage of this ultra-exclusive invitation. Experience the island of Maui, Hawaiʻi, with a 6-day, 5-night stay at The Westin Kāʻanapali Ocean Resort Villas, a AAA Four Diamond-rated resort. This vacation package also includes:

    Your choice of 15,000 Marriott Bonvoy™ Points OR a $75 Resort Certificate for spa services, dining or activities during your stay

    Plus a 6-Day Avis® Rental Car for sightseeing, adventure and travel around the island

  2. We purchased and attended this last November. In preparation for this trip I took advantage of the Hyatt status match last summer, which which gave me explorer status. Explorer status gave us an upgraded room (Which stated it wouldn’t on the package), Free parking and no resort fee, and since we stayed an extra three days they extended the lounge access for the full eight days for us. Their new facility is beautiful, but not tempting when I can stay so cheap. For us this was a wonderful deal!

  3. Mark: Sorry to hear that you couldn’t use the deal.

    Joe: Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely try to schedule the dates before buying the airfares. I’m also going to check with Westin if they will allow me to switch from Maui to the Kaui instead. That way, we can visit both Maui and Kaui on the same vacation.

  4. Hi Mark. Thank you for the post. Did you end up signing up for the 5 nt deal at HR Maui Resort & Spa for $695 in 2018? Would love to hear your experience if you did accept the offer. I just received the same exact offer this week! In addition, I also received the Hyatt Residence Club offer for 5 nights in the 2BR, ocean front room, with 6 day car rental + 7,000pts this week as well. I am thinking about accepting both offers and chaining it together for a 10 nt vacation in Maui with the family. For all those wondering how to get these offers, here is our back story in which I think why we were solicited. My family and I have just returned from a 1 week stay at the Wynham Waikiki Beach Resort Timeshare in Oahu. I bought 5 night stay in a 2BR condo for $1,000 thru a last minute wholesale condo reseller called “Wholesale Holiday Rentals” and negotiated the last minute deal. (Btw, there are also some great deals on last minute timeshares on Ebay and via Redweek. I would never buy a timeshare because why make such commitments when there are so many great last minute deals and the flexibility to go wherever you want.) When we checked in to the Wyndham property in Waikiki, they have you stop at the concierge desk for a “special gift” at which point they try to solicit you to attend a timeshare presentation, ask for your approximate income, all for a measly $100 gift/per person. We did not attend but I believe our private information was then distributed to via our membership in the Wyndham program as well as the fact that I am a SPG member and Hyatt member. I think you have to have stayed at one of these properties and be point members so that they know how to solicit you. I was solicited about 15 years ago via Marriott for these timeshare specials when my worked had me staying at the Marriott properties quite a bit and I was a Marriott Rewards member.

    • No unfortunately I was unable to fit it into my schedule. Everything I have heard is that it is a great property. I think combining your two offers would be an amazing vacation.

    • Just make sure you can confirm your days beforehand, you may have a hard time getting the exact 10 days you wanted. We had a hard time even getting the 5 days we wanted, as have many other people, especially for the Residence Club.

  5. I get the whole timeshare presentation thing. I’m sure we can say “no”.
    How many times do you say “no” in 90 min? Do you just let them talk, then every now and then say “no, we aren’t interested”?
    They are also offering 7000 points. I don’t understand the point system. If we want to stay more days than they are offering, can I use the 7000 points to stay longer? How does this work? I also got the Hyatt Residency offer in Maui for $995.

    • The 7000 points would not be enough to add on another day. It could book you a room at a category one Hyatt hotel though which is usually $100-150 a night.

  6. Hi Mark. Timely post. Just a data point for you. I was offered a 5 night stay at Westin Kaanapali Nanea in a one bedroom for $695. It included an Avis 6 day car rental (up to $185 value) as well as 15,000 SPG points. I needed more room so I upgraded to a 2 bedroom suite for $1,000 more. So it was $1695 for 5 nights which normally is $5,000+ taxes so probably around $5,700 just for the room. I had to agree to a 90 minute “vacation ownership” (they don’t like to use the phrase timeshare).

    The pitch was very low key and no pressure. More educational vs. anything. It was interesting as they tried using SPG points to close it. They offered us 420,000 SPG points if we signed that day. It wasn’t worth it to me but I found them very professional and it was very hassle free. We scheduled it in the morning. The first available spot was at 8:45 AM. We opted not to take advantage of it which they were ok with. They just asked us to meet with a representaive for a quick exit survey.

    During the exit interview the nice woman offered us a deal. She said we could come back for 5 nights in a one bedroom suite for $1495. (That’s about the normal price to book a one bedroom suite for 5 nights). They only charged $99 at the time and they said they would charge $140 a month for 10 months. 0% interest. The only reason I did it was they offered 100,000 SPG points as well which to me I can easily get value of at least what we are paying either transferring to airline to fly first or biz class or booking 2 nights at expensive Ritz Carlton properties or SPG properties. I had 18 months to book it.

    I’m NOT a timeshare person but this was low pressure and everyone was very friendly. I noticed that there were a lot of lower priced time shares on the secondary time share market vs. buying from them directly but apparently you can’t redeem that week in other SPG properties like you can if you buy with them.

    Hope that helps. Have fun in Hawaii!

  7. If your skin is strong its totally worth it. I do them all the time in fact Wyhnham let me do it every 6 months. I have one of the sales reps phone# I jist call him every 6 months to sign up over the phone. I attend says no no no and walk away with breakfast and normally a week stay as a timeshare resort or last time I just took the points which gives 2 free nights and more flexiable to book then the week stay. All the other timeshares are normally once a year I mark my calendar and look for the sales booths to sign up and always walk away with a ton of free stuff from gift cards to free stays and or activities etc. If your weak to high pressure sales I would not suggest it but my wife and I are good to say know. Mostly I go in an normally “wow” them with all my points, and my top status on every hotel brand. I talk brief about how easy it is to earn all those points and stay for free. They cant really argue with free….ya and a timeshare would benefit me how?? :)) I leave there most time teaching the sales rep something about the point game and the reward me for my time with free gifts its a win win 🙂 normally the young sales reps get it the more senior salereps are more set in their ways and don’t want to hear about earning points they just don’t get it.

  8. I get these all the time and never have done it but I think it could be great value and it’s only 90 minutes. Mark, you should especially know “time waste” is all relative. Especially in this “game” of ours. Most people will probably tell you that you “waste” your time buying and selling tickets, doing all of these things for points/miles. But you know they are wrong. It’s just subjective and everyone’s opinions vary. That sounds like a pretty good deal especially knowing you probably have a ton of miles/points to fly over free.

    I’ve gotten all those offers for Hyatt’s Carmel California property, the Hyatt Residence in Maui which I almost did but had just gotten back from Maui when I got it. And the Maui Westin Nanea Residences. But just never have had time. I went to a time share presentation once when I was younger and sweared I’d never go back. But now that i’m older and wiser I’d do one if I got a great offer again. (I haven’t gotten one in a year or so).

    Have fun!

    • I have many of the same feelings – haven’t done one in many years but I will at some point in the near future I think.

  9. Just a data point – I’d been calling for 4 months straight 1-2 times per week to try and book the 2019 dates for my 2 bedroom 2 bathroom Hyatt Timeshare in Maui. I paid the $500 in May, and had another $495 + tax left to pay. They told me 100% they’d be opening up 2019 availability in August. Finally this last Sunday I called, and they said they opened up some a week and a 1/2 ago, and it’s all gone except for a little in July 2019. I said that’s ridiculous, I called last week and they said it still wasn’t open. So I went onto Twitter, Facebook, Email and just sent the same email about how upset I was and how I had been calling for 4 months, to everyone I could think of in the Hyatt organization that would have anything to do with this. The next morning, I get a call from Hyatt Residence Club, saying they’re sorry and they’ll put me on a list to call me up when/if the dates open that I want. And then an hour later, they call back and say the got my exact dates and I’m all booked. 5 nights, car, and 7,000 points for about $1130 all-in. Not sure it was worth the amount of aggravation, but nights during our stay are over $1,200, so getting an amazing value out of it.

    • My friend that accepts these all the time said the trick for him is he doesn’t accept the offer and pay the deposit until he knows the dates he wants and verifies they can instantly book the dates BEFORE he pays that initial deposit.

  10. I have done this offer twice in the last four years. Although I satisfy the income requirements I’ve never had anybody ask me for proof. The first time I stayed at the hotel while Lea vacation rentals were being built. And the second time I went I stayed in a two bedroom condo at the new resort. Both some of the best vacations I’ve had in Hawaii.

  11. Over the past few years I’ve received the HRC 2 BR offer, the HR offer in this post, and the Carmel offer. But no offers recently. I haven’t stayed at a Hyatt property in over a year. Do we typically have to be active in Hyatt to get these offers?

    • I am not sure what causes these offers to be triggered. I would assume having recent stays would improve your chances but if you have a Hyatt account I think that may be enough.

  12. Just got the Hyatt Residence Club in Maui 6 days 5 nights + rental car offer for $695. I’m glad you did a “$ to points” conversion estimate – it helps put their “points” system (which is designed to confuse people) in perspective. I have gone to several Hilton TS pitches and was always able to say no. My wife, on the other hand, always feels “guilty” for wasting their time and is more inclined to want to buy something. I remind her “this is what they do for a living – they are playing the odds that while they may get 10 “no’s” that one “yes” will eventually come to them. These guys are pros and trained to look for those people on the fence that just need a little extra nudge to push them over to the yes side. Watch the movie Glengarry Glen Ross if you want to see inside the world of Timeshare salesmen in the 80’s. While they are not as high pressure as that anymore Alex Baldwin’s speech is still a classic – “ABC – Always be Closing”

  13. My mother in law recently received one of these invitations in the mail. It’s for a 6 day 5 night stay at the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort for 2 with some other perks attached for $695…I was wondering if these invitations were transferable? Also, does anyone know how of if they check income? This offer seems amazing and we would love to take advantage of it if possible! We are going to Maui in June for a wedding and this would work out perfectly!

  14. Has anyone here had any issues with securing this offer over specific days? We want to go next year but they didn’t open up 2019 yet, but our $995 offer for a 2 bedroom/ 2 bathroom + points and car must be booked (or at least a deposit) by May 2. They plan to open up 2019 in Jun. We’ve already made out plane reservations and can’t change them. It’s close to a Holiday weekend but they said they only charge extra for bigger Holidays and Spring Break, but don’t have any blackouts so if we call in Jun everything should be open, but obviously they won’t 100% guarantee it.

      • I got the same offer. Called and there was no availability for 2018 and 2019 space has not been released. Kind of ridiculous to expect people to put down $500 with no availability! Here’s the email:

        Say aloha to your home away from home.

        Enjoy a 5-night Hawaiian escape at our oceanfront destination, Hyatt Residence Club Maui, Kāʻanapali Beach, including a 6-day Avis® rental car, all for only $995. Plus, explore new possibilities with 7,000 Bonus Points.

        Begin your next adventure. You have until May 15, 2018 to purchase and 12 months to visit.*

        BOOK NOW Or, call 844.631.2582

        Start planning your getaway today.

        Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul while enjoying the unparalleled service at Hyatt Residence Club Maui, Kāʻanapali Beach, with this exclusive vacation offer.

        Your Maui vacation includes:
        • 6 days and 5 nights at our award-winning tropical retreat
        • 2-bedroom, 2-bath ocean front suite with expansive private lanai
        • 6-day Avis® rental car for sightseeing, adventure and island travel during your stay
        • Zero-entry keiki pool, Wailele family lagoon pool and Maluhia infinity relaxation pool
        • Access to the amenities of the adjacent Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa
        • 7,000 Bonus Points

        • 3 different reps actually said if for some reason I couldn’t find space for the dates I needed in 2019, I’d be refunded the $500, so hoping it’ll be fine.

  15. I would jump on that deal hands down and say no no no not interested at the timeshare brief. I have dont many timeshares with Hilton, Blue Green, Wyndham, and couple other and received $150-$200 and sometimes a few other perks. I never tried Hyatt Timeshare and have been looking to get the same deal for $695 but not a chance they keep asking for a 10 digit # which is invite only. Without this 10 digit # the best they offered me is a “discounted rate” of $599 a night +tax & resort fees for 5 night only stay at Maui in order to attend the timeshare brief. No way am I paying $3,500 for only 5 nights in there resort to waste my time for them to sell me on a timeshare, Hyatt has to be kidding! They can not even tell me what triggers the 10 digit invitation they said “sometimes” if you sign up for Hyatt hotel club and/or get a Hyatt credit card it may trigger an invite but they can not say for sure. Hyatt is the only Timeshare I have seen that cost you money to listen to their sales pitch.

  16. We stayed 3 nights on points at the Residence Club last week. 30K points for their standard 1 bedroom. I actually expected something like a Studio Villa and hadn’t researched the rooms in detail.

    I was BLOWN AWAY when we checked in and the standard room is a 1 bedroom suite with full kitchen. I don’t mean Kitchenette, I said full kitchen. Very generously sized rooms. Full sized table for 4. Another table for 2 on the large lanai with enough room for a couch also. Mountain View was amazing, forget the ocean view you see that all day outside. Complementary valet parking, I don’t think any other luxury places do that. I would honestly rank it #3 behind Park Hyatt Vendome, and the London Churchill.

    We actually did the tour just for the sunset cruise. It wasn’t bad. I mean sure, they lie to you about how long it’ll take. There is no actual arm twisting. But they are VERY GOOD at emotional manipulation. I could see my partner weakening, I had to be the one at the end to say a firm but polite no thank you.

    This will start phase 2, where a manager attempts to manipulate you.

    Then when that doesn’t work. phase 3 which is an “exit interview” which is another thinly disguised sales pitch for this odd package where you buy a bunch of points and lock in the current pricing on the units.

    I would take the tour in a heartbeat for the 2 BR condo deal. Don’t settle for Regency. The property is just fantastic. At 30K points per night, that’s $600×5 of value minimum. I don’t base on their rack rates which are more like $1K per night in high season. Everything is still spanky new, not like the Westin up the beach. Staff at Hyatt Residence club are great, when we had some coffee to grind they brought up a spare grinder from their shop downstairs.

    Westin Studio villa up the beach was simply no comparison. Wouldn’t stay there again.

  17. I would take that Maui deal. Just say no. Never seen a time share worth the price. You can by these thing very cheap on redweek or other web sights if you want one. Remember maintenance fees always go up and that’s why most people want out of their time shares. Also 5 nights not worth the trip I would find another location and spend a few extra days.

    • Resell units oftentimes don’t include some of the best perks of a big-name timeshare. Namely, any type of lifetime status (as long as you own the timeshare) or the ability to use points at more than one property (called a Mandatory property).

      You also won’t receive piles of loyalty points & a myriad of other incentives. AND there is no guarantee even of good title or that you won’t inherit a scad of back HOA fees, my advice is to STAY AWAY from non-developer deals.

  18. […] Is Hyatt Timeshare Torture Worth $1800 in Value? Share Your Thoughts! by Miles to Memories. I think the expected ‘value’ is over inflated, but each to their own. When getting these types of deals, always call in and ask for a better offer. As pointed out in the comments some people had the same deal but at $1,295. At the very least it’s usually always possible to get some extra Hyatt points and the cost reduced. As always don’t attend these presentations if you’re not 100% sure you’ll be able to say no (even if you want to buy one, buying on the second hand market will almost always be a better option) […]

  19. Pam – who do you ask for extra points? The ts salesman giving the pitch or someone else? When do you ask? before, during or after (you said “no”)

    • When I am first lining up the trip with the rep – they offer 10k points I ask for 15. Gotta ask sev times to add to their res notes, though, or they can “forget”
      the deal. If not, I tell the person at the very end who is in charge of the points what transpired & they get their manager’s approval.

  20. We did this 2 years ago and it wasn’t too bad ~90 minutes. Hyatt sent us another offer this year and we just got back from the HR Maui 2 weeks ago! Original offer was for the hotel but I asked if they could put us up in the HR condo instead. There was a slight upcharge for the condo but worth it since we already stayed in one before. Total was $1500 but only because it was over Valentines week and the height of whale season-which we saw from our balcony. The offer also included 15K Hyatt Points, which have already posted. The sales pitch was no pressure, we were upfront and told him we had no interest, and guy said I have to get through this then I’m done for the day and can go surfing….! The whole pitch including the walk over to the gallery and stop at the bar for a drink was an hour! So totally worth my time for the points, great trip, and value.
    The property was great, you have privileges to room charge at the hotel and can use their facilities.

  21. We did this presentation at the Hyatt Residence Club 3 years ago. $995 for 5 nights in a gorgeous 2BR suite. We invited friends to join us and asked them to call and see if they could get the same deal. First caller said no, HUCA the next week and they said certainly. We stayed for 10 days costing us $995 for 10 days. This is the lowest pressure TM sales presentation ever. Do it!

  22. I do get timeshare offer every year. I kept getting Hyatt since 2016. In 2017 we did the timeshare stay at San Antonio, this year we are doing Hyatt vacation club in Sedona AZ. San Antanio was $150 for 3n/4d, and Sedona for $220 3n/4 day. The presentation in SA was not that bad, It was 2hr, the person presenting will know if they can convince you to buy, at the end they take you the the manager who try a last time to convince you. I just received one form Westin at Princeville in Kauai, 6-day, 5-night stay at The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas. Your vacation package also includes: Your choice of 5,000 Starpoints from the Starwood Preferred Guest® program OR a $75 Resort Certificate for spa services, dining or activities during your stay, 6-Day Avis® Rental Car for sightseeing, adventure and travel around the island.
    I booked this for next yr.

  23. That is a tempting offer! Here are two reasons not to do it: 1) Vacation time is valuable, 90 minutes could easily stretch to 120, plus 30 more for getting there/back, it could easily be 1/4 of your waking day – how many full days of vacation do you get? Will you spend any of them dreading the presentation? 2) We attended one a couple years ago (Wyndham) that included a “group” presentation and I realized that by participating we were signaling to others that this was a legitimate thing – and some of those people were young and naive, and we could be complicit in them making a very poor financial decision. I was so relieved when we saw one sweet couple later and they told me they had “almost” bought. Saving money on travel hacking feels great, but meeting scam victims does not.

    • Wyndham Vacations is the world’s largest. They also own RCI (thru Wyndham Destinations), the world’s largest timeshare exchange company.

      I get that some folks go totally unprepared into a ts presentation, chasing only the freebies in as little effort/time as possible. And clearly there will be unscrupulous sales people on the other side in all industries.

      Rest assured, however, these are enormous, legitimate, long-haul travel companies that can provide a good product for a savvy shopper. As with any big purchase & any travel hack, it pays to be prepared.

  24. I just came back from the Hyatt Residence Club on a $1600 offer for 5 nights in a two bedroom plus 10k points. Both the Regency and Residence are great properties. It was TOTALLY worth it for the two bedroom. We slept 6 on the 12th floor facing The ocean, pool, and Lahaina Loved it and thought it was an amazing value. We were upfront about no interest in purchasing and there was zero pressure. He said we were invited guests so no problem. Just need to put in the time. He ended it after about 45 minutes, gave us the bonus points and sent us on our way. I don’t know if this would be good value in a garden view regular hotel room. My Partner’s review should be up on trip advisor tomorrow with photos if you want more details.

  25. I received an offer today to the Hyatt Residence Club, Kaanapali beach, 5 nights in the 2 bdrm 2 bath oceanfront suite and 6 day car rental for $995. My husband got the same offer but priced at $1295. We are both Explorist by way of matching Mlife.

  26. We did this presentation while staying at the HR Maui a few years back. It was absolutely the lowest pressure presentation we have ever done! The offer is a joke ($80k for 60,000 Hyatt points per year). I said that and the guy let us leave after 60 minutes. All we got were Luau tickets, but no stress.

    Just a few months back we did the new Westin villas tour and they were pretty pushy, wasted like 2 hours just for a snorkeling tour. Would avoid that one.

    I also received the $695 offer via paper mail a few weeks back and my wife just got the email today. Both of us have the Hyatt Visa. We skipped this offer, but would jump all over the Hyatt Residence $1500 offer I saw a while back.

    • 80K for 60K in Hyatt points a year? Wow really….you would have to live 120 more years to make that a decent deal 🙂

      • uh..that’s ONLY if you choose to convert ts points to the hotel side points which is about as insane as converting Avios for a hotel room. like all your other strategies, Mark, there are great ones for timeshares that also make the most sense & are the most rewarding for you. you have a critical eye – I think you should participate in the ts conversation with an open mind & possibly debunk some of the consummate ts naysayers. there is enormous value to be had if properly structured within an adequate timeframe.

  27. I got this same offer. I always just delete these timeshare presentation offers without thinking much about them. If I were retired, it would be a different story. But as someone with limited vacation who values relaxation when I do get to take time off, I just can’t burden myself with the uncertainty of going through something like this and worrying about whether it’ll put me in a bad mood for the rest of the vacation. I surprise myself sometimes because I am such a tightwad and a lover of deals, you’d think i’d be all over it.

    • That is where I usually stand on the subject Matt but this one seems so good. I do wish it was somewhere that wasn’t so difficult to get to with 2 small kids but still considering it.

  28. I’ve been to a lot of ts presentations and the game is to think up a reason for saying no that they can,t rebut. My best one i call the ,california girl,. I just don,t feel the right vibes, can,t say why, the vibes are just not right for me. Worked like a charm and i got out quickly.

    • Haha nice. Last time we said we were saving up to buy a house and we didn’t have any money to buy a timeshare too…they let us go after lowering the offer like 3 times.

  29. YES!

    We have stayed at the Regency, it’s a FANTASTIC property. Club Lounge wasn’t the bestest ever, but adequate. Birds in the atrium! Nice pools, even a toddler wading pool in the zone between Regency and Residence. Spouse even painted a picture of their gardens that is hanging on our wall right now. Going to stay at the Residence on points for 3 days later this month, then move to Sheraton nearby for 5 days. Westin Vacations sent us an offer ~$800 for 5 nights I took it. No timeshare hard sell strings, but I’m sure the 5 minute meeting with concierge will include an offer of something to listen a longer pitch.

    I would totally do Hyatt timeshare thing myself at some later date. Be polite, no need to get snippy with them they are doing a job. Answer their questions, just give a definite no when asked and walk away. It’s just business for them, leave no hard feelings but no doubt either.

  30. I received an offer for Hyatt Key West today-3 nights and 10K pts for $399……what I really keep hoping for is the Hawaii offers. We just returned from a 3 week trip to Hawaii and spent 4 nights at the Hyatt Regency. We were upgraded to a wonderful ocean view and loved the Regency Club. The food was yummy and the RC staff was amazing.

    Has anyone had any success calling and asking for a different location?

  31. I received an offer for Hyatt Key West today-3 nights and 10K pts…what I really keep hoping for is the Hawaii offers. We just returned from a 3 week trip to Hawaii and spent 4 nights at the Hyatt Regency. We were upgraded to a wonderful ocean view and loved the Regency Club. The food was yummy and the RC staff was amazing.

    Has anyone had any success calling and asking for a different location?

    • I would call and see….although the Key West ones look very nice when I was looking at hotels for my trip there a few weeks ago. Which location was it for…there are 2 or 3 down there.

  32. I once did a Hilton timeshare at Trump Las Vegas. Guess what? I did not attend the presentation, because I did not fully understand the terms back then LOL. All I loose is 10k bonus Hilton points (? not remember accurately) and $100 gift card (? again not accurately). They did threaten to charge me the full price of the hotel, but never did so. I actually appreciated my ignorance, otherwise I may easily fall victim. So, not sure if this is still true: can you just not show up and still get to keep the hotel offer?

    • My fear has always been that you show up for the presentation and they won’t let you leave after 2 hours without threatening to charge you the full price! At what point can you claim kidnapping?

  33. We just did one at the hyatt Bonita springs residence for just points when we were stayed at the Hyatt hotel next door. It did take over an hour and a half but it wasn’t bad. Personally, I wouldn’t bite for the offer you got because I wouldn’t want to be locked in, but that’s me.

  34. I just received an offer to the Westin Kāʻanapali Ocean Resort Villas for 6 days/5 nights for $698, which included an extra 5000 Starpoints and 6 days Avis Rent-a-Car. I haven’t attended a timeshare presentation for about 10 years, since I attended one in Vegas for free hotel rooms during what would have been a very expensive weekend. I just kept saying no, and they released me within a short period of time.

    Also received the Hilton New York offer while on the phone with their reservation dept. I’ve been tempted to try that one, so I was glad to hear from “FlyerDad” above, that the offer was extremely painless.

    Regarding everyone’s questions of how do you get the offers, the offers are most likely targeted to loyalty credit card holders or recent guests. Or maybe you could just call the reservation departments and ask; it couldn’t hurt.

    Mark, this was great to hear of everyone else’s experiences! I’ve been tempted to try another timeshare presentation, so I was happy to hear no one had any horror stories.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Karen. I was also surprised to read so many people who love doing these…good info for sure!

      • I have done plenty of these & own several that work nicely alongside my other point strategies.

        Being pleasant makes the whole experience better for everyone. I think you would sctually find all the info interesting, Mark. Comparing what you currently do for travel to what is being offered might actually prove a fit. There are a lot of variables to consider, of course, but the big brands like Hilton, Hyatt, & Westin make the presentation part pretty painless, I think. The old days of high pressure are (mostly) gone.

    • It’s easy, especially when they try to guilt you into a deal. Or you say you are a moocher taking up sales weasels time, oh and taking up his time he has mouths to feed and a mortgage. Laugh at him, show him ads on EBay you can buy one for a dollar. If timeshares are such a great deal why do they have to bribe people to hear their bs

    • I have done a bunch of the Hilton presentations. NY was totally worth it. Great location and at least when we went they offered us a bunch of stuff that made the room price less than zero. I keep hoping to get invited to NY again. Hilton staff is very professional, I agree with the other comments just listen and say no thanks and it is fairly painless with Hilton. Just be careful some of the sales staff can be very convincing.

      We went to a Jocky club presentation 2 years ago and walked out with a salesman screaming obscenities at us when we said no thanks. It was a very different experience from Hilton.

  35. Wish I knew how to get the messages. I signed up for a few time share companies email lists. They did call and call for a few weeks but I never wanted to talk to them. So maybe they removed me.

    • Yeah not sure – I get them occasionally from the different hotel chains – I think just from being a rewards member.

    • Just got emailed from Hyatt for being a member…I don’t think there is anyway to really try to get them. But maybe someone else has some ideas on that one.

  36. Did this one and the SPG two years ago on the same trip. For miles and points folk these are no brainers an most of us are disciplined enough to say NO and mean it. We do this upfront and the SPG guy only spent 30 mins with us. What helps is when they ask how much we spend on a typical weeks vacation and our response is a few hundred not thousands. The sales guy is now thrown off his pitch and is sceptical until we explain about miles and points and then spend most of the rest of our time explaining how that works. After the Hyatt presentation another couple asked to explain to them how to do the miles and points so got referral signups from that.

  37. I live in Hawaii I would love to attend this time share offer and say no no no to get the offer. Where do I sign up?

  38. My wife and I just got back from the Wailea Beach Resort in Maui and got a similar offer from Marriott just before we left. $699 for 5 nights at one of their Hawaii vacation clubs, plus 20,000 Marriott points or $100 gift card after listening to 90 minute presentation. No car rental. Was tempting but we passed. If we could have used it at the Wailea beach resort where we were staying, would have took it. Loved the place with its recent renavations, beautiful property.

  39. The answer is situational. If you are a Globalist and can apply a confirmed suite upgrade, stay at the Hotel by all means. Using points and cash it will cost more than the timeshare offer, yet the benefits are better. The ocean views are spectacular whereas your chances of managing an ocean view on a timeshare presentation are meager. It all depends on how many people are in your party and if you prefer club access which Globalists would receive at the hotel.

    • I have a few club access certs but it sounds like it is very YMMV if you are able to use anything while on one of these offers…although that would be nice!

    • ALL units at this Residence property are 2-3 bedroom ocean view except for a few 1-bedrooms they certainly don’t use for these visits.

  40. By the way, every single ts pres I have done I ask for extra points & have always received them. Since you also have status with Hyatt they likely will oblige.