Is Bed Bath & Beyond Auto Denying Rebate Submissions From the VGC Deal? How I Got Mine Paid.

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Issues With Bed Bath & Beyond Rebate Submission

Issues With Bed Bath & Beyond Rebate Submission

Bed Bath & Beyond had a pretty good Visa gift card offer this weekend that even had triple stacking potential!  I took part in the deal, as I have the past 2 years.  In the past there has never been an issue getting the rebate.  The submission process is a little tedious but outside of that they have never denied a claim…until now.

Issues With Bed Bath & Beyond Rebate Submission

My Rebate Submission Was Denied

I submitted my rebate on Saturday afternoon not expecting to hear anything for a week or so.  That was until I opened up my email Tuesday and saw that Bed Bath & Beyond had denied my rebate because they claimed there was “not enough purchased”.  I was perplexed by this but after going through my records I realized that the receipts and gift cards were mixed up when I submitted them. That must have been the issue, or so I thought.

I decided to just resubmit them as a new rebate.  On Wednesday morning there was an email from the rebate center saying I was denied for the same reason, not enough purchased.

At this point I was really annoyed and started looking at their contact setup.

Issues With Bed Bath & Beyond Rebate Submission

Chat to the Rescue

After debating a few different options I decided to go with the chat function.  You can access it on the same page you submit the rebates on.  I told the chat rep the issue and after 10 minutes or so, very slow but competent, she came back and said that I qualified and that it had been resubmitted.  While checking my email Wednesday evening I had received a quick response that my rebate submission had been approved and would be paid out. Victory!

Issues With Bed Bath & Beyond Rebate Submission


I don’t know if Bed Bath & Beyond is taking a page out of the insurance company’s book in The Rainmaker movie, deny deny deny, or what.  There was another person in our Facebook group that was also denied.  If you have been denied don’t give up.  Be persistent and you should come out on top.


Let me know in the comments if you have had any issues with your submission!



  1. I submitted a rebate for a promotion offering a $15 Bed Bath and Beyond gift card if you purchase $100 or more in ANY 3rd party gift cards, except VISA and Mastercard (and Bed Bath And Beyond) cards. I bought $100 of AirBNB gift cards. Bed Bath and Beyond Rebates denied my submission stating that I did not purchase enough and that AirBNB Upc codes are not listed on the promotion. No UPC codes are listed on the promotion, because it clearly states ANY 3rd party gift cards (except the VISA, MC and BBBY cards). I had 2 conversations with representatives. The first, I was told that since they told me to email on a copy of the receipt amd UPC codes (not stated as part of the submission process), it was being ‘escalated’ for someone to look into it, even though I received the email denial specifically showing it was a reply to the email I sent with the receipt and UPC. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, and after a half hour of him looking into it, was told they would not honor it because their system won’t take te AirBNB gift card UPC, and will not send me rebate I absolutely qualified for.

    • Sorry to hear that Charles. This is part of the reason I have stopped doing rebate offers because there are too many moving parts.

  2. I had the same issue as well with my rebates; however, I called and had a human to human (H2H) interaction and both gift cards were validated successfully. It appears to be a glitch in the BBB system. I recommend calling it took only 6 minutes of my time.

  3. Mine was denied for the same reason. I did a split payment on both GC’s I purchased. Wonder if that may have confused the automated system. I also took a picture of the back of the GC’s (to submit as UPC) which I haven’t done in the past. Not sure if that had any effect or not. Anyway, I got it resolved as well.

  4. I have the same problem and I was about to contact them later this week. Good to know I’m not the only one. My store only had 2 of these left on display after my purchase on Black Friday!

    • Glad you were able to snag some of the last few at your store. At leas you know chat now works so you don’t need to call 🙂

    • Maybe they had a glitch early on or something. Huge PIA. But once I get my free $50 I will forget about it haha. Glad it worked out for you too!

  5. I never submit rebates for at least 5 days…that way they will sort out all the issues by the time I submit it!

  6. I did 4 (2 to my house and 2 to my parents) and it was marked valid within 24 hours. The only thing I was concerned about was what to send for the UPC. I submitted a photo of the back of the card (after I had unloaded it) as well as the UPC looking thing from the inside of the package.

    • I just use the back of the card as the UPC….kind of a PIA set up. Glad to hear all 4 went through ok!


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