Great Deal – Brand New LG 47″ LED TV for less than $250!

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LG TV Deal

Great New LG TV Deal – Less Than $250 All-In

Dell has an early black Friday deal on the well reviewed LG 47LB5900 47″ LED HDTV. They are offering it for $479 with a $200 gift Dell gift card. (The gift card should show up when you check-out.) That is a fantastic deal by itself, but let’s simplify it and make it better.

Discover is currently offering 10% back through their ShopDiscover portal. Additionally, if you haven’t maxed out your 4th quarter bonus, the Discover card gets 5% back for online shopping. This qualifies.

LG TV Deal

Finally, if you don’t have plans to shop through Dell, you could sell their gift card to ABC gift cards who will buy it for $160. They are the only company that I found which will buy Dell e-gift cards. You could also sell in on eBay for $170-$180.

Lets do the math and assume you sell the gift card for $160. Also, Dell does charge sales tax in most states, so that will have to be factored in depending on where you live. (If you have future purchases with Dell, you can increase your value by keeping the gift card as well.)


LG TV Deal

  • Cost of TV & Gift Card: $479
  • Minus sales price of gift card: $-160
  • Minus 10% Cash back through shop Discover: $47.90
  • Minus 5% Discover 4th quarter bonus: $23.95
  • Total out of pocket cost: $247.15


This is a fantastic deal for a great television and one that probably won’t last long. Even if you don’t have a Discover card, you can still get 6% back through BeFrugal for an out of pocket cost of: $290.26 Happy shopping.

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  1. Great deal, Shawn! I don’t have time to always track SlickDeals & FatWallet deals, so I appreciate you pointing out great ones like this. I got in on this one.


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