Is Cathay First Overrated? American’s Secret JFK Lounge, First Dining Review & More!

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Miles to Memories Podcast Episode 23

Miles to Memories Podcast Episode 26

The Miles to Memories podcast episode 26 dropped this morning. Be sure to be on the lookout for our new episode every Thursday morning!

Episode Description

In episode 26 we talk about Mark’s recent Cathay Pacfic first class flight and how he thinks it may be overrated.  We also discuss the Coronavirus, everyone getting slammed with 1099’s, the best co-branded hotel cards & more!

Episode Notes

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed episode 26.  If you did please subscribe for the podcast where you normally listen and rate & review it for us as well (ratings and reviews help us out 😉). Also be sure to check out our new episodes every Thursday!

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      • Haha no sweat. Look forward to your guys review on the podcast. Also any chance for a updated “whats in my wallet” discussion for this quarter? Always curious about what and why you guys are carrying what you are at the time.

        • That is something we can do for sure. I know we post it on the site from time to time but would be good to do on the Podcast too.

  1. I have always thought that cx was overrated since y first flight with them. Never seen an airline so highly reviewed, lauded, and expensive with service that is laughable at best. Have been flying QR ever since, even though service is hit or miss on QR, it at least does not feel purposely belligerent

    • I thought the service was pretty good – probably too attentive that it got annoying a bit. Glad to know that I am not alone in my thoughts though 🙂


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