IT..IS..HERE! The Miles to Memories Podcast Episode One Has Dropped – Don’t Miss It!

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The Miles to Memories Podcast Episode One

It is finally here!  We have been teasing about the Miles to Memories Podcast for a while on social media and launch day is upon us. Myself, Shawn and Joe Cheung (from asthejoeflies and the Observation Deck podcast) will be getting together every week. Each episode will be about 45 minutes long and we will cover the latest travel news plus anything interesting in the miles and points world.  This week we will be dropping a second episode on Saturday so be on the lookout for that as well!

Episode One Details

In the inaugural episode we discuss hacking Las Vegas with Amex FHR credits, the situation in Hong Kong, and why Disney is the “worst vacation ever.” Or is it? We finish off the show with introductions and background info on Mark, Joe, and dishwashers. Make sure you listen after the end credits for some funny outtakes!

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This episode is sponsored by Travel Freely, the MtM recommended tool for tracking & organizing credit cards.

Episode Notes

Here is the photo of Shawn and Alice that we discuss in the podcast as well.

Final Thoughts

We are very excited about this venture and look forward to getting together every week to talk about everything travel.  We hope that you enjoy it as much as we do and that you spend every week right there with us.

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  1. Great podcast, especially the Disney part. I agree 100% with the part about people who get there at the crack of dawn and stay there until after the fireworks and not expect your kids to be cranky and then have a horrible experience – biggest mistake people make.

    The one thing I disagree with is the part about staying off Disney property with points – by doing that you can’t get your fastpass 60 days in advance which is crucial if you want to go on rides like flight of the Avatar or Soarin’. I booked my fastpass exactly 60 days out and 2 hours later went to change one of them and couldn’t because fastpasses for flight of the avatar were already gone. And when I got to the park last week and passed flight of the Avatar, the wait time was 185 minutes! So getting those fastpasses are crucial.

    The best way to save money on a Disney trip is to buy Disney gift cards at a discount using things like Amex Offers. I am also lucky that I bough three 10 – day non expiring tickets (which they don’t sell anymore) so I have around 27 days left which can be used any time and never expire!

    • I have stayed at the Disney Springs resorts with fastpass and extra magic hours with points. I think those are a great option since you can use points at a lot of them.

      Disney gift cards are great way to save money for sure. Especially with those Staples Amex & Chase Offers!


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