Another Huge Deal Dies, Will Citi Honor Citigold Bonuses, New Amex Offers Interface & More!

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miles to memories recap

Best of Miles to Memories 11/02/15/-11/08/15

Welcome to the weekly “Best of Miles to Memories” recap series. Here you will find links to all of the still relevant posts from the past week. This week we lost a huge deal with Officemax, saw some cool smaller deals emerge and found out that Citi may not be honoring Citigold bonuses for everyone.

To make the posts in this recap easier to wade through, my “Editor’s Picks” in each section are in bold. If you have questions about anything you read feel free to contact me anytime. Enjoy!

In Credit Cards

miles to memories recap

In Manufactured Spending

miles to memories recap

In Deals

miles to memories recap

In Loyalty & More

miles to memories recap

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  1. Agree – really hated this one Shawn! I was afraid you were talking about the citigold which I’ve not gotten to yet. I clicked on this scary post 4 times to try and figure out which you were talking about!

  2. Rather irritated by the blaring headline of the email that trumpets:

    “another huge deal dies.”

    then click on it (sigh)…. and realize it’s “only” a compendium of past m2m posts… even worse, you leave it to readers to figure out which story the blaring headline refers…. ok, it’s the office max death…. still being revived, then killed again.

    I know, you got me to click…. will think twice next time.

    • I wasn’t trying to be intentionally misleading, but I do see your point. The recap posts all follow the same naming convention and I do include both a description and a featured image showing it is a recap post. My guess is you clicked through from a place that only had the title. I apologize and will make sure to be more clear in the future.


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