A Few Great Deals, Target’s Free Discount App Explained, Tracking MS Expenses & More!

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Posts That Caught My Eye

Using Mint to track travel hacking expenses and returns

An interesting article and one that I am a few days late in covering. I have never been a huge fan of Mint’s interface, but it seems like he is using it for a valuable purpose. With that said, the real gem here is whether or not one should even track MS expenses. I suspect it is a good idea for some and too much of a time suck for others.

8-24-15 A brief Target and Cartwheel ap Primer; Target PS4 Deal; Staples $20 off $100 Visa Checkout

I’ve been meaning to write about Target’s discount app Cartwheel for awhile. Sometimes the deals aren’t great, but then other times they are spectacular. Throw in some discounted gift cards and you have a recipe for some good deals!

Raise $10 Promo at Topcashback Ends in 6 Days

I have to admit with all of my traveling I haven’t taken advantage of this deal nearly to the level I should. Hopefully it will be extended, but if not perhaps I could pickup a few bucks in the next 6 days. For those of you with gift cards lying around, take a look if you haven’t been doing this already.

Great Deals

  • As I mentioned this morning, Frontier is running an incredible sale with fares as low as $15 each way on a ton of routes!
  • You can get $50 in Brookstone credit for $20 on Groupon if you use the code UNLOCK20. The code will also work to take 20% off on up to 3 local deals, so you aren’t locked into Brookstone. You can purchase almost anything. Don’t forget to use a portal to save even more. (HT: Slickdeals)
  • Visa Checkout is offering $20 off $100 on Staples.com when you use their service to pay. Details here.

Have a great evening!


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