Targeted Sapphire Preferred 50K + 25K, Networking to Build an “A” Team, 4.59% Interest on $20K & More!

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Posts That Caught My Eye

Transfer Times to KLM / Air France from Chase Ultimate Rewards, AMEX Membership Rewards, Citi Thank You Points & SPG Starpoints

Now that Flying Blue partners with just about everyone, this is good information to know in case you are looking to combine points from different programs in order to book an award.

Building Your “A” Team

Networking is definitely the name of the game in this hobby. As you get to know more crazies like yourself, you will undoubtedly gain access to greater information.

Choosing Your Business Structure

A good overview of the different business types a reselling operation can take on. I am actually in the process of deciding exactly which type I want for my growing reselling business. It is far too big now to be a sole proprietorship. As always, it is probably a good idea to consult your tax/financial professional before making decisions like this.

A savings account that pays 4.59% interest up to $20,000

Yes there are some hoops to jump through, but this is a nice way of earning a high interest rate while keeping your money liquid.

Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) 50k+25k targeted offer

Not as good as it sounds up front since you need to spend $25K in the first year to get the extra points. Still, getting at least 2X on all purchases that first year isn’t terrible, but one would have to consider how putting that extra spending on the Sapphire Preferred would affect their overall strategy.

Great Deals

I don’t usually post video game deals, but I’ll pass this one along without comment. The link is my referral link, but you can also find it directly on the Amazon site if you wish. Amazon doesn’t pay through portals for video games. Limit of 1.

Have a great evening!


  1. My friend emailed me about the sapphire 50k + 25k offer, but his earning structure was the same as a standard offer, sure its 2x on everything for this offer?

      • Ahh gotcha. We both came to the conclusion that the standard offer was better for him (and probably the majority of people).

  2. Did the game deal used to be $319….I saw one of the comments say that. $369 now…still a good deal but 319 is amazing.

    • No it was always $369. The console by itself sells for about $360. Add in Halo, the GC, the extra controller and even the bonus game code and it works out to be a good deal.


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