Free Grocery Store Spend! Plus 2X Fuel Points and 5X with Freedom

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no fee gift cards

Free Grocery Store MS!

Kroger has a new promotion on gift cards that can get you fee-free gift cards, fuel points and some credit card cashback. Let’s take a look.

The Offer

No Activation Fee on MASTERCARD® or VISA® when you buy ONE (1) $100 MASTERCARD® or VISA® gift card.

Key Terms

  • Offer expires 5/6/17
  • Offer excludes MasterCard® and/or Visa® $25, $50 and Variable Load Gift Cards.
  • Limit one coupon per transaction per day.
  • Limit of one coupon per household.
  • See coupon here

How to Maximize

This promotion gives you a free spending opportunity. Gift cards earn 2x fuel points and you can earn cash back or points if you use a credit card that has groceries as a bonus category. Chase Freedom will earn 5X this quarter, so that’s an easy way to get some free Ultimate Rewards.

Make sure you buy Visa or Mastercard gift cards in denominations of $100 and do not purchase Variable Load Gift Cards because they’re excluded from this promotion.


This is a great opportunity for some fee-free MS and you earn fuel points alongside you credit card rewards. Kroger also has another promotion going on on weekends where you earn double fuel points on your purchases, but gift cards are excluded from that promo.

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  1. you know what faked me out DDG? your thumbnail pic is of staples but this deal is related to Kroger and the title also doesnt mention Kroger. no big deal i guess. just making a comment.

    • My fault for not having enough generic Visa photos of gift card racks. I am sending out a photographer to go to every single chain and photo their gift card rack so we can make sure to have the accurate photos! 😉 We will leave no gift card rack unphotographed!

      • haha no worries brotha. no big deal at all. just making a comment. we miss you man! its becoming the DDG blog now! haha…

  2. so denominations greater than $100 also trigger the fee-free activation? the coupon says $100 but the post said 100 or greater. thoughts?

  3. Anyone have a go-to card they’ve found at Kroger that is easily used to buy MOs at Walmart or the PO or loads to Serve without issue? Preferably without a history of fraud (I’m looking at you, US Bank).

    • I do, Krogers sells a visa debit with a pin. It is variable load up to $500 for a $5.95 fee. I forget its exact name but every Kroger I have been in it has like some party hat birthday themed on the front. You take it to the register scan the barcode load your amount then the pin is in a little paper inside. Also I have bought money orders at Kroger so no reason to go to Walmart if you can’t do serve/bluebird.

    • @fauxblogger, how many phone numbers do you use? signing in/out of each account takes up too much time to be doing more than just your 1 main account. Please share if there’s a way to scale without using different accounts.

      • Yep..totally agree. $100 no fee is a waste of my time. Too much of a hassle to sign up with different phone numbers with very little value. If it was the $500 i would be excited!

  4. You sound waaaaay too excited in the title for a non-scaling MS opportunity. Please remove exclamation mark and don’t sound so exciting.


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