Requalifying for Hyatt Globalist at 55 Nights: Do You Get Suite Upgrades & A Free Night?

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Requalifying Globalist 55 Nights Benefits

Requalifying Globalist 55 Nights Benefits

As I wrote about last week when discussing my journey this year towards re-qualifying, World of Hyatt has been mostly a win for top-tier members in my opinion. Under the new program it is more difficult to qualify (in most cases) and some perks have been taken away, but I find the addition of suite upgrades to far offset any negative changes.

One other thing the new program brought in was confusion. To qualify for top-tier Globalist status, one must stay 60 nights in Hyatt hotels in a given year, however to re-qualify in following years that same person only needs 55 nights.

Requalifying Globalist 55 Nights Benefits
Delicious tacos at Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta.

Additionally, Hyatt gives other benefits listed for those who reach 60 nights. Specifically, members who reach 60 nights are given 4 guaranteed suite upgrade certificates and also a free night good at any Category 1-7 hotel.

Apparently the reason Hyatt decoupled the free night and suite upgrades from the status was to make sure anyone receiving a challenge wouldn’t receive them. This lead to many people to assert that Globalists who re-qualify with only 55 nights wouldn’t receive them. This is not true.

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55 Nights or 60?

Last week when I wrote about my road to re-qualifying this year, some people questioned whether I would receive my suite upgrade and free night cert at only 55 nights. I have several friends who have received theirs, but given the doubt I thought I would settle this question once and for all.

A few days ago I hit my 55th night for the year and Hyatt was nice enough to send me a lovely email that gave me the warm and fuzzies.

Requalifying Globalist 55 Nights Benefits

When I received this lovely message, I immediately went into my account to check whether my certs had been added. I fully expected them to be there given other people’s experiences, but you never know. Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed.

Globalist Benefits Deposited

First I checked and saw my Category 1-7 free night. This easily has a value in the hundreds of dollars!

Requalifying Globalist 55 Nights Benefits

Then I made sure my new Suite Upgrade awards were nice and cozy in my account.

Requalifying Globalist 55 Nights Benefits

Also note the expiration date. Last year Suite Upgrade Awards expired one year from the date of issue, however now they expire at the end of the year they are earned plus 14 months. In other words, under the old system my awards would have expired mid-October, 2019, while now they expire at the end of February, 2020. Bravo to Hyatt for making this change.

The Terms Have Changed

While I have definitely proven that you will receive these items at 55 nights, Hyatt has also updated their terms to support this. Here are the terms on the World of Hyatt website regarding these items.

Upon achieving (or re-achieving) Globalist status by satisfying the Tier-Qualifying Night or Base Point accrual requirements detailed above, a Member will receive four (4) complimentary Room Upgrade Awards for suite accommodations (“Complimentary Suite Upgrade Awards”).

Upon achieving (or re-achieving) Globalist status by satisfying the Tier-Qualifying Night or Base Point accrual requirements detailed above, Member will be provided with one (1) standard-room Free Night Award redeemable at a category 1-7 Hyatt hotel or resort (“Category 1-7 Free Night Award”).

This language prevents those who are matched from getting the items, while assuring that those who qualify at 60 or 55 nights get them.


World of Hyatt launched with a number of confusing and/or frustrating things including short expiration dates for suite upgrades and vague language that lead to a lot of confusion. Thankfully many of these things have been corrected both in writing and in real world practice. I’m glad to have another year of Globalist status and happy they keep making it easier to qualify.

Shawn Coomer
Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.

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  1. It really sucks that the check in bonus has been replaced with certificates. Makes me so mad. I’d much rather have 25-40K points in check in bonuses than 1 free night. I stay away from 30,000 point hotels. I’d much rather have 4 nights in a category 2. Why travel to ten far reaches of the world
    To stay in your hotel room. It’s a place to sleep and relax. With points we can each be our own. Now Hyatt decides how I should spend my bonus

  2. Hi. I noticed your free night expires in April. Did that expiration date change? Last year it was valid for only 4 months. I won’t requalify until beginning of December unfortunately. Thanks.

  3. I met 55 nights last month… had to get that as soon as possible because I had several stays next year which could use suite upgrade certs. I still have number of stays end of this year so I am going for 70 nights. Only benefit you get is 10000 points (min $150 value) or 1 suite upgrade but in my case I can use every suite upgrades I can get as this allows my family of 4 to stay at Hyatt overseas and save ton of money as most non suite rooms are too small to fit 4. So yeah, unless you already got stays planed and close to hitting 70, or value the suite upgrade cert highly, there is no real benefit for anyone to go out of their way to hit 70 nights.

  4. I’m 4 nights away from 55. Have 1 night this weekend and 2 night in three weeks. Are you going to try to hit 70 or more? I guess there’s not really much of a benefit.

  5. Does that mean if you have the new WoH credit card you can requalify at 50 nights since you get a 5 night credit ?

    • Of course. anyway you hit 55 nights, you re-qualify. That’s how I’ve got re-qualified this year… 5 nights from WoH card, 20 nights from the spending on that card and rest actual stays.

    • Credits from the WOH card count like regular stays. You can also earn more nights via spend with the card.


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