3 Days Only: Get up to 27% off Sears Gift Cards. Resell for Profit or Keep for a Nice Discount!

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Sears Gift Card Promotion

Sears Gift Card Promotion

Sears is running a holiday promotion on their gift cards. Normally they do not payout portal cashback on the purchase of gift cards, however that has changed for the next few days. Almost every major cashback portal is offering this promotion.

Here are the best rates from portals that specifically mention the sale:

Stack for 27% Off

So you might be wondering how I get to the 27% off number. Well, there is currently a $10 off $50+ Amex Offer available. (Details and how to load here.) If you use an Amex card that is linked to the offer to purchase a $50 eGift card then the math works out like this.

  • Cost of card: $50
  • Amex Offer: $-10
  • 7% Cashback: -$3.50
  • Final cost: $36.50
  • Discount off face value: 27%

Need to Know

  • This portal promotion runs from 12/20-12/22
  • As of now only cashback portals are offering the deal. Mileage portals are not participating as of yet.
  • Purchasing physical gift cards will not trigger the Amex Offer since they are technically sold by Kmart. Purchasing eGift cards works well.
  • Sears isn’t in the best financial shape, so I personally wouldn’t buy more than I would plan to use/sell in the short term.


You can resell Sears gift cards for over 80% of face value depending on who you are selling to, so this could be a profitable venture as well. Considering the Sears Amex Offer is still available to be loaded, this is a great deal and one that any Amex cardholder can get in on.


  1. bought 2 of these and got amex congrats message and confirmatory emails about the purchase from sears, but shortly after I got email messages that the purchases “were under review”

  2. Giving assistant’s terms say “0% on Gift Cards” you should scratch them out…

    Ebats terms say “Exclusions: Cash Back is not available on gift cards, Apple products via Marketplace, electronics, layaway purchases, redemption of Shop Your Way credit, Sears Auto Center tire purchases, Sears Wireless Purchases, Sears PartsDirect, Sears Canada, Portrait, or Outlet purchases, Home Delivery Charge, PA & Installation and Master Protection Agreements.”
    so scratch them off too….

    TopCashBack appears to be the only one that doesn’t have the gift card exclusion

  3. Yes I tried 4 cashback sites and its no longer paying out. Frequent Miler updated his post on a similar topic to note it appears to no longer paying out. My personal experience in the last 3 weeks…no cashback earned on the reloads. However the Amex Sears offer worked on all 4 Amex cards I used.

  4. If you’d mentioned Amex at the beginning I would have saved some reading. I never seem to get the decent offers (just flowers, clothes, and the like). Dropping Gold card as soon as the AF is near.

  5. I would be very careful buying Sears gift cards right now, unless you plan to burn the gift card right away. They have been closing stores left and right and are teetering on bankruptcy.


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