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Status Match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham Before The End Of January

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Match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham

How To Status Match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham Diamond

I wanted to discuss how to status match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham Diamond status and why you should. Caesars Rewards and Wyndham have had a partnership for a few years now and if you play it right it can be very lucrative. How does free shows, a $100 dinner, free parking & skipping the lines at the casino sound to you?  Pretty great right! Those are just some of the reasons why you should status match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham Diamond status and vice versa.

Update 1/30/21:

You need to get this completed by 1/31/21. It is believed that Caesars status earned from a match will not be extended through the 2021 calendar year. Even if it is you should be able to “earn” it again come February and unlock another celebration dinner.  Yes, it is possible to have 2 if you carried yours over from 2020.

Many already have had Wyndham from their status match.  I would still perform the match just in case. It only takes a few seconds.

The Status Match Program Carry Over

You may be wondering why we need to do this match from Caesars Rewards to Wyndham in January.  Well there is an interesting quirk between the two programs.  See Wyndham status ends on January 1st every year, like most programs but Caesars Rewards goes until January 31st.

What does this mean?  Well hopefully you were following along with us last year and you did all of this status matching back and forth last year.  If you were then you currently have blue status with Wyndham but still have Diamond status with Caesars.  That means you should now match your Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham Diamond.  That will give you Wyndham status through 12/31/2021.  Then once your Caesars Diamond status drops off on 2/1/2021 (not dropping off this year with the extension) you can match your newly minted Wyndham Diamond status to Caesars Diamond and get another year of free shows and a $100 celebration dinner.

What if you weren’t around last year and have no status with either?  Don’t worry we will get to you in a minute 😉.

Match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham

How To Status Match Caesars Rewards to Wyndham Diamond

To status match from Caesars Rewards to Wyndham go to this website.

  • Select I am a Caesars Rewards member
  • You will be directed to log into your Wyndham account
  • You will be asked for your Caesars Rewards number and some other personal info
  • Select match my status

Then you should see your updated status.  I matched Caesars Diamond to Wyndham Diamond.  I don’t care about Wyndham status much, since I think they are crooks, but I want to match it back to Caesars Rewards status for sure. Especially with our upcoming New Orleans meet up and them having a Caesars Rewards casino there with a steakhouse that works for the $100 free dinner!

What If I Have No Status With Either Program Right Now?

This option is not currently available since Wyndham has pulled the match.

What if you were asleep at the wheel last year or are new to Miles to Memories? Well I welcome you and don’t worry we can still get you that valuable Caesars Rewards status!  All we need to do is get you Wyndham Diamond status first, which is easier than you think, and then match that to Caesars Rewards.

You can status match from other hotel programs to Wyndham Diamond fairly easily. Here is a chart of all of the options:

Match Caesars Rewards to WyndhamMatch Caesars Rewards to Wyndham

Link to Status Match

The easiest status to get for most of us Hilton Honors Gold or Diamond status or the IHG Platinum status.  All of these come as a perk of a credit card:

Some of these offers may have ended or changed.

Once you have secured one of the status levels listed above you can match it to Wyndham Diamond status.  You can then match your Wyndham Diamond status to Caesars Rewards Diamond status.


If you have Caesars Rewards status then be sure to play the match game this month to keep it going. If you already have Wyndham status via their credit card or through stays then you can match it starting in February. Or you can status match from another hotel loyalty program to Wyndham Diamond status.  There are many ways to get this done so be sure to take advantage of it.

Disclosure: Miles to Memories has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Miles to Memories and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Hi Mark, can you tell me if I’ve already missed the boat on this somehow for next year as I didn’t make any adjustments by 1/31/21? I’m not sure if I actually needed to by that date. I currently have Diamond as it was extended from 2020. I have not matched to Wyndham Diamond this year. Does that mean in January 2022 I should request the match to Wyndham Diamond? Then once I receive that, I match back to Caesars Diamond in February 2022?
    Thanks for your insight!

    • Yes that is correct. If you still have Caesars Diamond as to be matched to Wyndham 1/1/22 and then on 2/1/22 you match that back to Caesars.

      You could do the match back and forth this year as well to get another dinner cert if you want.

      • Hi! I’m seeing that I still have Diamond status for both Wyndham and Caesars, so I guess it was extended because I didn’t do any matches this year. Is the additional dinner cert automatically loaded onto my Caesars Diamond? I didn’t use the 2020 cert. Thanks!

        • You will still have the 2020 cert in your account since it was extended. To earn a second one for 2021 you would need to match Wyndham to Caesars even though you already have Diamond it will work to “earn” it again this year.

          • Thanks for the quick reply! Hm it looks I can’t because I’m already Caesars Diamond. Have other people been able to do it? I got this message:
            We are sorry, DIAMOND members can not attain a higher tier using the Wyndham Rewards Match Program. If you believe you received this message in error, please try again or visit the nearest Caesars Rewards Center.

            Is there a way to check if I have both certs in my account? Maybe I should match Caesars to Wyndham and then see if I can do Wyndham to Caesars?

          • You get that message but it should still work. Can only tell once you go to a Caesars Rewards desk and have them check. Maybe if you can in they can tell you but I have never tried.

  2. Anyone know where to find your wyndham expiration date? I’m currently diamond so trying to understand if I still need/should do the status match?

    • Expires at the end of each year – don’t think they put a date in there. Just 12/31. Like I said I did it for the few seconds it takes just to cover my bases. No harm in it.

    • The Wyndham Business card offers Diamond status right now or you can get The Founders card that comes with Caesars Diamond. That is about it right now.

    • Barclays possibly counts against 5/24 with their business cards. There have been mixed reports on that one.

    • Hi, while I do not have (yet) Wyndham Business card I can attest that other Barclay cards I had (AA, JetBlue) do not get reported to your personal Credit Report, and therefore do not affect your personal 5/24.
      One tip for Wyndham cards – while great offers even with the changed Wyndham points system, I am waiting on wyndham cards, because Wyndham points do expire. They have a hard expiration date at 4 years (as soon as they are earned). So I am waiting for the travel to resume before accumulating more Wyndham points (and need to spend the ones I have now). All the best.

      • Sorry.. minor correction/addition – I meant “other Barclay Business Cards” did not get reported to personal CR. Personal Barclay cards obviously are reported and affect your 5/24. All the best.

  3. IMHO sometimes a post should just be written from scratch, rather than having an old post, with old information, and updates saying what parts are now wrong.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Carl. If we did a new post the SEO would be hurt on both posts plus I felt it was good for people to know it was an option that will likely come back at some point in the future.

    • Yes, but as stated above in the article you want to rematch to it to “earn” the status again and get the Diamond celebration dinner in 2021. At least that is how I think it will play out when you rematch based on previous experience. You can just continue on with what was extended but you will not get a dinner for it.

      • Mark, first of all, thank you for your posts! But I am not sure you are correct here. The dinner benefit (annual) is not something which comes with earning a status, I think it comes with a status.. So technically, you should be able to get the second one as long as you stay Diamond. You could be right, and since the 2021 extension is not a “real” earned status, they may not give you a second dinner credit, but it is easy to check after 02/01/2021. Just submit a request and ask if you got the second credit… Another reason I have my doubts about the need to “earn” that status again while you already have it, is that this status match for Caesars is not automatic (at least it was not a year ago). It took them a week, and probably was a manual work, to match… so my assumption is when you submit that match to Diamond this year, the CSR will simply ignore it as they will see you are already Diamond, and nothing is to match there.. This whole match was a business decision which is not well supported by the back end IT engines.. we will see. With BOTH of them extending the status for a year, we can simply wait till mid February, and check on the second dinner, and if it is not there, we can perform Wyndham to Caesars match then. And see if it worked. Unless, you have a trip planned for February, I would wait and see… my approach, the less they look at my accounts the better 🙂
        All the best!!! And thanks again!

        • Nope – it is a celebration of actually earning the status VL. That is why you get it in the year you earn it and not the following year (while you still have the status) until you earn it again. I am 100% sure of this.

    • You could check back towards the end of the month and see if Wyndham has dropped off or just do the rematch to make sure it is earned again in 2021. Mine had dropped back to Blue so maybe it just hasn’t hit all accounts yet?

  4. Anyone got theirs to go through yet? I did this for myself and some friends last year and everything looked good for this year. Only one of them has completed the final stage though and is a Diamond at Caesars. The others did say it would take 7 days but so did that one. They may have just got a lot of requests all at the same time. Just wish it was automatic like going from Caesars to Wyndham. Oh well. Just seeing what everyone is is experiencing.

    • I think most people that did it on Feb 1 have Diamond status now but people that did it after that are still waiting. They do seem to be backlogged some.

  5. I cannot get the match from Wyndham to Caesars to go through. Have tried multiple times online. Have called; been given Rewards Center phone numbers(but no one answers).
    Now what? I just emailed Caesars…

  6. It looks like with Wyndham it’s a status challenge, rather than a match. Did they recently change the terms?

    • Well actually match and then challenge. But I guess it’s a moot point since the goal is to match to Caesars Rewards and not to retain Wyndham status. Carry on 🙂

          • 90 days, unless you meet the requirements of the challenge. If so, then I’d assume this applies: “With limited exceptions, a Member Level is typically scheduled to expire at the end of the calendar year following the calendar year in which it was obtained.”

          • If it is matched from Caesars it is good till 12/31/2020

            If from matching hotel status then 90 days.

  7. Is there a possibility that one can match status from 2 different hotel status. For example: Marriott Gold to Wyndham and Hilton Diamond to another Wyndham. 

    • I guess I am not entirely following. If you mean to another persons account no the names and everything have to match.

  8. Now that I am matched to Caesars Diamond how do I get the dinner and show tickets? I don’t see anything in the login explaining that part?

    • You go to the Caesars Rewards desk when in Vegas to get the show tickets. For the dinner you need to visit a Caesars Casino and ask them which restaurants on property work for the $100 dinner. It is usually already loaded on your card but it will depend on the casino and they will tell you.

  9. Mark, I did both status matches in November and my Wyndham account shows I’m Diamond until 2/1/2020. My Ceasars account says I’m Diamond until 1/31/2020. If my Ceasars drops on 2/1, will I be able to match back from my Wyndham Diamond on that day, and then rematch from Caesars diamond after Wyndham drops on 2/1? Will it work that fast?

    • You should be able to. I would try matching Caesars to Wyndham now just to see if it extends it past 2/1 for Wyndham

      • I just tried matching my Caesars number to Wyndham and it says “good news, you’re already registered” Any other suggestions? I don’t want to lose both of these on 2/1/2020

        • Do you have status with another hotel property that you could match back to Wyndham if they both drop off like Hilton Gold or Diamond?

          • I have Hilton diamond which I used to get the initial match. I also have Marriott gold. Would I be able to match from Hilton to something else and then back to Wyndham/Caesars?

          • You should be able to just rematch from Hilton Diamond or Marriott Gold if the status does drop off.

  10. Trying to enroll in Ceasars Rewards and I keep getting an error. I got this no multiple browsers and devices. I have contacted Ceasars support and they confirmed I do not have an existing account with them. Anyone else getting this error?

    The information you entered matches an existing Caesars Rewards account. Unfortunately, guests cannot have more than one account.

    If you are already a Caesars Rewards member but forgot your account number, or if you are not yet a member and feel this message is in error, please visit your nearest Caesars Rewards casino*, and a Representative will be happy to assist you.

    *Please note that if you are a member of the Caesars or a state-sponsored self-exclusion program, you are not eligible to participate in Caesars Rewards.

  11. Does anyone know if they match instantly and issue the card on the spot if you do it in-person? I am Wyndham Diamond, and will be checking in to PH on 2/1/20. If I go to the Caesars Rewards desk before I check-in, will they status match and issue the Diamond card on the spot?

    • You have to do the match online and it usually takes a few days to kick in afterwords. If you don’t have status with Caesars right now I would do it now – it should give you status to 1/31/21 since it is a new earn year. If you do have status it will deny the match.

  12. Has anyone matched Wyndham to Caesars for the first time in January 2020? If so, how long does it say you’re Caesars Diamond for? I see lots of questions about this, but no feedback from someone who did the match in Jan 2020.

  13. Mark,
    I just received notification Wyndham matched my Marriott status to Diamond. Given the Caesars year-end is 1/31/20 do you recommend I should hold off on requesting status match to Caesars until 2/1/20. Thanks

    • I disagree with Mark. Why wait? If between now and 2/1/2020 you will visit a Caesars property, or patronize a Caesars partner (e.g., a cruise line) or another casino that will tier match to Caesars, then do not delay matching to the highest possible Caesars status now and reaping all the associated benefits. Then, on 2/1/2020, rinse and repeat.

      • It depends. If you already have Caesars status from last year you can’t match till Feb since it will be denied.

  14. Mark, this has been awesome experience. 2019 was a blast due to this and now I cannot wait for 2020.
    Thank you