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AAdvantage Shopping Promotion, Reveal Your Mystery Bonus

American Airlines Expands Economy Web Award Routes
American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal has a new spending promotion. You need to log in to reveal your mystery spending bonus.

AAdvantage Shopping Bonus, Earn Up to 1,500 Extra Miles (Targeted)

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Cancellations
American Airlines’ AAdvantage eShopping mall has a new bonus offer which runs through 04/14/17.

AAdvantage Shopping Bonus, Earn Up to 1,000 Extra Miles

There's a new Valentine's Day AAdvantage Shopping Bonus where you can earn up to 1,000 AA miles through the AAdvantage eShopping mall if you spend at least $250 through 02/13/17.

Another Bonus: Earn Bonus AAdvantage Miles for Online Shopping This Week!

Earn bonus AAdvantage miles for online shopping this week with a new promotion from the American Airlines portal.