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Have We Died And Gone To Hell?

Wednesday was the first day that we ventured into the Australian Outback. While the drive through seemingly endless desert was highly anticipated by all of us, we still had a few places to see in Adelaide before getting on our way. In order to partake in the two things in Adelaide on our agenda and make it to our destination by nightfall, we were forced to stick to a pretty tight schedule. This meant another early start.

Going To Prison In South Australia!

Our holiday park in Adelaide was located just two kilometers outside of the central business district. This worked out great for us since the city was within walking distance. Situated directly between our cabin and the city was the botanical gardens, so we figured it was the obvious place to start for the day. As I mentioned before, the parks in Adelaide are struggling to stay green with the drought. This is not the case with the botanical gardens though. In fact, the Adelaide Botanical Gardens are among the biggest and nicest we have seen on our trip.

Pesky Flies, Blowholes & One Giant Lobster!

Portland turned out to be a tourist driven coastal town without much to contain us other than a couple of natural wonders along the water. Since we didn't have much to see in town, on Saturday morning we headed straight out to see Cape Bridgewater. Cape Bridgewater sits around 25km outside the city and before reaching it we made a quick stop at the Cape Nelson Lighthouse. While tours are given at certain times, we weren't in luck this day, so we admired the building from below before moving on.