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Bank of America Shutdowns for Excessive Account Openings/Closings

Bank of America is shutting down all credit card accounts for some customers who have been opening and closing too many of them recently.

The Card Hobby In COVID-19 Times – Thoughts Beyond the Credits

Much has changed with the card hobby in COVID-19 times. Perk tweaks abound, but other overarching trends have appeared. Let's go over a few!

(More People Targeted) Get Up to $750 with a Bank of...

Bank of America has a targeted Business Checking account bonus of $750. This requires large deposits and is limited to customers who receive this offer via a direct communication.

BOA Finally Catches Up To The Joneses – Adds Limited Time...

Bank of America is finally offering their credit card holders some relief during these hard times with new redemption & statement credits.

Why Chasing BOA 2.625% Cash Back Just Isn’t Worth It…To Me

I'm always interested in different cash back rewards methods, and Bank of America has a solid option. Is chasing 2.625% cash back with BOA worth it, though?

My Recent Pandemic Fueled Applications – $1500 In Value While Sitting...

I wanted to share my latest mini application spree that brought me $1500 in value all while sitting at home during the pandemic.

Bank of America Says Only Fraction of 184,000 PPP Applications Have...

Bank of America said earlier this week it had sent 184,000 applications for rescue loans to the Small Business Administration, but only a small fraction have received loan numbers from the SBA.

Bank of America Gives New Cardholders 3 Extra Months to Complete...

The email was sent out automatically from Bank of America, so if you were recently approved for a new Bank of America card, you should get one too.