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Anatomy of a Dream Vacation: Our $3K+ Trip to Hawaii for...

Behind the booking for our upcoming trip to Maui including how we paid for the flights & hotels to save thousands of dollars on this dream vacation.

Don’t Let Your Travel Plans Stagnate & Another Record Points Redemption

Why you should always keep checking on your current travel plans and how doing that resulted in an over 7 cent per point hotel redemption.

Travel Hacking Mexico City – The Economics of My Recent Trip

The economics of my recent trip to Mexico's capital and how I saved hundreds of dollars on hotel, flights and transport.

Why I Love Miles/Points – $4,000 Worth of Travel for $23!

I am heading to Hawaii today on a ticket booked last night. Find out more about how this last minute $4,000 trip cost only $23. Do you plan ahead or take advantage of the flexibility that miles/points give you?

Follow Up – Another Qatar Airways Rule When Booking With AA...

In a follow up to my post two days ago, I'll explain how another obscure Qatar rule tried to once again split my award from Kochin, India into two parts.