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Finishing Up In Guatemala!

As we arrived back in Antigua from Coban, a sense of relief set in. The past three months of travel in Central America had taken a lot out of us and we were finally going to get a bit of a break. The thought of seeing family was a joyful one as well. We had already laid out our final days in Antigua, which featured day trips outside the city, but always the comfort of coming back to the same hotel at night. This was also important because once again, I needed to watch the Red Sox play, this time in the World Series.

Shawn Reece´s Birthday

I recently read an article about long term travel. In this article, the author vividly portrayed some of his most memorable travel experiences. Of course by memorable, I mean he recalled those days where everything seemed to go against him. In this article, he wrote something that is likely to stick with me for a long time. These days, he said, “Are the ones when you wish you had two ruby slippers to click together and say, there is no place like home.” August 14th turned out to be one of those days, oh and it also was Shawn Reece’s birthday.

Two Fiestas & Guatemala’s Largest Market!

Sunday morning we awoke very early with the annoying sound of our alarm. We dressed quickly and headed over to the travel agent’s office to catch our shuttle. The shuttle left San Pedro destined for Chichicastenango at 8am sharp. Chichicastanengo is home to the largest outdoor market in Guatemala. This fact certainly hasn’t escaped the gringo population here and on market days, this sleepy little mountain town comes to life with locals and tourists alike.