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City National Bank Now Refunds Annual Fees

With the big devaluation of their premium card it looks like they have changed course, and are willing to give out refunds.

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Authorized Users Will Cost $95 Each

We wrote recently about the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Card losing a long list of perks next year. You can read more about that here. And if that is not bad enough news, now we also have confirmation that authorized user cards will cost you soon.

CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Guts Their Program – A Catastrophic Loss...

Today we learned of a long list of perks that are being devalued or going away altogether. Plus there's some language added in the terms against those that might increases their spending artificially.

Another Crystal Infinite Devaluation? Redemptions Appear To Be Cut By...

Until now you could get a value of 1.35 cents per points when using points to book flights through the bank's travel portal. That value has been cut down by 11%.

$38 RT to Dallas & $50 RT to Houston: Stacking Deals...

I'm going on a solo adventure with my daughter, but how I did it is half of the fun part. I used ninja tricks to stack amazing airfares along with premium credit card benefits to find flights for as low as $38 roundtrip. Seriously!

(Bonus Ended) Valuable CNB Crystal Infinite Bonus Dropping to 30K on...

City National Bank has a great product in its Crystal Visa Infinite card. It offers most perks that you're used to from high end cards, and more.

How to Register the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite Gogo Internet Benefit

The CNB Crystal Visa Infinite is among the best premium cards on the market. One of the card's best benefits is numerous free Gogo internet passes. Here is how to claim them ahead of time so you can easily redeem them on your next flight!

My Experience Applying for the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite & What...

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Despite having one of the most difficult application processes, the CNB Crystal Visa Infinite is a valuable card. Here is what happened when my wife and I applied including what documentation we had to provide and how long it took to get an answer.