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Leaving The Northland!

After our long but mostly uneventful day on Sunday, we were anxious to get out of Northland on Monday morning. Before heading out of town, we took a quick stroll along Dargaville’s waterfront and main drag. Dargaville is a neat little town with a couple of interesting buildings, but didn’t hold our interest for long.

Stuck For A Bit!

Upon returning to the campground on Saturday night we saw a sign posted regarding a planned power outage for the whole area on Sunday from 8am until 5pm. Since we were leaving bright and early in the morning, this didn’t seem to be very important, but it turned out to be. On Sunday morning, we headed over to the gas station to find it shut down due to the power outage. After going to several more with the same result, we began to prepare for a long day, given that we didn’t have enough gas to go anywhere else. There were seven long hours to kill before we could fuel up and hit the road.