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Penguins, Penguins Everywhere!

Once again, Thursday was packed full of activities so we had to get started early. Before leaving Dunedin, we decided to drive out to the Otago Peninsula which is host to a plethora of activities. Since most of the activities didn’t interest us, we proceeded to drive straight to Taiaora Head at the end of the peninsula. The views of the water and Dunedin were incredible as we made the forty minute drive on a windy road that followed the shoreline.

New Zealand’s Scottish City!

While arriving in Dunedin on Monday evening we could see that it was a special place. Unfortunately, we didn’t get an opportunity to do anything on Monday before packing it in for the night. In doing some research on activities to do in Dunedin, we saw a couple of tours that peaked our interest. While looking into them more, we found out that they offer a package discount on the two tours together, so we opted to plan our day around them.