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GiftCards.com, 10% Rewards on Happy Gift Cards Plus Cashback

GiftCard.com has a sale on Happy Gift Cards. You can earn 10x rewards points plus cashback from your favorite cashback portal.

Portals Stop Paying Cashback on Gift Card Purchases?

Dealing Marriott Points Advance Bookings Issues
In the last two days, many people who use GiftCards.com for their gift card purchases received worrisome emails.

Racking up Points Just Got a Little More Expensive

Visa gift cards staples
There's bad news for those who like to purchase their Visa gift cards online. Yazing announced on Twitter that GiftCards.com will no longer offer cashback through shopping portals on Visa Gift Card purchases.

GiftCards.com, $5 Discount on Mastercard Gift Card

GiftCards.com has a promotion going on for Mastercard gift card purchases. The discount almost takes care of the activation fee but you can make a small profit through cashback portals and you get your credit card rewards.

And Then There Was 1: Blackhawk (Owner of GiftCardMall) Purchases Giftcards.com!...

Blackhawk Network has agreed to purchase Giftcards.com thus further consolidating the gift card industry. What does this mean for Visa gift cards which can be purchased online?

Giftcards.com is Neutered with New $250 Limit on Visa Gift Cards:...

Giftcards.com has dealt what may be the death blow to their Visa gift card program. By lowering the limits, they have eliminated a lot of the usefulness for MS.

GiftCards.com Free Shipping on Visa Gift Cards – Today Only!

Giftcards.com is offering free shipping on Visa gift cards for today only when you use a code. The discount works on up to 3 cards per order.

Giftcards.com Visa Gift Card Fee Changes & More – Moves in...

Giftcards.com has made some recent changes to their Visa Gift cards including prematurely ending a free shipping code and raising the fee per card.