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Is 5X Earning on Gyft With Chase Ink Dead? We Need...

A reader sent me a data point that makes it look like 5X earning on Gyft with Chase Ink is dead. We need your data points to see what is going on though.

7 Easy & Effective Ways to Earn 5X with Chase Ink...

Seven great ways to earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points with your Chase Ink cards. Earn thousands of points and also save big money on your everyday spending.

Is the Chase Ink Plus Being Discontinued? Apparently Not According to...

It looks like the Chase Ink Plus will be spared from the chopping block when the new Ink Business Preferred is launched later this year.

Will Chase Match the Bonus on Their New Ink Plus 70K...

how many chase credit cards
Chase recently increased the bonus on the Ink cards. Will they match the offer if you recently opened an Ink card & what happened when I asked them to.

My Chase Ink Plus Application: Getting In Before the 5/24 Rule?

A look at my recent Chase Ink Plus application and why applying now may give me a better shot of getting approved before stricter approval guidelines go into effect.

Shot Down By Chase Ink Retention – My Experience & Determining...

Sharing the results of my Chase Ink Plus retention call this morning & why recent changes are making me carefully calculate a new strategy going forward.

Chase Ink Plus Referral, Get a Bonus Match & Where to...

how many chase credit cards
A detailed look at the Chase Ink Plus referral program, how to get the best version of the new 60k offer and what to ask for when trying to get Chase to match the bonus.

Chase Ink Plus to Lose Valuable Lounge Membership Benefit

Chase has announced that they are ending the Lounge Club benefit on some of their Ink cards. Find out how to register before the end date to get your 2 complimentary visits.