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There Is Still One Card That Earns Bonus Points On PPDG...

We thought that PPDG was dead as a bonus category with the end of 5X Ultimate Rewards earning. But there is still one bonus option left.

Discounted Gift Cards from PayPal Digital Gifts

PayPal Digital Gifts is selling several discounted gift cards online such as Staples, Friday's Under Armour and more.

Second Chance at Discounted Lowe’s Gift Cards for Those who Slept...

Buy a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card for $90. There’s no limit mentioned on the offer.

5 Best Options for PayPal Digital Gifts Purchases Going Forward

Are you currently using one of the following cards for your PPDG purchases? You should be!

10% Off Southwest Gift Cards on eBay

Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card
Get a $150 Southwest Airlines Gift Card for only $135 - Fast Email delivery.

Citi AT&T Access More No Longer Earns 3X at Paypal Digital...

Recent data points are showing that the Citi AT&T Access More credit card no longer earns 3x for Paypal Digital Gifts purchases.

Save 10% on Southwest Gift Cards

Get 10% off when you purchase a $100 on Southwest gift card from PayPal Digital Gifts. Limit 1 per transaction.

PPDG, 10% Off Lowe’s Gift Cards

Buy a $100 Lowe's Gift Card for $90. There's no limit mentioned on the offer.