travel rewards reselling business

How My Miles & Points Obsession Turned Into a $1 Million+ Reselling Business!

How my pursuit of travel rewards eventually grew into a $1 million reselling business which generates a nice profit along with millions of points each year.

Citi AT&T Access More No Longer Earns 3X at Paypal Digital Gifts

Recent data points are showing that the Citi AT&T Access More credit card no longer earns 3x for Paypal Digital Gifts purchases.
miles to memories recap

MMMT: My Results Reselling the Apple TV 4K

My results are in from reselling the Apple TV 4K.

Ebates Increases Walmart Portal Cash Back Rate – Up To 10%

Increased cash back rates , almost across the board, for Walmart.
Discounted Gift Cards on Ebay: Babies"R"Us, Best Buy,

Discounted Gift Cards on eBay – Save Some $$$$

Discounted Gift Cards on eBay There’s some new discounted gift card deals on eBay. As a reminder, gift cards sold by PPDG will no longer earn 5X, unless you have an old Ink Mastercard. Read...

Why Gave Me & My Wife the Ban Hammer

Details on why I was banned from

Monday Morning Miles Talk: Why I Love Those Best Buy Gift Card Deals

Discusses a small profitable deal with minimal effort.

(DEAD?)$$$ Maker That Won’t Last Long – Best Buy Gift Cards on Sale at...

Simon Mall Best Buy Gift Card Sale - $$$$ Maker