Million Dollar Reseller

Million Dollar Reseller

What started as an obsession with earning travel rewards turned into a business doing over $1 million in revenue per year! Managing Editor Shawn Coomer shares his knowledge of reselling merchandise and gift cards in this regular series.

How I Saved 90%+ on NBA Tickets Last Night – A Great Travel Hack...

Save Tickets Last Minute One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to attend sporting events. Admittedly I don't do it as often as I would like, but it remains a very fun...

How I Turned My Vacation Into A Profit Machine & Why I Would Do...

The timing of my vacation wasn't the best due to so many deals going on, so I turned my trip to Hawaii into a profit making venture.
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How I KILLED It Selling Hamilton Las Vegas Tickets While Most Got Slaughtered!

Hamilton Las Vegas is rolling through town. I made an absolute killing selling tickets to the show and even upgraded to much better seats. Unfortunately, most people took huge losses. What happened?

Gift Card Reselling Following The Plastic Merchant Debacle: Things to Know & How to...

One of the largest gift card resellers has missed payments and bounced checks. Find out how to protect yourself when reselling gift cards, where you can sell now and how to decide if it's even worth it.
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Why I Didn’t Choose to Fly EVA or United Polaris & Chose A Much...

Want to learn more? Make sure to visit our Million Dollar Reseller archives. Not EVA or United In my Million Dollar Reseller column I have tried to talk a little bit about my experiences growing my reselling...
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Is Arbitrage (Reselling Tickets, etc.) Fair, What Skills Are Involved & Is It Right...

Arbitrage is a controversial topic, especially when it comes to ticket reselling. Find out what skills are involved, how it can benefit your life and learn why it is a fair practice if done right.
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Million Dollar Reseller: Gift Card Tracking Spreadsheet

Do you struggle to organize your gift card reselling business? Here is the information I track and a spreadsheet template you can use to get yourself organized!
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Million Dollar Reseller: How to Get Organized When Reselling Gift Cards

Gift card reselling can be lucrative and generate a lot of points, but if you aren't organized it can also be very costly. Find out some basic tips on how to make sure you are properly organized for success when reselling gift cards.