Question Of The Week: Which Credit Card Should I Use For This?

Which credit card should I use for this purchase? Depending on where you're shopping, here's how to know which card to use.

My Recent Application Spree, I Took The Good With The Bad

I share the results from my recent application spree. I took the good with the bad this time around and ended up with very mixed results.
Question Of The Week: How Can I Meet My Minimum Spend?

Question Of The Week: How Can I Meet My Minimum Spend?

Our question of the week has a few parts, but the them is "how can I meet my minimum spend?" We'll answer the question itself + other ideas.

Say What? Why I No Longer Use an Everyday Spend Credit Card

Many use everyday spend credit cards when they don't otherwise earn in bonus categories on spending. Here's why I no longer do so.

Free Points & Profit! Popular Visa Gift Card Deal Returns at Albertson’s/Safeway!

Safeway, Vons, Albertson's and other stores have a great new Visa gift card promo that can help you generate both points and profit!

Eeeww! Zombie Gift Cards That Won’t Go Away

I love discounted gift cards, but using them can be difficult. Check out my forever gift cards and the wild reasons I can't get rid of them!

When Selling Your House Turns Into A Point Manufacturing Machine

Thinking outside the box can lead to huge opportunities. Like how selling your house can turn into a point manufacturing machine.

Is Chime Card Legitimate? They Closed My Account & Took My Money

Chime Card Closed Account Update 12/2/2020: I (Danny) has a similar experience as Shawn regarding my Chime account. I filed a CFPB complaint after not being able to access my Chime account and not receiving...