Is Chime Card Legitimate? They Closed My Account & Took My Money

Chime Card Closed Account Update 12/2/2020: I (Danny) has a similar experience as Shawn regarding my Chime account. I filed a CFPB complaint after not being able to access my Chime account and not receiving...

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So many huge spending offers are out there, and more keep coming. How can we take advantage of great offers while avoiding spend creep?

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Question Of The Week: How do I check my spending progress? Working on a welcome/sign-up offer, spending bonus, etc? Here's how to check.

Free Points & Profit! Popular Mastercard Gift Card Deal Returns at Albertson’s/Safeway!

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There are 5 increased welcome offers that just hit the market over the last week. They are from Chase, Amex and U.S. Bank.

Dead! Walmart Gift Cards Devalued With Latest Negative Change

I've been a longtime fan of using Walmart and Sam's Club gift cards to buy third party gift cards. But here's an unfortunate discovery.

Reselling During the Pandemic: Huge Challenges & Opportunities, But Perspective Helps Too

The last 6 months have presented tons of opportunities for resellers and the ability to earn tons of miles/points, but some perspective is needed as well.