Credit Card Spending Bluebird, Serve & REDbird

Bluebird, Serve & REDbird

Posts discussing the Bluebird card that issued by American Express.

Amex Bluebird and Serve Account Shutdowns

Amex Serve Shutdown Dilemma: Pay Fees for Amex Offers or Close & Move On?

Does it make sense to pay monthly fees on Amex Serve cards that are restricted from loading just so you can continue to get access to Amex Offers?
American Express Target REDcard

You Can Now Have All Amex Prepaids At Once (Serve, Bluebird, REDCard) & Can...

It is now possible to have all Amex prepaid reloadable cards at once, but can you get the additional products if you have previously been shutdown?

An Interesting Serve Closure Data Point & Bluebird/Serve Strategy Going Forward

An interesting Amex Serve shutdown data point and what strategy I think is best to take going forward.
Amex Bluebird and Serve Account Shutdowns

Round 2! Amex Is Shutting Down Many More Serve/Bluebird Accounts Today :(

Following a huge wave of shutdowns in January, 2016 American Express followed up with another round of Bluebird/Serve closures today. Find out the details and what to do if your account is shutdown.

Metabank Prepaid Visa Errors When Loading to Bluebird/Serve at Walmart

Several people have reported having load issues with Metabank cards at Walmart. Find out my experience and what can be done to get around errors so you can liquidate these cards.

How to Liquidate Staples Rebate Visas Into Cold Hard Cash! (Now Pin-Enabled)

A new method of Staples rebate Visa liquidation has emerged. The cards now have PIN numbers. Find out how to turn them into straight cash!

BREAKING: American Express Shutting Down Bluebird & Serve Accounts for MS: What We Know...

Bluebird & Serve Shutdowns As they say, all good things must come to an end. Today, it seems that manufacturing spend with Bluebird and Serve may be mostly over. Many people including myself have received...

Amex Announces Small Change to Bluebird & Serve

American Express has sent out an announcement describing a small change to their Bluebird & Serve prepaid products that is effective 1/6/16.