Bluebird, Serve & REDbird

Posts discussing the Bluebird card that issued by American Express.

American Express Target REDcard.

Why I Made the Switch to REDcard (REDbird) & Why You Should or Shouldn’t...

I recently decided close my American Express Serve with Softcard to switch to the Target REDcard. Find out why I made the switch and what you may want to consider before making the switch yourself.

Make Money on the Purchase of Visa, MC & Amex Gift Cards at Staples...

You can make money this weekend with the purchase of Visa, MC or Amex gift cards at Staples. Find out the details & which cards to buy!
Walmart Savings Catcher Thanksgiving

A Huge Savings on Thanksgiving Dinner – How I Combined Deals to Effortlessly Save...

How I utilized a moneymaking gift card deal and Walmart's Savings Catcher to save a significant amount of money on Thanksgiving dinner with minimal effort.
Bluebird Walmart Buck$

Official Response From Amex Re: Bluebird & Walmart Buck$

A Response from Amex Regarding Problems with Bluebird & Walmart Buck$ Yesterday I wrote about the many problems people have had when redeeming Walmart Buck$ from their Bluebird card. While Walmart has yet to respond...
Savings Catcher problems.

Huge Savings Catcher Problems & A Possible Solution

By Personal Finance Editor Shawn Coomer | People have reported widespread Walmart Savings Catcher problems. Find out what issues people are having and a solution that has worked for some.

Random Thursday News & Deals: New Targeted Offers, AA Profits, Gift Cards Galore &...

A collection of news and deals for Thursday October 23, 2014. We have targeted offers from Bluebird & Top Cashback, record AA profits, a free Redbox movie & more!
Bluebird Walmart Buck$

Avoid Problems Redeeming Walmart Bucks with Bluebird (Background, How-To & Tips)

After readers reported problems, I went to Walmart to redeem my Walmart Bucks with Bluebird. Find out a few tips & if the process worked as promised.
American Express Target REDcard

Bluebird, Serve & REDcard. A Comparison Chart of Amex Prepaid Debit Alternatives

A comparison chart of the features, load types, limits & fees associated with the American Express Bluebird, Serve & Target REDcard.