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Roller Coasters, Holy Rollers!

I consider myself a roller coaster lover (not quite to the level of an enthusiast), so on this trip across the United States I want to experience as many theme parks as I can. Six Flags has a great season pass program this year, allowing us to see all of their parks with the same pass. We plan to see as many as possible.

Choo Choo B-Q!

Today was the first day since we left that we were stationary without much on the itinerary. We decided that we would take it easy, start a little later than usual and then head out to the main park in town. Brackenridge Park is 343 acres and sports a zoo, Japanese Tea Garden and even a miniature train that runs on about two miles of track around the park.

A “Super” Day in San Antonio!

Today started late as Shawn Reece and I couldn’t sleep last night partly due to the time adjustment, but mostly due to the rain, wind and thunder outside. However, he did jump up promptly for breakfast when his mother offered. No matter how much sleep he has had, Shawn Reece will never turn down an offer for food.