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Unlayering History In South Dakota!

When I left you yesterday, we were pulling into a campground somewhere in South Dakota at 10:30pm with a plan to sleep in the car. Well, I had never tried to sleep in this car before. To make a long story short, after suffering for two and a half hours I was so desperate to sleep, that without much care, I laid a blanket on the grass at the campsite and laid down and slept on the ground. Now, in my defense, there were no bears or really dangerous animals in the area, so my decision wasn't particularly careless. Being that I slept outside, I awoke around 5:45am when the sun rose brightly in the sky.

Crossing The State Of South Dakota!

The next couple of days are to involve a lot of the great outdoors and even more driving. Both of which are a bit different than the city experiences that we left behind in the midwest and on the east coast. South Dakota sits at the north end of the great plains and the scenery reflects it's location. In addition to the grassy plains are a plethora of corn fields. With the popularity of ethanol, I understand that corn crops are becoming more and more popular for farmers in this region.

Celebrating Our Independence In South Dakota!

We started our Independence Day in one of my favorite cities, Minneapolis, MN. This was my third time in Minneapolis, but the first time I was able to enjoy it when the temperature outside was reasonable. I don't think Minneapolis is the most beautiful city, nor does it have the most activities, but the people are friendly and I get such a great feeling every time I am there. The first two times I visited the city, I was there to see the Packers play the Minnesota Vikings.