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Targeted Citi Spending Offers: Get 0% APR on All Purchases

Citi is targeting certain cardmembers with a great 0% APR offer for all new purchases on existing cards.

Citi ThankYou Premier 40K Working Link Available Again

A new Citi ThankYou Premier 40K working link has been found. With the public bonus at zero, this is an opportunity to earn points for your sign-up.

Great Deal: Get 5K Citi ThankYou Points for Adding an Authorized...

Details of a new targeted Citi ThankYou Premier authorized user offer giving 5,000 points for adding someone to your account.

My Strange Citi Retention Call & Insights About Their New Retention...

How Citi is changing how they handle retention and my experience getting Citi ThankYou Premier Retention offers.

Citi ThankYou Premier 50K Link Available! Get Directly to the Application

Get 10K more ThankYou points than the public offer with this new Citi ThankYou Premier 50K link.

You Can Still Get the Citi ThankYou Premier 50K Offer: Here...

Still interested in the Citi ThankYou Premier 50K bonus? It went down to 40K yesterday, but there is still a way to get the higher amount!

ThankYou Premier 50K Bonus Changing Soon: Should You Apply & Is...

The Citi ThankYou Premier bonus is changing next week. Does it make sense to apply now?

Updates from the Credit Card, MS & Reselling World: Minimum Spending...

Updates from credit card, reselling and manufactured spending related topics including: minimum spend mistakes, portal disputes, eBay reselling promos & more.