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Gross! I Guess This Is What United Calls Breakfast?

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Photo of United Airlines plane parked at a jet bridge

United Airlines’ Bad Catering

On the way back from Thailand, I flew United from Tokyo to San Francisco. Up until now, all of the airline food I’ve had this summer has been great. But, what United served was probably inedible. This is what United Airlines’ bad catering looks like firsthand!

On our 9-hour flight from Tokyo to San Francisco, the flight attendants served dinner, which was quite good. But about 7 hours in, the flight attendants came by to serve “breakfast”. I chose the egg option since I (usually) prefer them to whatever else is offered.

a food in a tray

But when I was handed my meal, I was a bit shocked to see what I did. The sausage (or is that an uncooked hot dog?) looked frozen, and the egg looked like a kayak. At first, I didn’t think much of it, but I am truly shocked that the caterer in Tokyo thought this was even acceptable to serve. I otherwise found the catering to be excellent out of Tokyo, so I was quite puzzled by this. United’s catering has been subpar ever since COVID-19 began, and it seems like there’s no end in sight.

United Airlines’ Bad Catering: Final Thoughts

Overall, I was just disappointed by the “breakfast” United had on a 9-hour flight. If you’re wondering if I ate it, I did eat the egg. I didn’t want to risk an upset stomach and eat the sausage. I also avoided the hash brown since it barely looked cooked as well. Suffice it to say, don’t fly United for the catering!

What are your thoughts on this meal? Have you had worse airplane meals? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve probably eaten a hundred airline breakfasts just like that. I don’t fly on airlines when I want dinner. And I don’t go to a restaurant when I need to get to Asia.

    • Hooray! Yes, I love hot dogs for breakfast too. Yum yum!! I even put ketsup on them to make them taste better! I’m hoping they skip serving meals, cause I hate to eat during flights, it upsets my tummy! But I love soda pop! And hot dogs too, breakfast, lunch and dinner! Wish they would put peanut butter on the hot dogs too!

  2. I’ve only flown Qatar and JAL long haul and their breakfasts look like fine dining compared to this. I will say, though, that Qatar’s breakfast sausage (I think it was chicken) was nothing like we have back home…but at least it wasn’t a mini hot dog

  3. Looks similar, if not better than what I’ve been getting on Delta over the last few years. I always fly Business/First class or Delta One. I fly about 6 times a year to Vegas, Aruba and Florida. The food on every flight has always been disappointing. After paying an average of $1500 per flight, to get such poor meals (maybe $5-$8 in 7-11 or a deli) is very disappointing. I always put in my disappointment in my survey from Delta but nothing has changed. Other than the food, I’m very satisfied with Delta and the staff.

    • The sausage is disgusting and not browned the potato wedge looks fine and the omelette just looks overcooked and dry
      The writer is 15 years old? I have shoes far older than that!
      I’ve seen Alaska Air do far better on breakfast on a 5 hour flight

  4. I’m actually with you, but you didn’t mention whether it was business or economy, which would make a difference. I disagree with people who say, “this is what they serve in Japan”, or “its the same as comfort inn”. Those people can opt to get the Asian breakfast, and that’s crap at comfort inn too ( I’d rather skip their breakfasts too it’s so gross sometimes). This is a flight going to the US, with presumably many Americans. That’s like saying it’s ok it they speak Japanese only. Now, I recently spent a lot of time in Thailand at 4 and 5 star hotels, and they did serve those hot dogs. Frankly, I was appalled. I don’t get it at all. Bottom line, economy flight, it’s probably as good as you’re gonna get, business, you definitely deserve better. You pay for premium, you shouod get it. I’m not saying if you fly on economy you shouldn’t get crap served to you, but the omelet looked normal “economy” fare (certainly not fantastic but fine), and the dog…hmmmm..personally I don’t think those belong anywhere except on a child’s plate.

  5. This looks like a Japanese version of American breakfast- not great but not terrible. Not sure what the fuss is about.

  6. The temperature of the sausage could be assessed to see if it is frozen or very cold. Seems no different than a Comfort Inn or Hampton Inn breakfast.

  7. That’s basically Japan’s version of Western breakfast. That’s the same sausage you will get at every hotel breakfast in Japan. And they generally serve eggs/omelets that are runnier than an American would expect.

    • I see your point, but not everyone on that flight is from Japan. We weren’t, and it seemed that the majority of the flight wasn’t either. Also, the sausage is definitely liked more in the US than in Japan, so I’m not sure what the reason would be for that to be so undercooked.


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