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(Last Chance) Wynn Rewards Status Match – How I Matched, What I Got & Why You Should Do It Now!

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Wynn Rewards Status Match Card

Wynn Rewards Status Match Las Vegas

The other day DDG brought the news that Wynn Las Vegas was matching status from competing casinos. Perhaps this is just their friendly way of grabbing market share as we emerge from Covid or maybe it is because Resorts World Las Vegas is opening in a couple of weeks. Either way this Wynn Rewards status match is an opportunity.

Update 8/31/21:

Today is the final day for the promotion, unless they extend it.

Update 8/13/21

I wanted to update that the status is good until December 31, 2022 so everyone will be able to use the $100 dinner credit at least once.  Depending on your birthday you may be able to use it twice.  Reader Ted reached out that he asked if the offer would be extended past August 31 and they were a little cagey about it so it sounds like it is possible that it may be extended. We should know more later this month.

Wynn Rewards Tiers & Key Benefits

Wynn Rewards offers 3 tiers of status. Here is a list of the Wynn Rewards tiers including what I think are some of the key benefits of each level. You can find all of the Wynn Rewards tier benefits here.

  • Red – This is the base level that everyone gets
  • Platinum – Priority slot service, hotel discounts, priority seating at select restaurants, $100 spa credit, $150 birthday dinner credit, 2 complimentary Wynn Master Classes
  • Black – This is the status. Comp nights & airport transportation. Tower suites upgrades and late checkout. VIP check-in and priority most everywhere. You also get a $200 spa credit and $300 birthday dinner credit

Who Can Match Wynn Las Vegas Status

Wynn Las Vegas has released a full list of competing status they will match as part of this offer. For most people the key programs will be Caesars and Mlife, however they match a ton of others. Here is what you can expect to match to with your current Caesars Rewards, Cosmopolitan Identity and MGM Mlife Status.

Wynn Rewards Status Match
Wynn matches the status from Cosmopolitan, Caesars Rewards, Mlife and more.

You can see all of the possible matches on the Wynn Rewards website. Check here to see if you qualify. 

How to Match Wynn Las Vegas Status

I recently completed the Wynn Rewards status match and it could not have been easier!

  • To start, you will have to physically be in Las Vegas in order to match a competitor’s status to Wynn Las Vegas
  • You must also have your physical card from the competing program. I saw them deny someone without a physical card so just keep that in mind
  • You will also need your ID

My Wynn Rewards Status Match Experience 

I visited Wynn Las Vegas on a Tuesday morning around 11am and was able to complete the match in just a few minutes. Wynn Rewards is unique in that they have several locations within the Wynn & Encore casinos, however I chose the one closest to the parking garage. There was a small line, but I was out within 10 minutes with my new Platinum card in hand. The Wynn Rewards employee was friendly (of course it is Wynn) and knew all about the match. In fact, all four other people there at the same time as me were matching as well!

I carry both Mlife Gold from my World of Hyatt Globalist and Caesars Diamond from Founderscard, but on this day I matched my Mlife status without issue. My wife Jasmine visited separately a couple of hours later and matched her Caesars Diamond to Wynn Platinum without issue as well. She even hit a Royal Flush using some free play she had on her account from our stay earlier in 2021. Thanks Wynn! 🙂

Wynn Rewards Status Match Card

Wynn Las Vegas Status Match – What You Need to Know

Here are a couple of other things you should know about the Wynn Rewards status match that is available in Las Vegas right now.

  • Both new and existing Wynn Rewards members are eligible for this promotion
  • Promotion runs through August 31, 2021 at 10:59pm PT
  • Status gained through the match is good until 12/31/2022

Keep in mind promotions like this often end early or change in terms so it is always a good idea to match as soon as possible. There is no indication Wynn will change the promotion, but they reserve the right to do that at any point. This does seem popular so who knows how many matches they’ll be willing to put up with.

Wynn Rewards Status Match – Bottom Line

If you have Mlife Gold through Hyatt or Caesars Diamond through Founderscard (or any other status that is eligible) then now is the time to ride the status train to Wynn Rewards Platinum or Black status. Who knows maybe some day another casino will take the Wynn status and match it to something else?!

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Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. Do I still get my $150 dining credit if I didn’t gamble much at Wynn when I matched? I did it my last couple hours in town and haven’t returned since then.

  2. Did anyones Wynn status change to red in the last month? I matched in Aug to Platinum and now it’s showing red for some reason.

  3. Once I matched (it took about 5 minutes), I was then sent an email with a discount hotel rate. If you have status elsewhere you really should take advantage of this.

  4. shawn/mark…love yall’s podcast and vegas talk…important and valuable information for visitors/vegas enthusiasts…im coming into vegas in september and have mlife gold…can u update who has tier matching…appreciate yall. hopefully wynn will extend their tier match…stay blessed…be safe

  5. Shawn, glad to see this post that prompted me to check the acct status online; had it matched in june but still showing Red; called in to offer an email of the card pic as proof; request got declined at first & was told to come back in person by 8/31; said can’t physically be there by then bc of far distance & asked to speak with mgmt; got put on hold for a while before a mgr went ahead to update my status after sending in proof by email

    any rate, better get it corrected now before the expy date to save a hassle or surprise later day this yr when the promo already expy

  6. Thanks for the reminder! Just walked across the street from Fashion Show Mall and matched my Caesar’s Diamond to Wynn Platinum.

  7. I did get the $300 dinner credit so that was great but just do not expect anything out of this place if you are not gambling. Caesars and Mlife will be your go-to properties.

    • What was the process to redeem your dinner? Did it require any gambling? We matched last year but didn’t end up playing there much. Wondering if we can still stroll in and get the credit.

  8. I am Caesars Diamond Plus and my wife is Diamond. Did the status match in June, my birthday month. That night we had a $200 steak dinner at the Lakeside – no drinks and they comped the whole thing. It was kind of weird. You have to make the reservation and then go to the rewards desk and have them call the restaurant for the comp. Don’t be afraid to ask questions they want to help you, the deal is the deal.
    About 3 weeks later Wynn sent me an email for 3 comp nights and they sent my wife the same email. It took a little searching but we found 6 consecutive nights in October for the stay. Should be fun.
    No we do not gamble. We both play poker and maybe $50 a month in slots. Sometimes the deals work in your favor.

    • did you have to stay at the Wynn in order to use the credit? So if we want the wynn buffet we need to make reservation first then have them call the restaurant? They can’t just add it to the card

  9. I will be going in July so I wonder if the birthday credit is available immediately since that is my birthday month. Also, if you read the Terms on the website, it says that matched status is good until 12/31/2022 (10. Matched Tiers are subject to the Wynn Rewards Program Terms and Conditions (click here) and will be valid from the date the tier is matched until December 31 of the following year as described in Term 16 of the Wynn Rewards Program Terms and Conditions (i.e., through December 31, 2022)), so maybe the cards are just printing the end of the year date but you will have longer.

    • When I matched she told me that my card said 2021 but my status was good until 2022, I would need to get a new card next year.

  10. Sorry for my awful miss-spells.
    *Total was 2 hours of play at the $25 craps table (figure $100 per roll without counting odds ) and only earned 200 credits. Ouch !
    *No real priority seating benefit.

    In general. Every benefit goes through your personal casino host (Benefit dragon )

  11. Are the dining and spa credits available immediately after matching? We want to be able to use the credits in the same trip.

    • The dining credit is in your birthday month. The spa credit is available right away as far as I was told. I haven’t attempted to use it yet and I am trying to find out what happens regarding birthday credit to people who have their birthday earlier in the year after the matched status expires.

  12. @AJ yes, just go to any mLife desk in Las Vegas to get your physical card. You’ll need to show your ID. Then you can get matched at the Wynn.

  13. @AJ – Yes, any MLife desk will print you a physical card if you show ID and give them your MLife number.

  14. This may sound silly, but since the prerequisite to match is to have a card in hand, how do you receive a physical card? For example, I matched Hyatt Globalist to MLife Gold (which shows on my MLife app) but I don’t have a physical card. Now, I want to match gold to Wynn plat. Can I drop by the MLife desk and have them print out a card on the spot just by showing my app or by looking up my name? Then walk over to Wynn and match?

    • Yes. That’s exactly how to do it. Go to the Mlife desk, show them your driver’s license, and they will print the card for you.

    • I will tell you all that the Wynn Casino is for the wealthy hard core gamblers , not point and miles free loaders. They don’t honor the benefits on the card if you’re not gambling. There really is not discount rates like you get with Mlife unless you’re gambling like a mad man(or woman ). They offered me an upgrade to Tower Suites for $90 (standard king ) but it’s listed as a free benefit when it’s available. EVERYTHING is based on play!! The $200 spa credit will get you a 50 minute massage and you will still owe $50-60 in tax and gratuity. Good deal I guess but Platinum matches the $100 spa credit is useless. Everything here is VERY overpriced. For the hard core gamblers you will love it , great hotel . The dining credit looks good, wonder if they will still give it to me giving my low play.

      I did t get ANY priority getting into restaurants with wait times except for the Terrace Cafe. I could let reserve priory seating for a future reservation.

      The Black Card is pretty much meaningless. And hours of okay at the $25 craps table got me a whopping 200 credits !

      • Thanks for sharing your experience with it. For me I see it as possible free credits and maybe potential matches elsewhere. If they had a lot of hoops to jump through it would be different but they make it easy. As you say though Wynn knows a customer’s value and treats them accordingly so you won’t suddenly become a casino VIP.

      • Ryan, your comments resonate with me. In a way, casino tier status seems all too similar to hotel tier status. That is, benefits that few will use or benefits denied — as in your case, the offer you received for a paid suite upgrade when it is a stated tier benefit. I have top-tier status with two hotel loyalty programs and I have been told by a program representative that individual hotel property owners do exactly to members what happened to you at Wynn. The hotel loyalty programs KNOW this is going on and they do nothing about it — they side with the property owners. It’s a dirty game.

        I also have mid-tier status in one casino program and the only meaningful benefit for my circumstances is a priority line at the coffee shop. Seriously.

        For the vast majority of people, chasing tier status in these programs in the hope of daily breakfast or a meal credit seems to be a fool’s errand. As you and I can both testify, forget about the complimentary suite upgrade. In the end, I’ve opted for a completely different strategic approach to hotels — which foregoes tier status completely.


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