Amex Offers Overload: How I’m Finishing Out the Year Today by Cashing In 8 Offers!

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2016 Amex Offers

Today is the last day of the year! I am currently in San Diego to celebrate the last parts of 2016 and first few days of 2017 with my family, but I am diverting temporarily to finish up on some Amex Offers business before the end of the year. 

As a reminder, I already wrote about how to maximize the following offers:

Yes, I did procrastinate somewhat on getting all of my offers maximized. Still, I was busy with work and my growing reselling business which blew up in December (more on that later) so I am not too hard on myself. I also have A LOT OF CARDS, which means it takes time. Here is what I am doing to finish out the year before taking the next few days off! (Mostly) 🙂

I also managed to find an area with a Best Buy, Office Depot and Lowe’s all within two minutes of each other. This afternoon I’ll head out for a quick trip to:

It’s a lot of work, but a lot of points & cash as well. Have you finished all of your Amex Offers or are you still working through them like me? Let us know in the comments!


  1. All finished with the Dec 31 offers except for Best Buy. I do plan on purchasing a TV in the next month but think I might do better at Costco than the 10% off at Best Buy. I’m not sure that I will use this one. I’d like a Papa Johns pizza while I’m watching football today but there’s not one close:)

    • I’d go Costco all the way. Assuming the prices are relatively equal, you’re getting 2 extra years of warranty on any major electronics such as TVs (Costco is 2 years, Citi CC is 2 years). Not to mention the peace of mind in knowing you have a liberal return policy in the event something happens.

      • That’s what I was thinking. I was going back and forth trying to see if I could make use of the AMEX offer but there’s no sense forcing it. It’s nice to hear other’s input as well. Happy New Years


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