American Airlines is Sending out Targeted Status Offers – No Requirements!

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American Airlines is Sending out Targeted Status Offers

American Airlines is Sending out Targeted Status Offers

American Airlines is trying to gain back some of the Elites that they have lost over the last few years.  I think the constant devaluation of their AAdvantage Program and their constant lack of saver space awards has caused many to jump ship.  Customers have moved onto other airlines or become a free agent of sorts just hunting the best deals.

It seems like American Airlines has taken notice and they have sent out status offers to many people.  The unique thing about some these offers is that they require no flights or spend etc. to lock them in.  Usually status offers from airlines are in a challenge format where you have to complete so many flights within a certain time frame.  This was not the case with the offer Shawn received.

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Terms of the Offer

The terms of the offer are as follows:

  • This is an exclusive offer only for members who received a message directly from American Airlines
  • You must register by 11:59 p.m. CT June 11, 2018
  • The change will be reflected in your account within 10 business days
  • Your 500-mile upgrades will be deposited into your AAdvantage® account within 72 hours of registering for this promotion.
    • Standard 500-mile upgrade Terms and Conditions apply.

Shawn is able to earn the status which lasts until January 31, 2020 if he earns Platinum status via EQMs or EQDs.  The thresholds must be met by September 7, 2018.  So it is a potential status challenge if he decides to do it.  But even if he doesn’t he gets to take advantage of the status until September 7, 2018.


This is a pretty amazing offer if you were targeted.  Getting something for nothing rarely occurs these days.  I guess it’s not really nothing…I mean you do have to fly American Airlines after all :).  If you didn’t get the offer remember you can still get free cancellations without status on American with this trick!

Let me know if you received either of these offers or something completely different in the comments section.

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  1. Trying to be grateful for the heads up, but…
    Same here. Platinum for life. Not a single 500 mile upgrade has cleared in 3 years.
    This is an offer with no real value.
    Platinum is worthless. Diluted further by the “Platinum Pro” horse crap.
    The “Platinum” phone number is answered by the very same people that answer the regular number. They have absolutely no power to help you in any way.
    I have zero status with Delta and United, and I have found those reps much more helpful and flexible. (If you do not mind waiting 3 hours for a call back from Delta.)
    It is about as useful as having a bunch of “friends” on your personal page on Facebook.

    • Good points – I know some people got a targeted offer where they could get Exec Plat for reduced MQDs and MQMs and that was probably the better offer.

  2. I received the same Platinum offer back in August, and it was good until mid-December. I had 13 AA flights booked during that time, all in coach. I was on the upgrade list for every flight, but NOT ONE upgraded. AA has diluted these upgrade offers so severely so that people like me are signing up, and now there are so many platinums that NO ONE benefits.


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