Amex Express Checkout Deal Update – Credits Have Posted & It is as Good as We Had Hoped

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amex express checkout deal rules

Amex Express Checkout Deal – As Good As It Seems

I just wanted to post a quick update for those of you who were a little hesitant about going all in on the Amex Express Checkout deal I posted about last week. For those who don’t remember, American Express is giving a $10 credit for paying with their new Paypal competitor at select merchants.

When the deal first came out, the terms were a little confusing. They indicated that people were only eligible for 1 credit per online account. Thankfully I was the first to break the news last week that every single card is eligible for the credit.

There also wasn’t a minimum purchase requirement listed and we were able to confirm that any purchase triggers the credit. The final question for people was in regards to multiple merchants. Today I can confirm that the same card can receive one credit per merchant and thus multiple credits overall.

amex express checkout deal rules
I received credits for purchases at multiple merchants on the same card.

So to recap:

  • You can get a $10 credit at each merchant for each American Express card listed in your Amex Express Checkout account.
  • Authorized user cards do get the credit as well once each per merchant.
  • There is no minimum purchase amount.

So as the title suggests, this deal is as good as we had originally hoped, which is very very very good.


If you had been holding off on purchasing, then now is the time to get in. Doctor of Credit has a good update today as well in regards to what you can purchase at each merchant. I suggest heading over there for a look and then have a little fun. Make a little money.


  1. I did the WSJ deal through FatWallet – my card was charged on 07/17 and the portal bonus also posted (pending), but still no Amex credit. Not sure what to do? Anyone has similar experience at all?

  2. I have 4 AMEX cards under my name and under the same login. I am the primary cardholder. If I use all my four cards at Newegg, Ticketmaster, and Sabon, I should receive $120 credit for this promotion, correct?

  3. A bit late to the deal, but wanted to make sure I understood it correctly. I have four AMEX cards tied to a single AMEX log in. When buying from Newegg and choosing to pay via AMEX Express Checkout, I can designate which card to bill the transaction to. Will choosing a different card trigger another $10 credit OR is the deal $10 per account per merchant? Thx!

    • Anil,

      Thanks very much for the deal. Got my last 12 AU’s done this way after the donations disabled Amex Checkout. BTW, this died earlier today.


      Yes, $10 per online store per card.

    • Yes you will receive a $10 credit on each card. So the best thing is to do four transactions and then pay once each with your 4 cards. That way you will trigger four credits.

  4. I made around $300 so far.

    Those who missed TicketMaster. Here is another one but for $3.9 so gain of $6.1 per card.

    Also I would like to trade my $75 Sabon Gift card for $50 Amazon. Anybody out there?

    With this $75 Gift card, you can make $9 per AMEX Card and if Portal Bonus works then its going to be almost $14 per card. Let me know if anyone interested, I can send more details.

  5. Well, its a bit late to get into this since Ticketmaster is now locked up tight, Sabon only allows $10 GC increments, etc. But hey, get what you still can I guess.

    Agreed with others that I’m not sure what the benefit is to all this. I can generally check out faster WITHOUT using the Amex Express Checkout feature given the verification steps and so forth. Not sure the current promo will have the effect they’re thinking. The potential (and I mean potential, we don’t know how this is implemented) benefit is you can checkout without the merchant knowing your credit card info, which could be an additional security feature. But since that won’t be true in real life, its only useful at vendors that you don’t visit in real life.

  6. Glad that the credits are coming in as expected. I do wonder who might want to use the checkout otherwise. It may be similar to Visa in that it is proprietary, not at all like PayPal. You can’t even use Amex gift cards, leading one to ponder what they were thinking at Amex?
    It doesn’t seem to save any time. I don’t mind free money, just seems as if it won’t stay around long.

  7. You aint joking. I hit ticketmaster up for $1 donations on 3 cards, and got the $10 credits. The $1 transactions never posted NOR are they ‘pending’.


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