Maximizing Amex Offers: Linking, Automating, Tracking & Scaling Up for Maximum Savings & Profit!

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Amex Offers Maximizing

I write about a lot of offers here on Miles to Memories, because I like them. I like to save money and I like to score a great deal. The only problem is that sometimes even the best deals bring complication to our lives. Amex Offers are a great example of that. They are fun, but if you want to maximize them then it can get fairly complicated. Hopefully I can help to simplify things for you.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about organizing, loading and otherwise scaling up your Amex Offers to save the most amount of money!

Analyze Your Card Situation

Amex Offers Maximizing

The first thing you should look at is your card situation. How many cards do you have?

  • Have you opened or closed cards since the last time you looked?
  • Are all of your cards linked to an American Express login?

Now you may have looked at this before, but I know that I am always gaining and losing American Express cards. Unfortunately, this means that sometimes I have cards that have been closed along with a bunch of new ones that need to be linked up.

Linking to an Amex Login & Multiple Logins

You should have all of your cards (even authorized user and employee cards) linked to an American Express login. Some people like to have many cards on the same login while others like to have a separate login for each card. I personally have about 5 logins total with several cards on each login. (Note that Amex cards issued by other banks cannot be added to the website and can only be loaded via social media.)

When loading an offer on the American Express website, if you load it to one card it will disappear from all of the other cards on the same login. To avoid this, bring up each card linked to that login in a separate tab and navigate to the offer (but don’t load it). Once all of the accounts are in their own tab, switch between tabs and quickly load the offer to each card.

Pro Tip: Hitting CTRL + TAB at the same time will move to the next tab in your browser quickly.


Creating an Amex Offers Spreadsheet

Now that you have your cards linked to the American Express website (if applicable) and a Twitter account, you need to be able to keep track of everything. I recommend creating a spreadsheet. This spreadsheet will not only track your card information, but you can use it to track when you redeem offers on your various cards.

My spreadsheet tracks the following information:

  • Last five digits of the card number
  • Type of card
  • Cardholder (my wife, son or I)
  • Amex login tied to the card if applicable
  • Twitter account tied to the card

Amex Offers Maximizing

Then, I add a column to the right of the card information for each Amex Offer that I want to track. I use Google Sheets conditional formatting to track the following:

  • If I type “Loaded” to indicate an offer is loaded then the box turns tan.
  • If I type “Completed” to indicate an offer is completed the box turns blue.

This makes it really easy to see which cards have an offer and which ones I still need to complete an offer on. I generally only track offers that I will take advantage of on many cards. I don’t track all of them.

Getting More Cards & More Offers

Amex Offers Maximizing

Many people don’t realize that just about any Amex branded card is eligible for Amex Offers. Since American Express gives authorized user and employee cards their own number (and thus their own offers), there are a lot of ways to scale up by getting more cards.

Among them are:

  • Add authorized users on personal cards
  • Add employees on business cards
  • Utilize prepaid cards such as Bluebird/Serve including subaccounts
  • Register any 3rd party Amex cards you have

For example, I have a Bluebird card with four subaccounts. In case you are counting, that gives me five more cards with Amex Offers. Additionally, we do have employee cards on some of our business accounts and my wife and I have linked our third party Amex cards such as the BBVA NBA card and our old AAdvantage Amex cards.

If you are adding authorized user cards to personal accounts, be aware that they will show up on your credit report and thus may have an effect on 5/24 in Chase’s eyes. Adding employee cards on business accounts doesn’t cause the same problem since those generally aren’t reported on personal credit reports.


While this all may seem like a lot of work, the past few holiday seasons have been full of great offers and opportunities for savings. Here are just a few examples of past deals we have seen the amazing Sam’s Club targeted offer along with fantastic non-targeted deals for Best Buy and Newegg. I expect more to come and sincerely hope everyone is ready for them. Happy saving!

UPDATE: The Following section is no longer applicable. As of January 2018 You can no longer load Amex Offers via Twitter. Read more here.

Linking to a Twitter Account

Amex Offers Maximizing

Some offers only show up on the American Express website while some offers only show up via social media such as Twitter. I thus think it is a good idea to have a Twitter account for each Amex card you have.

To link your card to a Twitter account:

  • Sign-up for a new account: I suggest using the same username for all of your Twitter accounts followed by a unique identifier. For example, I use a specific phrase followed by the last five digits of the card number.
  • Verify the Twitter account: Once you sign-up Twitter will ask you to verify the email address. Do that before proceeding.
  • Link your Amex card to the account: Visit the Amex Sync Twitter site to link your card to the Twitter account.
  • Look for a tweet from Amex confirming your card’s enrollment: You should receive a notification within a few minutes that you have successfully linked your card.

Related: Strategies for Registering Multiple Twitter Accounts for Amex Offers & Getting Around Phone Verification

Automating Twitter Offers

One way I manage to get the best offers loaded to my cards is via Twitter automation. Last Summer I set this up on many of my cards and it is still working, although I have fallen behind and need to get it setup for my newer cards as well. If you are interested in having your Twitter accounts automatically Tweet when new offers come, then see the following posts:


Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  4. Shawn – great content as usual! And while I don’t have the full twitter automation, choosing instead the FM’s Amex Twitter Sync Machine, I do use a spreadsheet to keep track of all the offers. One addition you might consider besides “loaded” and “completed” is “paid”. While I have every confidence that AMEX won’t intentionally not pay out an offer, errors do sometimes happen. My spreadsheet has the offer, dollars (or MR points), end date, twitter hashtag (if applicable), and then, for each card, Y, N, Used, and a paid notation. So I can see at a glance that a card is eligible for an offer or not, whether I’ve used it, and if AMEX has paid out. A bit of work, no doubt, but the AMEX offers system can be very lucrative.

    • Hey Joe. I do go back and check but don’t generally mark it in my spreadsheet. That is a good idea and I agree everyone should make sure the credit posts accurately and it can be hard to track that across a lot of cards without a spreadsheet. Thanks!

  5. When I have a card opened online, and open a new browser and try to pull up another card that is on the same login, I get a message that this is already open and it won’t let me go any further. Any tips?

    • i open second window in same browser, google chrome, it shows still open. Go to home where you can get all cards listed again and go to next card and handle it the same window. Then open third window in same browser, chrome. Etc, until you done them all. So each window should be ready to go with offer open but not activated yer. Then activate the laser one, close that window, do the next window etc. this has always worked for me. Practice one that you won’t use but nothing wrong with activating and not using it. Good luck.

  6. You say if I add authorized users to my account that will affect me with the Chase 5/24? It should affect the person I add as an authorized user, not me, correct?
    Also as the previous poster asked about Amex cards by other issuers, like the Citi old AA card, the only way to add is by twitter or FB , not on the Amex log in, i tried by twitter before and never got credit on my Amex Citi AA card, called Citi and Amex and neither would add the credit.

    Thank you


  7. Shawn ~ U da MAN!

    Love that you helped me with the Twitter/AMEX Sync/AMEX offers setup in the past. Your guides make me happy this time of year!


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