Act Fast – Amex Platinum 100K & Business Gold 75K Offer Available Now!

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100K & 75K American Express Card Offers

Late last year I wrote about how I was able to get the American Express Business Gold Rewards card 75K offer to show up by loading the web page in incognito mode over and over. It took a little persistence, however eventually myself and a lot of people were able to get it. Now it seems the Business Gold offer has returned, along with a very good 100K offer on the personal Amex Platinum. Lets take a look at how to get them.

100K American Express Platinum Offer

amex plaitnum 100k business gold 75k

The Offer

Earn 100,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $3,000 during the first 3 months. Annual fee of $450 NOT WAIVED the first year.

How to Get the Offer

To get the offer you must follow a specific set of steps:

  1. Open up a private/incognito window. This will make sure your current cookies don’t interfere.
  2. Click this link to go to the Amex Platinum home page.
  3. If you see the 100K offer then you are done. Congratulations!
  4. If you see a 40K offer, then close the window and repeat the previous steps until you see the 100K offer.
My Experience

It took me about 10 tries to get the 100K offer to load. Since I just opened the Business Platinum with a 150K offer a few months ago I think I will pass on this, but I am honestly torn.

Amex Business Gold Rewards 75K Offer

amex plaitnum 100k business gold 75k

The Offer

Earn 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $10,000 during the first 3 months. Annual fee is waived the first year.

How to Get the Offer

To get the offer you must follow a specific set of steps:

  1. Open up a private/incognito window. This will make sure your current cookies don’t interfere.
  2. Click this link to go to the Amex Business Gold home page.
  3. If you see the 75K offer then you are done. Congratulations!
  4. If you see a 25K or 50K offer, then close the window and repeat the previous steps until you see the 75K offer.
My Experience

I haven’t been able to get the 75K offer to show up with about 20 tries, however I know quite a few others who have had success.

Which Is Better?

Both cards are different. The Gold is a business card and comes with a waived first year annual fee, less points and a much higher spending requirement. The Platinum is a personal card and comes with a hefty annual fee, but more points and a lower spending requirement. The Platinum card also has $200 in airfare credit per calendar year, so that is a benefit as well. I would say the Platinum card is probably the better overall offer, but that probably depends on your overall goals and needs.


Both of these offers are great and historically among the highest bonuses for each of these cards. At the least, I wouldn’t expect the 100K offer to last (the Biz Gold offer lasted awhile last year), so if you are considering one of them, it may be in your interest to act fast. Have you been able to get them to show up? Please share your experiences in the comments!

HT: Rapid Travel Chai

Shawn Coomer
Since 2007 Shawn Coomer has been circling the globe with his family for pennies on the dollar. He uses that first-hand knowledge and experience to teach others how to achieve their travel dreams for the least amount of money possible.

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  1. Hi Shawn,

    I recently was approved for the 100K AMEX PLATINUM via a targeted mailer. Last week I received the same offer via another targeted mailer. Is there any chance I could get approved for the same card & bonus twice? My guess is no but thought I’d ask just in case.


    • On personal Amex cards it is generally one bonus per lifetime. It should say in the fine print that you cannot get the bonus again if you have ever received the bonus on that product before.

  2. FINALLY got through on the phone. First the guy knows nothing, then says he needs a code, then can’t go find a code. No luck. SIGH!!!! Time to suck it up and HUCA

    Or… does anyone know, is this deal completely dead? ANYONE having any luck on line or on the phone on FRIDAY the 28th?

  3. Let me clear the air.
    The offer was not intended for everyone’s use. I understand it will be fixed within a few days.
    You’re wasting your time playing with browsers and the Amex site – the code for the offer is floating around the web.
    If you were given the offer when calling in, without the code, it’s only because this was unexpected, and has since changed. And you are not put on hold for us to find anything, you are put on hold because we know you should have a code if you actually saw an offer and we can’t afford to lose our low paying job.
    That said, you’re wasting your time playing with browsers and the Amex site. The number of callers with the code is mind boggling and many admit it was sent to them via blogs, email, social media, etc. If I wanted to work even more overtime I’d provide more info but what’s good for one might be a burden for another.
    Don’t forget to tip your waitress.
    Respond to the survey you might receive with high scores if they’re merited. Most of us try really hard to do the best we can but can lose every little bit of commission over a lack of surveys or bad surveys or people misreading surveys and giving great comments but rating us with a 1 when we need a 10.
    If you call in the next few days you will be on hold for an insane amount of time. Please don’t rate your survey low because of this, people work extra hours, skip lunches, etc, to handle all of these calls.
    Final words, if you travel a lot the platinum card just makes sense even without this crazy welcome bonus. Check out the cost of just an airport lounge for a year, it’s more than the fee. Not to mention the 2 for 1 international flights, $200 airline credit, concierge service, and there’s a ton more.
    The codes for this offer are obviously public now. My guess is that it’ll be fixed by early next week.
    Knowing all the benefits of the card, the welcome bonus valued at $1000 and the fact that this is usually attached to a code specific to a name, it’s an awesome opportunity.
    Bottomline, stop wasting your time trying to get the offer to pop up and just find the code because it’s obviously out there. Normally i might take maybe 2-3 platinum apps a week and today it was every single call. And nonstop.
    Good luck

    • Hey Tucson!

      Thank you so much for the Reddit style AMA post! Whether or not people see you as legit doesnt really matter cuz I pretty much believe what you say. Great insider info and really cool of you to post a comment from a CSR perceptive!

      Everything you say seems to be the common poison that kills deals. The internet posts a deal. THOUSANDS of people rape the shit out of it. Then the deal dies. Thank you for handling the crap that comes from miles/points enthusiasts.

      AMEX is actually fully aware of CC churners so I assume they had some kind of plan to handle this extra load even with or without a code.

      I ALWAYS make it a point to complete surveys via phone or online and give all 10s! Sometimes, the system is fucking broken and disconnects me or I put in the wrong number like rating from 1-10 and I wanna put 10 but it logs a 1 and I cant change it!! SO DAMN STUPID. They should change the rating scale to be 1-5. VERY CLEAR.

      You know what else? Sometimes surveys are so stupid where there are 10 questions with ratings 1-5 then the final 5 questions have ratings 1-10. WHAT?! Dude. No consistency. So I blow through all of them pressing 5 thinking its the highest but I just gave someone half a rating. They need to change that crap.

      Also, you need to get out of Tucson man. Thats a butt-hole city. Unless youre there for the cheap rent or UofA college hotties that pretty much walk naked on East University Blvd every Fri/Sat night, its not worth it. There are other call centers.

      Thank you man!

      • @NinjaX and @totallytucson

        1. Hotties in Tucson are a good reason to be there if you’re young, which I used to be.

        2. FINALLY got through on the phone to an incredibly patient and affable gent to apply for the Plat card and he said I was 4th in a row he had dealt with. Looking at a 24 hour wait to see if I am approved according to the system.

        3. Pretty much what Tucson said sounds legit to me from my convo with the Amex guy. I asked if he was getting breaks and all and he said they were taking good care of everyone there but I suspect it is an all hands maneuver.

        4. Keeping my fingers crossed on the application as this is the last big key app for a while.

        5. Still glad I am not on the southern border myself anymore!

  4. Tried for the 100K platinum at least 100 times using three different browsers. Nada. Anyone have any other suggestions?

  5. I wish I has seen this post last night! I tried about 20 time for each link, could only get the 50k offer for the Gold to show up (twice) and no matter what I did I couldn’t get anything but the 40k offer for the Platinum to show up. Finally I gave up and logged into the AmEx website and navigated over to business credit cards and boom, the 75k offer was sitting right there. They’re offering me 75k MR for the Business Platinum card as well.

    I wish I could get the 100k MR for Personal Platinum to show up though.

    • Try phoning in. There’s definitely a higher call volume because of the incognito offers, but if you get through it’s way easier than trying to repopulate that screen.

  6. If I meet the spending requirement for the Amex Platinumin 1 month and cancel the car after the bonus is posted, will I be refunded the $450 fee?

  7. Not sure if I wants to try 100K for luck today. I got a welcome invitation for 75K Business Gold when I login to my Amex account 10 minutes after I got approved for 30K business and still pending on 30K personal SPG yesterday.

    • I decided to apply 75 K Gold. After I submitted the application, it went to pending and told me to call Amex. I call them and all they asked are my name, ss#, and DOB and I got approved and told me that I will receive the card by Monday. I have no idea why they want me to call them. I am going to wait for another day to call for 30K personal SPG. By the way, I also got approved for Citi premier and AA business yesterday.

  8. My wife and I each got the personal platinum 100k offer in the mail. Does that give us an advantage over trying to find the same offer online? Just curious. Thanks

    • It does, means you’re also targeted and have the codes that you can give to the representative if they ask.

      I wish I had this instead! 100k seems to be the highest personal offer and 150k business. With it being once, this is just about the best time to pull it.

  9. After 5 to 6 times trying.. again and again… got the 100k offer to appear.. so I clicked APPLY NOW button.. then BAM.. SORRY THAT OFFER HAS EXPIRED. Here is your current offer.. (40k).. bleh!

    • Keep trying! I got 100k on the 1st try and went through the application. The spinning circle was going for my approval and I got the ‘we’ve run into a problem’ or something like that. Gave me a phone number to call to apply manually so I tried to launch it again and 40k came up, then the next try said that offer was expired. I closed that window and opened another one and got 100k WHILE I was checking my emails on my phone I saw I was approved! Keep trying!

  10. Thank you Shawn… a week or so ago you filled me in on the fact that the Platinum no longer had the restriction about having had a PRG card in the past 90 days. And now this allowed me to get a great offer on the plat card. Took awhile, 42 times to be exact, but now I’m $450 poorer (for now)! 🙂

    I was kinda in your boat when I did finally get the offer. I just got the Business Gold about 5 weeks ago. I’m maxed out with 4 amex credit cards (so I had to do a quick search and verify this was a charge card). Decided to take the gamble and it paid off. Now between this and my Citi Prestige I’m swimming in airline credits…

    Thanks again!

  11. Language is concerning….. “blah blah If you are identified as a current or former American Express® Card Member, this offer may not be available to you. ”

    So those of us with AmEx cards already, may not actually get the 100K bonuse.

  12. Some of you were lucky getting the offer to appear quickly! It took me probably close to 100 tries before I finally got it. I tried three different computers and an ipad, too. Persistence paid off, though – approved for the 100k after having to call in to verify my identity.

  13. I can only meet minimum spend on either the SPG card or the AmEx Platinum Card in the next 3 months. Should I go for the SPG card for the 30,000 pt bonus or the 100,000 pt bonus on the Platinum Card before they expire?

    • Yikes! It really depends on your goals. I would value the Amex Platinum bonus higher if you are able to use the $200 airfare credit each year. The SPG offer is 25K all year, however the Amex Platinum is normally 40K.

  14. Shawn,
    Would I be eligible for the 100k points from the Platinum card if I already have the Mercedes Benz co-branded platinum card? I mean, technically they’re different…

  15. I currently have the Premier Rewards Gold Card. Can I get the 100k bonus or are they the “same” product as they both are “charge” cards?

  16. I tried clicking 30+ times using a Chrome incognito browser and had no luck.

    I switched to firefox and got it on my first click using a private firefox tab.

    Try switching browsers if you’re not having luck.

  17. Thanks for the post! I just dumped my SPG Amex last week after 10 years (the new annual way is a rip off…) I got the 100k points in private mode after a refresh and was instantly approved. My first Platinum card and perfect timing I have a trip to SFo next week so I can check out the new Amex lounge there.

  18. Thank you Shawn (and Rapidtravelchai)! Thd update about new post from your blog came 1st o my email box and knowing how quickly this could have died I even started the Incognito tries while driving 🙂
    While my application is pending, my wife got an instant approval. Also, did the same for a friend. He got instant approval as well.

  19. It was torture all day long trying to decide. I was sitting watching the evening news and reading through twitter post and saw yours “Just Keep Clicking” so I caved.

    GOT IT! 100K! WOOHOO!

  20. Got a pending review message at end of application. Sucks as this is the first card I applied for in the chain of App-o-rama I have planned this weekend. Doesn’t bode well for future approvals. I already have personal and business SPG and personal and business Rewards gold cards open. Maybe that is why. But I thought the 4 card limit did not apply to the rewards gold cards as they are technically cash cards.

  21. I’m new reading your blog, so excuse me if my question is lame! I already have a platinum personal card, so are your instructions on how to get the 100k bonus, a work-around, to avoid having to get a 2nd platinum card?

  22. After 5 tries, it work perfectly. Got approved for the platinum after a minute. At first i thought it would require to spend 10000 but then i read it again it is only 3000. This is the best offer so far.

  23. Shawn,

    IMHO, there’s no “contest” here. The Gold Card is the MUCH better offer, if you are decent in doing MS.

    Why? Because the math is better for the Gold.

    75,000 points = $750 worth (minimal) in points, with the Annual Fee WAIVED.

    100,000 points = $1,000 worth of points, BUT when you minus the annual fee, its worth only $550.

    Yes, you do have to do $7k in more MS, but thats about $50 in GC fees at Simon Mall. Still makes the Gold Card worth $150 more….

    • You have a point Frank, but to be frank (get it?), there are too many other variables at play for CC sign-up that your analysis, while good, is only one data point to consider. Interesting nonetheless.

    • Yes but the Platinum card has $400 in airfare credits the first cardmember year plus a number of other benefits. I agree the determination of which offer is better is subjective. For me, the $400 in airfare is sort of like cash.

      • Thanks for all that you do, Shawn. For the airline credit, I’ve been told to buy SW gift cards. Is this true? If so, where do I go to buy and get the credit?

    • I was in the middle of applying for the gold on the phone when I noticed on the literature that was mailed to me that the spend was on eligible purchases only. I questioned the rep and he said gc is not acceptable for the spend. Has anyone had experience with gc counting toward spend on the gold card? What about the personal card?

  24. Thanks Shawn, I had been thinking of taking the 40,000 but had been waiting for something better and this was it. My experience was similar to Bruce’s. The first time I tried on Firefox it offered me 40,000 then I clicked “private page” and the 100,000 link came up. As bruce mentioned was able to link the application to my account after the approval came through. Thanks again, I’m so happy with 100,000 miles for what is a relatively limited spend and lots of perks.

  25. Thanks for the tip Shawn. I was ready to apply for the personal platinum, first time I clicked link in chrome incognito went straight to the 100K offer, but when clicked to fill out application an error message occurred. Tried Firefox and again first time went to 100K offer but this time when I clicked to fill out application, everything went smoothly and then asked for Amex ID to add to account after it told me I was approved. So thanks again for the tip Shawn! Have a great week!

  26. Showed up first time; I chose the option to apply using my Amex credentials and it reverted me to the 40k offer! Hasn’t come back now after about 20 tries. DON’T USE YOUR AMEX ID TO APPLY!

  27. I’m torn also, tbh I’m going keep the window open until I figure it out. Got it to load by following the steps for 100k. It’s unlikely I’ll be targeted for any offers for a while as I opened many cards this year alone, but my credit has been tip top since starting.

    I missed out on Ameriprise and hope that one with the 25k MR points returns next year. Going pull the trigger since I have a US Air companion pass burning a hole and my companions might like to visit a lounge for the heck of it :). That’ll be our holidays treat for a great year!

  28. 4 tries in the platinum for 100k to show up.

    show up everytime for the Gold 75k,

    strange thing is when i try the Gold at home, it only give me 25k, never the 75k no matter what i do. In an office pc, 75k show up pretty much evertime without any effort. Talking about PC bias!


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