Negative SLH Change, (Video) Tourists Attacked by Restaurant Owner & New Mid Day Disney Ticket

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Roundup: Articles From Around the Web

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Walt Disney World Mid-Day Magic Ticket Worth It – Disney Hacks

Shawn takes a look at the value of Disney World’s latest ticket offer.  I could see myself using this in the future since I don’t mind sleeping in and getting a good breakfast before heading to the park.

Horror vacations for family of Spanish tourists as they get attacked by a restaurant owner in Southern Albania – Gazeta Tema

This is just insane and I am not sure what would compel someone to do this.  What is crazier is that the restaurant was “shut down” by authorities two years earlier.  How did the tour guide not know to stay away though?

SLH Makes Changes To “Invited” Loyalty Program – One Mile at a Time

Sounds like most people would be better off booking SLH via Hyatt unless you have multiple stays upcoming and can surpass the 4 nights.


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