Chase Checking Shut Down, 5 Places To Never Visit, Cathay CEO Resigns

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Chase shuts down my checking account and I’m not sure why – Miles per Day

Usually it is pretty easy to see what led to the shut down but this one doesn’t make much sense.  Unless they finally put two and two together with previous credit card activity but he got shut down for credit cards a long time ago so that most likely isn’t it.


I don’t agree with Ian on Vegas and Orlando but everyone has different things they look for in travel destinations.  If you are into more outdoors stuff and nature etc. then those two places would be very low on your priority list.  Even though I am not a fan of Disney myself I still enjoy Orlando because of all of the other family friendly stuff the town offers, like the best McDonald’s in the world!


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  1. There’s not much sightseeing in Orlando, and Vegas can be “seen” in a single trip. So for sightseeing, once is enough in Vegas, and you can skip Orlando altogether.

    As far as everything else you could do, Orlando has the theme parks and a few other things, but those other things don’t change and you could probably cover most of them in one trip; Vegas has shows, gambling, and food (the latter not being “quintessentially Vegas,” just good quality and choice), which are always changing. So if you’re into what Vegas has to offer, you could go multiple times and always experience something new… not so much for Orlando.

    • I would say you could go to Orlando a few times and not cover everything that a family would find interesting. Not to mention the various hotels have a lot of cool things to offer and the weather is always a draw as well.

      But it all does depend on what you are looking for.


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