Best Party Cities in the World, Most Popular International Destinations by State, US Travelers Almost Never Buy Travel Medical Insurance

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  1. Your coverage outside the USA has nothing to do with the ACA. It’s because of your employer paid group policy. You’re fortunate, most employer paid policies don’t provide outside-USA coverage.

  2. Christian, your agent is incorrect. While you may have health insurance coverage while abroad, this is not required by the Affordable Care Act. In fact, most providers do not provide coverage for their policyholders while they are abroad. It’s also important to note that those insurers who do provide coverage while you’re abroad, will only provide it for emergency care and you will likely have to pay out of pocket for that care and then seek reimbursement from your provider.

    • Good point about emergency coverage. Otherwise people would just use doctors abroad at will.
      As to the ACA, I wasn’t covered before it but was covered when it took effect, so logic coincides with what my agent said, and it seems a really stupid thing to lie about. Maybe it’s because I’m in an employer paid group policy. I just don’t see blue cross suddenly becoming altruistic because they felt like it. A mandate seems much more realistic.

  3. The travel insurance piece is pretty skewed. For starters, there’s a link to their insurance. Secondly, the information cited is from an insurance group, so hardly unbiased there. Lastly, according to my insurance agent the Affordable Care Act requires insurance to cover you while abroad. What’s not covered is medical evacuation or transport, which can be really expensive. Check for yourself since I’m not an insurance expert, but blue cross did verify my coverage abroad.

    • That is interesting and something everyone should probably check with their insurance plan before traveling to see if they are covered and how to use it abroad etc.


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