(New Extension) Hilton Extends Expiration for Free Night Reward Certificates

Hilton has reached out to Hilton Honors member to announce another change. Hilton is extending the expiration date of the Weekend Night Reward(s) you earn as a Hilton Honors American Express Card Member.

Hilton Announces New Extensions and Easier Status Requirements

You will have more time to use your Elite Status perks, you can use Free Weekend Night Certificates on any day of the week, and status will be easier to earn next year.
Devaluation: More Hilton Honors Increases Hotels Cost Over 100K Points

The Main Issue With The New Hilton Breakfast Program? Hotels Aren’t Following The Rules!

Hilton Hotels are not following the program terms when it comes to the new Hilton breakfast set up. They are making it up as they go along.
How Important is it to Learn the Local Language in a New Country?

Want 10,000 Free Hilton Points? Check If You Are Eligible

Hilton is giving out free points. All you need to do is go and claim 10,000 Hilton Honors points, if you are eligible.

Hilton Diamond Elites Don’t Get Lounge Access at New Signia Brand

Hilton announced the Signia brand in early 2019. This is a meetings-and-events-focused brand for professionals and sophisticated business travelers.

Expiring Hilton Free Night Certificates Extended till January 2022

Yesterday Hilton sent out emails to let loyalty members know that they have more time to use their Free Weekend Night Reward.

All Is Not Lost, You Can Still Get Free Breakfast At Some Hilton Hotels

Even with the recent changes with Hilton status you can still get free breakfast at some Hilton Hotels. All is not lost!
Devaluation: More Hilton Honors Increases Hotels Cost Over 100K Points

Counterpoint – Hilton Free Night Certificates Are Great, Actually

Many can't stand the process of using Hilton free night certificates. I don't think they're that bad - I think they're great, actually.