Shocker: Marriott Approves My Best Rate Guarantee!

Hotel's like to play games with their best rate guarantee terms and conditions, but Marriott surprised my by approving my recent claim!

Confirmed: Marriott Bonus Nights Credit Trigger Annual Choice Benefit

Confirmed: Marriott bonus nights trigger the annual choice benefit for Platinum Elite and Titanum Elite members. Here's the proof.

Is It Worth Pursuing Marriott Platinum Status (or Higher) This Year?

With the reduced elite status requirements, is it worth pursuing Marriott Platinum status again? Here's how the 2020 requirements break down:

Marriott Offers Off-Peak Pricing Worldwide and Elite Night Credits

Marriott is offering off-peak rates at most of their hotels worldwide. Additionally, most Bonvoy members also get more elite nights.
Question Of The Week: Is There A Weird Marriott Points Expiration Policy?

Why I’m Coasting on Marriott Platinum Elite Status, Due to Extended Status

With extended elite status, here's why I'm coasting on my Marriott Platinum Elite status and not booking stays with them or spending on their credit cards.

Marriott Announces Big Cancellation Policy Changes & Elite Status Extensions Due to Coronavirus

Marriott Bonvoy has announced huge Coronavirus related changes including a loosening up of their cancellation policy, pausing of expiring points and an extension of elite status for members.
Question Of The Week: Is There A Weird Marriott Points Expiration Policy?

Why Does Marriott Keep Us On This Rollercoaster? Good Marriott Credit Card Changes

The Marriott credit card changes aren't an error and are surprisingly good for the consumer. Love 'em or hate 'em, Bonvoy elite status just became easier.

Bonvoyed! Marriott Took Away The Platinum Status I Earned – Here’s How I Got...

Marriott took away my Platinum status even though I had actually earned it. Here is how I resisted getting #Bonvoyed and got my status reinstated.