Bonvoyed Again! Marriott HQ Weighs In On Insane Hotel Credit Card Fees

Marriott Slashes The Tires On Their Points Advance Booking Program

The Marriott Points Advance Booking program has been a favorite of Bonvoy loyalists. With recent changes that is likely to change.

The New St. Regis Bermuda Resort, Check Out Pricing and Features

The St. Regis Bermuda Resort is located in Town of St. George's and nestled among the soft sands and turquoise water of St. Catherine's Beach.
Marriott Hotel Caught Playing Games With Loyalty Perks & Upgrades

Reverse Bonvoyed? How & Why Marriott Extended 2 Free Night Certificates

In a surprise move, Bonvoy customer service offered me 2x Marriott free night certificate extension. I think this could help others, too.
Marriott Hotel Caught Playing Games With Loyalty Perks & Upgrades

Yes, It’s Possible To Get Marriott 5th Night Free After The Fact – Here’s...

I was able to get the Marriott 5th night free perk after the fact. They refunded my points back to me, so here's how it works.

Getting ‘Bonvoyed’ Could Actually Be a Good Thing in 2021!

Marriott has some exciting news. Since members have probably not earned as much with Marriott Bonvoy as previous years, the hotel chain is looking to make things easier by giving your travel goals a big boost.

Shocker: Marriott Approves My Best Rate Guarantee!

Hotel's like to play games with their best rate guarantee terms and conditions, but Marriott surprised my by approving my recent claim!

Confirmed: Marriott Bonus Nights Credit Trigger Annual Choice Benefit

Confirmed: Marriott bonus nights trigger the annual choice benefit for Platinum Elite and Titanum Elite members. Here's the proof.
Is Hotel Loyalty Worth It? A Response To The Marriott CEO Interview

Is It Worth Pursuing Marriott Platinum Status (or Higher) This Year?

With the reduced elite status requirements, is it worth pursuing Marriott Platinum status again? Here's how the 2020 requirements break down: