Why I Hate Marriott Resort Fees As A Percent of Room Rate

Marriott has a new practice at one hotel that could spell Armageddon for Bonvoy members given the program's terms. Okay maybe not, but this move is anything but good and is a policy I fear will spread across the hotel industry.

The 6 Most Valuable Marriott Travel Package Options – Get The Most Out of...

With the launch of off-peak and peak award pricing, I thought I'd take a deep dive into Bonvoy to find the most valuable Marriott travel packages.

My Buddy Vs Bonvoy Went To Game 7… And He Won!

Changing Marriott travel packages is still possible, but you better be ready to fight. My buddy recently went through and came out victorious!
Crowne Plaza Kochi - Swimming pool.

Marriott Makes Changes to Points Advance Feature

Marriott has a feature called Points Advance, which lets you use points that you do not have yet, to book award stays.
Marriott Travel Package Mapping Old to New

Another Negative Marriott Change Or Just More Merger Confusion?

I recently ran into another issue with Marriott that had me wondering if booking award nights for others may no longer be possible at Marriott.

Marriott Attempts to Fix Travel Package Value Issues & Opens Up Booking Much Sooner...

Marriott is backtracking a bit when it comes to the value of some of their travel packages. Find out how to potentially get a refund if you have a certificate which has the same value as one that cost less.

SPG/Marriott Merger Dates & Announcements, Credit Card Dates Remain the Same

The SPG/Marriott merger dates have been set but remember these dates do not change the SPG credit card devaluation dates.

Sheraton Brand to Undergo Extensive Updates. Will these Interesting Updates Appeal to a New...

Marriott Will Update Sheraton Branded Hotels Marriott's acquisition of Starwood included almost 450 Sheraton branded hotels, making it over 40% of the hotels in the Starwood portfolio. An interesting Article from USA Today details the...