Banks Slashed $99 Billion in Credit Limits During the Pandemic

Banks started cutting credit limits by hundreds or thousands of dollars as the Covid-19 pandemic spread, sometimes by as much as 90 percent.

eBay Bucks Program Will Be Axed on April 1

eBay sent out an email today to Bucks member announcing that it will scrap the 1% earning that you currently get for most eBay purchases.

New Court Ruling About Credit Card Rewards & Taxable Income: Analysis & What It...

A new IRS court case finds that there are taxes on credit card Rewards earned from certain types of transactions associated with MS.

US Now Requires Negative COVID-19 Test for Travelers From UK

Under the new CDC order, travelers must provide written documentation of their lab test result either in hard copy or electronic form. Airlines must deny boarding to passengers who choose not to get tested.

Get $21 When You Sign Up, Plus $21 Off $50+ at Target with Google...

If you have never used Google Pay, then it is definitely worth checking it out. You can get $42 with the signup bonus and the Target offer.

Delta Crew Shortages Lead To Massive Flight Cancellations

Over the past week a Delta crew shortages lead to massive flight cancellations. Over 500 flights cancelled during the holiday week.

Chase’s Slow Business Card Approval, Black Friday Domestic Hotel Deals & Christmas Markets That...

My latest edition of articles from around the web. Around the web is collection of articles that I found interesting that are travel related.

Has The Best Buy Gift Card Reselling Game Come To An End?

Bad news, Best Buy gift cards can not be used with guest checkout any longer which could be an end for the gift card reselling game.