My Chase Ink Application Roller Coaster & What You Can Learn From It

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chase ink plus application experience

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Chase Ink Plus Application Roller Coaster

If you read this site often then you know that Chase has really started tightening their approval process for all cards. They have even implemented a semi-firm policy called by us miles & points crazies the “5/24 rule”. Basically they will deny almost everyone who applies for Ultimate Rewards earning cards (Sapphire Preferred, Freedom, Slate) if they have opened up five or more cards in the past 24 months. Raise your hand if that is you!

Thankfully for now that rule only applies to a few cards, but Doctor of Credit has reported that there is a strong rumor the Chase Ink business cards will be subject to this rule beginning sometime in March and all of Chase’s co-branded travel cards will be subject to the rule some time in April. This isn’t 100% confirmed, but it seems to come from a reliable source and makes perfect sense given the direction they have been moving in.

My Chase Ink Plus Application

A little over a month ago I applied for the Chase Ink Plus 60K offer which has been around for a few months.  The standard offer has been 50K for quite some time, so I view 60K as very good considering it can be worth about $1,000 worth of travel. (It isn’t clear to me if the 60K is here to stay or will go back down to 50K eventually.) More importantly, getting another Ink unlocks even more 5X earning opportunities since each Ink Plus is limited to $50K in spend in the 5X categories (office supply, internet and cell phone) and I spend a lot of money.

For a little background, I currently have two Chase Ink cards. One is an Ink Plus and the other I downgraded from an Ink Plus to the no annual fee Ink Cash. Recently I formed a new LLC and decided it would be nice to have a business card for it. Naturally I decided to apply for my overall favorite business card. Would Chase give me a 3rd Ink card?

chase ink plus application experience

Application Pending

As I covered last month, my Ink application immediately went to pending status. A number of people have reported it is best to wait for the application to process instead of calling in. Since I am not a huge fan of getting grilled over the phone (which seems to be Chase’s procedure when you call in), I waited. After a couple of weeks a letter came in the mail.

Thankfully the letter wasn’t a denial, but a request. Since my LLC was so new, they weren’t able to verify it was real and asked me to send in proof of the LLC along with proof of the EIN I used to apply for the card. While the letter asked me to mail in this information, I called Chase and asked if there was a way to fax it. There indeed was and I sent it off right away.

Getting A Decision

I faxed in the information about two weeks ago and every day the application status line said the same thing. “Your application is under review.” Thankfully that changed yesterday. After calling in yesterday morning, I was delighted when the cheerful computer voice said, “You have been approved”. Unfortunately it doesn’t say for how much and the card isn’t showing online since I don’t have a login for this new business, but I don’t care. I got the card and it is on the way.

Lessons Learned

Combined with the good news that Frequent Miler shared yesterday, I think it is safe to say that people who apply for a lot of credit cards can still be approved for some Chase cards. While some commenters take issue with this, I am the first to point out that I am a good customer to Chase. I spend a lot of money on their cards and have a long history with the bank. I only mention this because it could have something to do with the approval.

One other lesson learned here is that persistence pays off. Even though it took a month to get an approval, I was approved. Of course I don’t know if calling right away would have earned me an approval sooner, but that doesn’t matter. Time and time again I have found that persistence pays off whether in this case or when I had to write for reconsideration via mail or secure message. If they run my credit I don’t take no for an answer unless all options have been exhausted.


At this point it is unclear whether or not Chase will begin enforcing the 5/24 rule on Chase Ink business cards or co-branded cards, but I suspect they will. Hopefully my experience will encourage some of you who are worried about a denial. As always, I suggest only applying for cards if and when you are ready, but for many a decision will need to be made soon if the 5/24 rumors are correct.

Have you recently been approved by Chase with more than five new accounts on your credit in the past two years? Please share your experience in the comments!

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  1. Sean I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and was approved about 3 weeks ago. A week ago I applied for the Ink Business Preferred card. I called the automated number and entered my social security number. The reordering says you have been approved. Do you think that’s from Sapphire Preferred approval or the Ink Business Preferred?

    • In my experience the automated system will tell you the approval for your first app up to 30 days later. My guess is that you are hearing about the Sapphire Preferred approval.

  2. Is the number 1-888-338-2586 legitimate? I tried calling, entered my soc and then it disconnected right away. Worried it was a scam as I cannot find this number anywhere except on random websites. Thanks!

  3. To follow up on my earlier comment, I ended up applying last week and application went to pending. Waited it out and got a letter in the mail saying they needed verification of business address, tax id, and name of business. I called the number on the paper two days after receiving it and was on the phone for about 15 minutes with a rep. He verified my info over the phone and said I would receive a written decision in 7-10 days. I asked him if he thought my chances were good and he said yes everything looked good so long as there aren’t any major roadblocks or changes since applying. The next day I called the automated line to check on my application and it said I was approved with an $18k CL!

    To add some context…
    1. I applied for this card in December and called the reconsideration line after my application went to pending and the rep said I was denied because of 5/24. I was new at the time and should not have called in because I’m sure it would have went to pending then probably would have been okay.
    2. I applied using my SSN as a sole proprietor (personal trainer side job) though not a lot of income from that the last 6-8 months.
    3. Applied for 9 CC in last 7 monhts
    4. Credit score ~775 avg btwn three bureaus

  4. I was approved for both the Ink plus and United business explorer today. Hadn’t applied for a card in 6 months but had plenty in the last year to 24 months. Legitimate business, so used ein. 3rd Ink, other 2 were sole prop. Applied 3/8, approved without calling in 3/21.

  5. I applied for the ink plus about 2 weeks ago and still pending. My ink will be my 5th card in 2 years. I want to get the Hyatt card before April and also take advantage of the high spg Amex bonus by applying for those cards. Should I go ahead and apply for the Hyatt card while waiting for the ink approval or should I wait until I get a definitive answer from ink? I’m cutting it close to the March 31 cutoff for the spg cards now.

    • That is a tough call. I would probably try to wait if you can, however Chase personal and Chase business are two separate divisions. I don’t know for sure if the business side will see the new personal app, but I would work under the assumption that they will.

      • I was approved today! Yippee. So do I wait until the end of the month to apply for the Hyatt card and the spg card on the same day?

  6. Has anyone who has applied in late February/early March with 5+ applications and sole proprietorship (no EIN) had success with the Chase Ink Plus?

    Wondering if I want to try my luck again. I applied in December but called in and got the instant denial. I was new at the time and naive. Since then I’ve had three new cards and a total of 4 new apps and a total of 9 in last 8 months.

  7. My husband has had four new credit cards within two years. (Three are between March and June of 2014) He applied yesterday for the IHG and Marriott. IHG approved and Marriott on 2nd browser went pending.
    I was denied the Freedom for too many new accounts in two years last month. Looks like my goose is cooked with Chase until mid-2017 if I completely stop with Citi and Barclay. I’m about to start up with BOA so I’m guessing 2025 might be my year for Chase!

  8. I was just approved for the Chase SW Plus card, and I have opened 12 new cards in the last 24 months, 5 of them Chase cards. (3 personal, 2 business)

    I really want to get the SW Companion Pass again this year, so I’ve been lying low with Chase, and holding off applying for the Chase SW Premier Business card.

    Last week I was pleasantly surprised, however, to get a Chase Ink Bold 60,000 point solicitation in the mail. I’ve already had one Chase Ink Bold for almost 2 years now, and a Chase Ink Plus (now cancelled), so I’m hopeful that maybe they still want my business and I’ll get approved for the SW Business card. Companion pass, here we come!!

    • Good luck Karen. People are definitely having success. That either means Chase is getting nice before they tighten the rules (likely) or perhaps they have changed their mind. (Not likely)

  9. I applied on line for the ink plus. I got a message saying I was to call in and give them a code which I did. The rep wanted some I’d info but also why I wanted another business credit card (I hold the sw business visa). She also wanted to know my 2014 gross income, 2015 and projections for 2016. Like I would have that on hand right? Told her I’d call back but the next day I got a targeted offer for the very same card! Called and cancelled my on line application and plan to try the targeted offer in a few weeks. Seem like a good plan?

  10. I have applied for 11 cards in the past 12 months, 20 cards in the last 24 months. I was just approved for the Ink Plus, which I applied for in the branch so $95 annual fee is waived for the 1st year, Yay! I applied in late Feb and after 2 weeks they called me and said if they could move some credit from my Ink Cash card they could approve me right away. Of course I agreed. They just asked a few questions about my business, which is a rental property, like how long I have had it and how much of the income is profit. It was so easy. I thought for sure i wouldn’ get it but to my surprise I did.

  11. I’ve wanted some of this card’s benefits quite a while and I envy you the approval, but I’m confused by the card being opened by a brand-new LLC. There seem to be boatloads of reports online that Chase wants to see some spending/revenue stream history for the business before approving this card. Not true? And what’s your read on ease of Chase approval when applying as an LLC/EIN versus simply a DBA/EIN?

    • Sorry for not being clearer Mike. This business has been established, but was a sole proprietorship under a different name until recently. When I formed the LLC the business took on a new name and thus has revenue which I was able to include on the app. With that said, Chase didn’t verify the income and also knows this is a brand new LLC given the fact that I had to send them in the documents. I think my past history with the bank probably helped me avoid having to send in income information. (Which I could have done if needed.)

      As for the difference between entity types, I don’t think it is a big deal. I think Chase evaluates the business as stated on the app along with your history with the bank. Since I have a long personal and business relationship with them, I am guessing they were happy to approve the app once they verified the business was real.

  12. I have a Chase Ink Plus and the Saphhire Preferred and have applied for 3 cards total in the last two years. Applied for the Hyatt and IHG card last night – instant deny and the reconsideration people won’t budge! I was pretty surprised, so I guess they are tightening up. I have a 775 FICO score.

  13. Hi Shawn,
    When was your previous Ink Plus application? Was it within 24 months? I am curious if Chase will give me the bonus again if I apply for my second business (would be within 24 months).

    • It was about 15 months ago. Since this is a different business than the other Inks, I am eligible for the bonus. This has always been their policy and I will confirm the bonus in writing once I get my card in the mail and can send a secure message.

      • Thank you for your reply. I sent myself a referral link and confirmed that there is no 24 month language in there. I will apply again (with my other business) and see how it goes. Thank you for your help.

  14. Hi Shawn,
    Do you think it would help to apply in person? I have also read that they waive the annual fee the first year if you apply in person. I sell occasionally on eBay and have an investment rental property but no LLC. I have a 25 year old primary checking account with them and a fico of 830. Have had 4 new credit cards issued in last 6 months…Do you think I have a chance of getting approved?

      • Do you have application status phone numbers for other banks as well? Did a small round of apps including the Ink and would like to know the status without talking to anyone.

    • Worked for me. I don’t even have a bank account with Chase, but I walked in with my current Ink Bold and they were happy to submit the app for me. Even though I am well 5/24 I was approved and got the Plus in the mail.

      • Do u remember how long it took to get the card in the mail? Can they give u the acct immediately like Amex does?

  15. @shawn I jus want to add that good banking history matters with chase. I had $20k balance in my checking (1 yr old) when I applied for ink plus. I was denied for too many inquires (around 9). Card was for my online Amazon n eBay selling on my SSN. I was also spending close to $5-$7k on genuine purchases each month on their Hyatt card. I told my banker my card is denied and if m not approved, I will take my business to Citi. Was approved the next day.

    • The 5/24 rule has to do with new accounts that show on your credit report. Chase business accounts don’t show, but they do know what you have. Even if you use separate EINs you are still backing the card with your personal credit.

  16. Thanks for the information. Out of curiosity, how did it work that the cheery computer voice knew that you were calling about that specific card, when you called in? If you called a status information number that informed you of your approval, would you have been transferred to the grilling staff if you had not been approved, with the application still pending? I applied for both personal and business UA cards almost 2 weeks ago, and still have no word, but hate being run through the wringer.

    • There is an automated line you can call. The number is 1-888-338-2586. It simply asks you to enter your SS# and it tells you the status. It won’t transfer you to a live person.

      • So interestingly enough, my wife applied for 2 SW cards on the same day a few weeks ago. One over the phone, for which she was instantly approved, and one online for which she got the pending notification. She only has 2 other Chase cards and less than 5 in the last 24 months. In any case, every time she has called the number you mention above for the last 3 weeks, immediately after entering in her SS# it says, “please hold while I transfer your call” at which point she hangs up before someone comes on the line. Have you ever heard of that happening? I want to avoid having a recon call and wait to see what happens, but I feel like if she doesn’t hear anything in the next few days she will just have to bite the bullet and talk with someone.

        • No, I haven’t heard of that happening. Applied for 4 SW cards a month ago in 1 day, 2 biz, 2 personal, wife and I. Approved for 3 of 4. Took a whole month, just got approved, 3 days ago. Thought about calling recon 2 weeks in, but glad I did not. Will call on the other. I would suggest waiting due to the onslaught of apps they might be getting.

      • In certain cases, it could transfer you to a live representative, such as if they need identity verification. That happened to me last month. If it happens to you, simply hang up once you hear the voice telling you they’re transferring you to the rep.

      • I was immediately transferred to a live person after the automated service asked for my SS #. I have an Ink Bold and 2 Ink Cash cards (converted from Ink Plus last year). I got targeted mailings for Ink Plus 4 months in a row and mailed it in a couple of weeks ago. My application is pending. The CSR said another week or so.

        I’d love to have another 60,000 URs. But if I don’t get it, c’est la vie.

      • If they are really only looking for some information relating to identification, would it be better to have my wife talk to the CSR, or should I just let it go and if she gets a rejection have her call recon?

        • If they want some identifying info then they will either call you or send a letter in the mail. It is up to you as to whether or not she should call. There is no wrong answer. I would personally wait it out, but I have been doing this awhile and thus am ok with it taking a month+ for the application to go through.

      • Is this number legitimate? I tried googling for a status update number for Chase and nothing came up besides these numbers randomly posted on forums.


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