When Targeted Offers Backfire: Rumblings of Chase Shut Downs

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chase shut downs

Chase Shut Downs

Talks of shutdown have been common lately, but it is usually from American Express. Now we see some reports for Chase accounts being shut down after recent credit card applications.

We wrote a few days ago about many pre-approved offers showing up in people’s accounts with a green or black star and a fixed APR. These are offers are a great way to get more Chase bonuses. But there were also some other links floating around that were dangerous.

So many people must have applied in the last week or so, and there’s reports of a few cases where Chase has shut down all their credit card accounts. While the reason for the shutdowns might not be clear, it seems to affect people that have applied through different links.

The only common theme looks to be the number of credit cards opened in the last 24 months. A couple of people with about 30 and another with over 50 cards. Too many credit cards too quickly, are a red flag for banks, due to bust-out fraud schemes. But it is not always the end of the world. Accounts can even be reinstated if you have done nothing wrong.

Let us know if you have had any issues recently, or if you have applied and been approved without any headaches from Chase in recent weeks.


  1. i applied for a second Southwest Business card- credit score 830, two hard pulls, but instead of immediate approval like i received for an earlier SW business card, i just received an email stating that my application had been received…i was surprised for the delay.

  2. I used one of the special links last week. Not one that is supposed to bypass 5/24 though. I’m at 3/24 so shouldn’t be bad news for me. Unless they don’t like the fact that I used a special non public link… here’s hoping all is good.

  3. 30-50 is a lot. I am at 10-15 a year. That feels like a lot. 50 is kind of crazy. There are so many ways to earn points beyond the bonus.

  4. 50 accounts in 24 month??? crazy. As much as I love opening new account and get lucrative bonus… 25 a year? Are there that many products one can apply for?

    • There were other reports in the 20’s which I think a lot of us have hit at one point or another over a 2 year period. 50 is a lot for sure. I think I am in the 15-20 range right now without trying too hard.

  5. Apparently they are seeking out the hackers opening an account for the points then the account is basically unused. They need to do this hacking has gotten out of hand and yes one can say the cc companies are to blame thats a bit lame. Thats akin to a drag racer getting caught blaming the car company for selling them a fast car

    • It has always been risky applying with Chase with a lot of recent inquiries but I think people forgot about it after they moved everything under the 5/24 umbrella.


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