How to Check Your American Express Credit Card Application Status

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How to Check Your American Express Credit Card Application Status

How to Check Your American Express Credit Card Application Status

Wondering how to check your American Express credit card application status after applying? Assuming you weren’t instantly approved, you’ll want to keep tabs on your application. In this article, we’ll look at the two ways to check the status of your application and also why this might matter.

Why You Should Check Your Application Status

Before we discuss how to check your American Express credit card application status, the question is why this matters. Why does this matter? A few reasons.

First, welcome offers are contingent upon conditions that start from the date the card is approved in your name. If you aren’t checking the application status, it might be hard to nail down what date the account was opened. (Note: you still can get this later)

Second, your records matter. In this hobby, you need to be organized. American Express, as with all banks, has application rules that need to be followed. You need to know when you opened a card to make sure you’re following these. The most prominent of why this matters would be watching your 5/24 status.

Lastly, applications aren’t valid forever. If it just sits as “pending” for too long, the application will be discarded by the bank. This usually happens at 30 days. Check the status to keep up to date with what’s happening and prevent this.

Now that we know some important reasons for why you want to check your status, here’s how you can check it.

American Express Credit Card Application Status – Online

The simplest (in my opinion) is checking your status online. Using this link, you can check your application status with your Social Security Number and zip code from the application. American Express will send you a confirmation email after applying for a credit card. This email has an application ID, but you don’t need it for checking the status online, which makes it even simpler.

Check Your American Express Application Status

American Express Credit Card Application Status – Phone

The other option to check your American Express credit card application status is to call. You can call 1-800-567-1083 and choose the option for “application status”. Say or type the information requested (SSN, zip code) and then receive your application status.

The Status Options You Can Receive

After you check your American Express application status, you’ll get one of four results:
  • Approved
  • Denied
  • In Progress
  • Cancelled

The first two are obvious. The third, “in progress,” means that they’re still reviewing the application. This could mean a few different things. Maybe they haven’t gotten to it. Maybe they need more information and sent you a letter in the mail.

The last, “cancelled,” could be two different things. Option 1 is that you didn’t finalize the application. If you got the pop-up message that you’re not eligible for the welcome bonus and wound up discarding the application, you’ll see “cancelled” as the status. The other option is that your application was cancelled by their computer system for some reason. If so, you’ll need to call to ask what’s going on.

Reconsideration Call

A reconsideration call works as a second chance on your application. Maybe you were denied. Perhaps you need to provide more information. This also works for those “cancelled” applications that shouldn’t have been cancelled.

Maybe your application is taking too long or wasn’t approved. You can call American Express to discuss the application. Call one of two numbers:

  • For new customers: 877-399-3083
  • For current customers: 866-314-0237

We have a resource on reconsideration strategies, as well as what you’ll likely be asked. While phone calls are by far the most common reconsideration path, there are other options, as well.

Final Thoughts

It’s not difficult to check your American Express credit card application status. There are a few different results you might see when checking your status, so we looked at what they mean. If things aren’t moving forward the way you want, we also looked at how to do a reconsideration call for a second look. Hopefully, you’re approved at this point. On average, you’ll receive your new American Express card in a week after approval.


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