Why I Am Done With Chime Card – It Was Fun While it Lasted

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chime card changes

Chime Card Disappointments

I have written a few times about Chime Card and why I thought it was an interesting product. They have been pretty agressive with their offers, which basically meant I was able to pickup free money from time to time.

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Chime also allowed me to load the card with my Nationwide Buxx card, which gave me an easy way to liquidate some funds while paying bills that don’t accept credit cards. It was all working nice.

Over the past few weeks Chime has decided to make some changes that have really hurt the product in my opinion. Because of these changes, I believe I am done with Chime Card for now. I plan to liquidate my account. Here is why:

Savings Builder

3% Fee For Nationwide Buxx

chime card changes

A few weeks ago Chime Card introduced their Checkbook feature which allows you to send a check to any person or company. Shortly after, Chime started insitutting a 3% fee on certain debit cards like Buxx cards. Fortunately the Nationwide Buxx cards still worked for awhile, however I logged in to find they are now charging a 3% fee.

Checkbook Really Sucks

chime card changes
Thanks to Chime canceling my payments, my bill is now past due!

After their Checkbook was introduced, I was happy to use some of the funds on Chime to pay a few utility bills. I quickly discovered that their Checkbook feature is not only rudimentary, but it also sucks. The account number field for example only takes numbers. My city water bill has an account number including dashes, so that won’t work.

The first time I tried to pay a bill it took five minutes to get the system to accept an account number that worked. Once it finally did, the bill pay still failed. I received an email from Chime the next day that my account number was not proper. So I took the hyphens out and paid the bill again as per their instructions. As you might guess, the check failed again. I just tried a third time. Hopefully it will go through.

Savings Builder

No More Offers

chime card changes

So imagine after the added 3% fee and then all of the issues with Checkbook that Chime goes ahead and removes the one real benefit of their product. This morning Travel with Grant reported that some accounts are no longer eligible for offers.

After reading that report I logged into my Chime Card account and found that I am offerless. While I understand the need for targeted offers, taking out the one useful feature at this point leaves me no choice but to abandon Chime.

I find it interesting that my wife’s account which has pretty much been left alone since I opened it still has offers, but my much more active account no longer has them. Perhaps it is Chime’s way of politely giving me the boot. Who knows.


I understand Chime is a growing company who is trying to find a way to be profitable. While I am not happy with all of these changes, I am not going to slam the company here. I will just not use their product since it doesn’t provide any value to me any longer. How about you? Have you had any of these issues?

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Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. I been using Chime for some time never had a problem. I had a deposit post to my account at 1am.. email at 1:02am saying my account was closed and they are holding my money for 14 days. At that point they will decide if it should be returned to me and the amount they will return in a check they will mail to me. They will not tell me why it was closed. I am blocked from all my account information and they will only reply to my emails with we can not discuss any issues regarding this account. They will not give me my balance at the time they closed it or if the accepted my deposit lastnight but the sender shows they did. I had $18,000 in my saving account. Still will not tell me anything and FDIC can accept a complaint for Bancorp but not the account only the debit card the issued.

  2. So i got my stimmy super late, like a month ago and chime closed my account “due to suspicious activity” like how is a payment from the government suspicious activity? Anyways i had to send them all these files and selfies to prove i was me to reopen the account. I missed my direct deposit from work and had to start getting paper checks because for some reason ever since they reopened my account after they suspiciously closed it, i havent been able to reconnect my account. Then today with the all day outage and not being able to login. Then 12hrs later i was able to login and money is missing. Im so done with chime. After 5yrs of using them all was well up until i got this last stimulus then it all went downhill. Something seems off. Unfortunately, i guess im better off getting a traditional bank at this point.

  3. Apparently someone was allowed to open a Chime bank account in my name using an address I have not lived at in more than ten years (maybe one of those cards they send in the mail that allow you to activate and deposit your own money? I don’t know). Chime bank apparently did not require any identification to open and deposit $5,000 into this account. Well, I am on S.S. and S.S. conducts an annual review and S.S. informed me of this account (parent company BBVA) along with one at U.S. Bank. I was able to close the U.S. bank comparably easy but trying to close the BBVA (Chime) account has taken 14 months today, and the documentation they required to close it was insane. Ironic considering they required none to open it. The ENTIRE BURDEN of documenting that I did NOT open this account was all on me, when in reality, the actual burden of proof should have been on them. They lie at every possible opportunity. They are full of tricks and you have to be on guard and contentious to keep them from duping you in every possible way they can. Well, now S.S. has actually begun deducting $95 from my monthly benefits because BBVA has refused to provide the documentation that this was a fraud account. I was beyond livid. Unable to sleep. It took two straight weeks of constantly working on the documentation so I can prove to S.S. I have made more than a reasonable effort.

  4. When I’m reading something like this it would be EXTREMELY helpful to know WHEN it was written. Don’t worry though, almost no blogs include this information either. [sigh]

  5. My ENTIRE family and there families and so on use chime. and I have never heard anyone complain. try some of the other so called banks, seriously.. Sounds like most people gets mad over little stuff that would happen anywhere. The common consumer now days is so spoiled.. “they took away my 3% offer and won’t hand out free money!” never mind the free banking and in my opinion excellent customer support. everyone just wants more. really does sound like a spoiled brat.

  6. I’ve had chime for years! They are absolutely the best online bank in my opinion. Before chime I had simple which wasnt bad by any means but chime offers more flexibility. Not to mention the credit builder card. Since I’ve been sent my credit builder my score has went up by 26 points. Just got my metal card sent to me a few weeks ago for hitting 40 transactions in a month. Alot of these negative comments are definitely user error. I’ve never once had a single issue with this bank. Sure I’ve disputed a few transactions here and there. All which were handled in a timely manner. Customer service has always been great. Then again I’m not the type to fly off the handle when speaking to reps. Treat them how you want to be treated and you’ll get positive results. Basically dont be an A Hole! If you cant figure out online banking and arent tech savvy then go with a traditional brick and mortar bank. Stop complaining. ( no I do not work for chime or am in any way affiliate) I’m a customer who enjoys the service they offer.

    • You don’t know what you’re getting yourself into you better get out of chime now before it’s too late they closed my account soon as I got my stimulus with no explanations or anyting talkin about no refund I’m trying to file for a lawsuit now

      • That’s the truth, i feel you.they all of a sudden don’t know my address after 2 and a half years.i wanna be done but the irs use that route # for my stimulus. The irs doesn’t allow information update at this time.its very frustrating.

  7. Wow, I’m seeing some luddites in these comments. I’ve had chime since 2017 and no I’m not homeless. I’ve been able to pay rent, bills (with card or sch), invest in stocks, send money, receive all direct deposits including from the VA, my employer and grant money from schools 2, 3 sometimes even 4 days early. Sure disputing charges process can take some time, especially during the pandemic but the simple solution to that is keep your card information safe and stay on top of reoccurring charges. Merchant refunds also arrive quite quickly. There’s a savings account and now a chime credit builder card which helped my credit jump up 40 points after the first month. Chime, try it.

    • I love chime 🙂 they worked great for me getting unemployment and weekly direct deposits from another site. Never seen anything sketch, every penny accounted for, and i get an increasing spotme whenever friends send a free $5 additional $5 for mine 🙂 i get to send them back too, pretty cool in my eyes!

      • My only issue with chime at the time is that I’m not able to fix up my card so that creditors aren’t able to withdraw cash from my card. My only option is to turn off and on my transactions each time I use my card. Ughhhh… wish it was simpler but hey, other than that I got no complaints.

        • You can cal customer service and request they block the culprit you are trying to avoid that’s taking it money out on a monthly, weekly, or random effort to bill you when u don’t law your account. Customer service will add a permanent block and u won’t be bothered anymore … 9 months and the company still tries but can’t access my account for bill. L

  8. Wow , after reading all of these horrible CHIME reviews , I am afraid to use it. I received my card yesterday. I guess I should have read the reviews before I ordered the CHIME card.

    • I’ve been waiting on my card for 15 business days and still haven’t received my card about to get evicted,internet off,cell phone off..Smh

      • My first replacement card still haven’t come in the mail I’m waiting on the second card to come in the mail now

        • If my new bank card come in the mail before any chime card come in after waiting since Dec 13 2020 I’m done with chime

          • The rep been saying 4-7 business days for the first replacement card now 3-5 business days for the second replacement card???

          • I’m closing my account with chime today this bank is a joke I never received both replacement cards 4-7 or 3-5 days I’m done..PS:DON’T LOSE YOUR CHIME CARD YOU WILL NEVER GET YOUR REPLACEMENT CARD

        • I recieved my second card in the mail but I forgot my info to log intoy acct and no live agents to help I finally activated my card but when I made a purchase online it would not accept the card said invalid I have my stimulus payment in my acct and cannot withdraw a dime feels like chime wants to hold onto people’s money to invest that’s what banks do usenour money to make their money

      • I need help opened up a chime account just got recently paid and in three days my account has been hacked I called to report the hacked and they said “ok we will block your account until you provide information to verify if this your account.” The lady I was on the phone with was very apologetic and assured me not to worry that no one can get use my money. Well the next day I get notified that there was charge to my account. Right when I sent in all my information I contacted the chime support team and all they keep saying is. “You need to purchase a 200 apple card so we can give you back your account” how the actual fuck am I supposed to pay for anything when they blocked my account why should I pay for anything when I already sent my information in to verify that it is my account. But because the hacker spent 200 on the apple store I have to pay for it. Help advice been trying to get in contact with the BBVA and nothing chime has changed my number on my account so I can’t call customer service

    • it’s not a scam, but just about. i only remember being told “no fees of any kind ever”, and the explanation why i got charged an atm fee was becauae i didnt use a network atm.

      so basically, they were marketing deceptively because they have the same fees as every other awful bank, and they have more than some.

      and if you misspell your name while signing up (with your social), and you notice when the card arrives and ask to change it, you will be required to show your ID and do a rigamaroll, when it’s really their bad for approving an incorrect name.

      this is how you identify not-truly-free-market companies – when the consequences for their own mistakes always fall on the customer to bear. it’s because banks are all invariably connected to the Fed, which obviously is the furthest thing from free markets. in other words, they don’t really care if they make customers happy or not, since you have no other choices. they ALL are guaranteed a “business” by their money-printing Fed source, so that’s why they are allowed to call what they do “a business service”, even though they literally just collect people’s money and be stingy about it while loaning out 10 times as much as they put in through the Fed.

      if i could turn $1 into $10 and lend all of those out at high interest rates and pay you a pittance, i bet i could piss everyone off, too, maybe even more so, yet i think i could still become rich, too…. i bet you could, too!

      why does ANY private group get to have a gunpoint(irs)-forced monopoly on counterfeit printing? isn’t this from Marx’s Manifesto? it is. whether the CENTRAL is followed by “Committee of the Chinese Communist Party”, “Bank”, or “Intelligence Agency”, you can be sure its motives are bad and that the decision makers involved think they are MORE EQUAL than the rest of us.

      it’s what we got…. time for mass exodus outside the central-bank economies

  9. I was scammed for 1810.00 on Monday 8/17/2020 they were claiming to be apple care.the minute I answered my phone, they had remote control. They knew all accounts I had.and yes I guess being old and gullible is my crime. I reported this immediately. Called police, internet crimes are hard to solve even for FBI.Thank God they left me .16 cents

  10. Y’all are stupid I have had chime since 2017 and actively using it each and everyday and it’s by far the best bank account I have ever had and still is I get my deposit early have no atm fees I have overdraft and no fees I have sent a check before which by the way if you can’t put the business account number in for your said bill then just make the check payable to the business name and have it sent to the address to your bill you are trying to pay just make sure your account number is in the memo of the check

      • Yo for real they really don’t know what they got going on they’re closing everybody’s account they have close to $10,000 a mine and don’t want to give it back I can’t wait till I sue them

        • My chime bank was block with $2000 but I got someone that help me out with it you can contact this number(210) 775-4712

    • Yeah until they fu know with you. I jad a chine account for 6 mo ths and in 6 months I had the worst fraud of my life so bad in fact I hired an attorney they found that chime is involved in several lawsuits because they sell your information and allowed crime on the inside an employee was able to get into my account and send himself 2000 of my money slode it into his account through the pay friends mode! This has happened too many times. Not worth the headache. Then after that they refuse to pay you back what was taken.

    • It is, in my opinion, ignorant to call people stupid for complaining about a company that is stealing customers money. Irs great that you haven’t had them do the same to you. However, some of us are getting the run around with getting our money back. You’re not having problems, great. No comment needed if you’re not having an issue. Btw, you should do a little research when it comes to chime. There are literally thousands of complaints about people not having access to their own money. I highly doubt all these people are full of it.

    • I also love Chime but at the same time I realize sh*t happens to good people and as such, I COULD just as easily be one of those people! So, while I am super happy with Chime so far (with the exception of the rare hiccup– but always resolvable), I feel badly for those who seemed to have their $$ held from them. Just because something happens like that doesn’t mean the consumer is STUPID, but rather unfortunate is all.

      Hopefully they will realize that online banking accounts are a relatively new phenomenon and certainly not a perfected science so errors are going to occur but to try and persevere until said errors get resolved.

      Take care of yourselves & each other and God bless!

  11. Issues depositing cash, went to DuaneReade, 7/11, and the cashiers just say it can’t be loaded, “incorrect load amount”, this happens often… there is no way to know when or why this happens.. it’s very frustrating .. and $500 is the max per load, not $1000..

  12. I’ve had the same problem!! loaded 50$ to pay a bill and when i tried to pay it less than 15 min after i had deposited it into my chime acct, it mysteriously vanished. no transactions in the history to say where it went it just disappeared. they gave me a whopping 10$ back a few weeks later. but that was all. fkn bs!

    • Hi Katy. This sound like a scam business after reading your review and others I decided to stay with my Federal Credit institution altjo now happy with them after I posted a $29.00 plus ship to pay for diet pills from Healthy Wage. Got charge $ 279.00 out of my checking. They did not try to get it back. One thing for certain two things for show after they tried to smooth the waters their attitude was with my premission I gave them the right to the debit card never mind this was a $29.00 which healthy wage still claiming they dont sell diet pills nor colon cleaners according to their site. However bank records led back to them. So I know what y’all are going through pull yoyr money out and dump their site. So Sorry I never thoughtnI would have gone through this. Now about 2 weeks ago they started sending alerts wgen a purchase is made to see if you made that purchase. Too little too late if I. Had the money would gave sued them. Currently seeking another bank that protects their customer acvount better than Robins Financial Institution after they brought out Robins Federal Credit. They totally suck big time. If Robins Federal Credit had remained they would have got my money back. Good Luck and thank you for warning me preventing from making another big mistake. Keeping it 100 straight up. Jade

  13. I just opened my chime account about a week and a half ago. Now I’m about to close it.

    My debit card has declined every transaction for the past 12h without a reason. My best guess the card is deactivated.

    I really don’t care the reason. If my money is there I should have access to it.

    If what other customers are saying is true about chime system crashes then it’s not bank for me.

    I refuse to let this happen to me again with chime.

    • YEP I WAS RIGHT. Chime deactivated my debit card and tried to say I turned off the “allow transactions” option in the But it was on in the app. They had to enable it on their end.

      After I chewed the rep out I had the account CLOSED.

  14. I’ve had two direct deposits, my paychecks, and about to have another, in a 6 week span, and still have not received my card, or been able to activate, I couldn’t even buy my kids Christmas presents. Was able to pays a few bills on line, but otherwise can’t use my own money and just keep getting the runaround. They have the same 5 answers for any questions and they never really answer the question you asked I’m about to blow up.

    • YEP I WAS RIGHT. Chime deactivated my debit card and tried to say I turned off the “allow transactions” option in the But it was on in the app. They had to enable it on their end.

      After I chewed the rep out I had the account CLOSED.

    • Same happened to me had my tax return deposited then wasnt allowed to access it because hadn’t recieved a card waited over 2 months and then on the 3rd card that everyone promised would be rush shipped to me with tracking they said they couldnt ups must not deliver to yeah I know in boston u.p.s. wont go there lol hello so I closed my account figured I’d get a check long before I’d get to activate any card they sent but now I’m nervous I wont even get that

  15. seems to be a fork of paypal from the comments. JUNK BANK advertising for anyone direct deposit- thousands a months in govt benefits–the customer service is acinine and has a bad attitude. IT IS THIER FAULT. Id rather use wells fargo and be lied to in person several times- my apps sent out of state and declined for no reason–than deal with this garbage bank. To the point abt millenials- banks are paying early so u can pay your rent on time, this guy must own everything and have everything handed to him. When u can only pay last minute- by cash- its a real pain with normal banks. better than amex serve- but not by much. Not sure if Ill use thier services much longer. Ive used several banks- most are nobody online entitys, some are turnkey businesses w presumed- not verified fdic insurance. Those are the ones rejecting you. Then theyres major banks. If u didnt screw up too bad- some will take you back. WF did. NFCU refuses to stop runaway payments- then ruins u from opening a cu account. THATS ON THEM. YOU SAID STOP. most wont stop charges, reverse charges- but its in your ch agreement that they must. WF and BofA will.

  16. Never had probs with my chime account in like 4 yrs I had it until now. Suddenly there are mysterious charges after I load money and when I go to pay the bill I loaded the money for, its declined and a few times no one can tell me what happened to the money? And it seems now their system is always down and theyre having technical problems. U cant call, use ur card or get ur money. Its crazy. Something is going on with chime and I hope they figure it out but in the mean time I would lile to get back the 200 dollars they owe me now!

  17. I been using chime for the last 3 months now I had no problems I like the “spot me” feature comes in handy I don’t mind “tipping the community” because it’s fair they let you overdraw up to $20 and not asking for no interest when you pay back why not tip I’m sorry for the ones who had problems with their cards but you all cannot just sit here an”bash” an company cause you had bad experience you can’t sit here and be like “chime suck” because you fucked up that’s your fault not theirs just saying

    • With the recent outages with their transaction processing server and having my card declined twice, I chose to abandon them. I opted for a big bank with a nearby physical branch. That way if something similar happens with them I can walk in and use a check to cash out my account to pay for things without being declined. And giving me $10 and increasing my Spot Me to $45 is not enough to cover the embarrassment of having your card declined on a date. Luckily I happened to have enough cash on hand.

  18. I have had 0 issues with chime so far. I like getting paid early and i even got my $50 for signing a friend up. The spot me thing has helped too. Hope i never experience issues to ruin this opinion

    • Spoke to soon I obviously me finding this almost 5 year old post is something to say that chime Bank really sucks because when you’re in a bind and you just got paid from your job it’s kind of unfair that you can’t access your money because the computers are down they should have a arbitrary or some offline account once the money is deposited run it as credit until you fix everything

  19. I love Chime bank. They don’t let you over draw your account. I’ve had no mysterious charges and I’ve never had any problems using it or interacting with the advisors. It’s a great alternative if you’re tired of getting screwed over by banks.

  20. Thank you Shawn Coomer for your opinion on the Chine account you had and your experiences. I found your website/blog searching for a word listed on my Chine account and it pointed me here. The word is “SpotMe Tips”. If you know anything about this, could you please post that to my comment? Thank you again.

    • The SpotMe feature allowed you to overdraw your spending account up to $20 and they do not charge a fee. The only thing they ask is for a small donation for this service.

    • You’re in the chime bank? How did you do that? And you “had a bad service”? You experienced a bad customer service experience or bad transaction experience or bad deposit experience? It helps to explain in English what you’re writing so current and future Chine members can take your comment to make a determination for opening or closing their account.

    • This statement makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. I think maybe the problem is the cardholder and not the card.

  21. too many issues 1. customer care on the phone sucked, I never spoke to the same person twice( which really was expected) 2.minformation on a lost check was given to me, more than once. 3. I went to make a mobile check deposit today and was told that there was a fraud hold on the acct and that they would no longer accept mobile deposits on my acct. I asked the normal questions like what was the fraud, when was the fraud alert created and why wasn’t I made aware of it when it was put on the acct? I was told that they could not give me those details. I have opened a new checking acct with my old bank and as soon as the wire transfer out of chime is done, I will be closing that acct!!

    • They did this to me how did you get your money out their account? I really need my money they have had this hold on my account for 10 days.

  22. I do not think that paying 2 or 3 days earlier promotes bad money management, because yes i love that they pay earlier but I always have to expectation that I still get paid on the day i am suppose to, soooo i think its each its own regarding that. Chime is not the only bank that pay early many credit unions been doing this so to say they are promoting bad money management is a stretch, we got to start holding people accountable for they’re bad habits. I only had chime for a couple of months and I love it, its serves its purpose for me. Just my two cents.

  23. Chime is evil! If you cannot wait until payday to get paid you are in horrible financial shape! Wake up millenials! Getting your money 2 or 3 days earlier does nothing for you and promotes bad money management behavior. Better to get a higher paying job, pare down superfluous expenses, maybe even move to a lower rent apartment. If you cannot keep a positive balance in your account Chime is not going to make things better. Only changing your spending habits will help you.

  24. I’m currently going through a lot right now, my card was stolen so I’m just trying to cancel the card, but cant get to my account because my phone was stolen also. I just hope the customer service agent just cancels my card with out any questions.

  25. Chime is so disorganized. I bought a money order at the post office, the fee was $1.25. Chime then sent me a message of basically “Hey, we see you bought a money order and we’re going to refund that fee. You’ll get it in the next two days!” I was pretty impressed, just a little touch and a thing they didn’t have to do. Nice! Except not so much. The refund never happened and their customer service reply boiled down to, “Oh, you don’t qualify for that so we’re not giving it to you.” Okay, fine, but you set the expectation to start with. If you can’t even honor a basic promotion, which is a little thing, how screwed am I going to be if/when something big happens? I’m not sticking around to find out.

  26. I have not had any problems with Chime but waiting 3 full business days for your money to credit straight from your bank is miserable. I lost my Blue Bird Card so in the meantime as I wait for my new card to come in I have pulled out the old Chime card. I do not understand why your money takes so long to credit when you can get your money instantly with Blue Bird Pre-Paid debit card or if you want to send money with Zelley. I read somewhere that the company itself CHOOSES to keep a 3-day hold on your money.

  27. I have been with Chime for over a year now and have not faced any of the issues I see posted here. I was looking to see what might have happened with a refund I am expecting, but it has nothing to do with Chime. Only with a subscription that i cancelled but still got charged. It would be nice if Chime offered something that we could view any automatic payments for approval. But 9 contacting chime about this, I was told that once the transaction settels we can immediately take steps to dispute it. Very pleasant and helpful. Yes it took a long time, but what customer service doesn’t take so long.

  28. How long does it takes for my chime card to come I’ve been waiting 11 Days now and it still hasn’t arrived.

  29. I have read all of these negative comments about chime…and quite frankly I think it’s a bunch of bs…my wife and I have both had chime now as a supplemental bank to chase and wells fargo…i had my direct deposit changed over to chime and have gotten my funds up to 8 days early…while I once was stranded with a flat tire 200 miles from home 3 hours from the time chase released my funds and I could not get them to advance me a penny even though a 3200 dollar direct deposit was showing in their system to hit in 3 measly hours…i have only the best things to say about customer service at chime also…theyve been extremely helpful…and the auto savings feature has allowed me to accrue over 3k in savings in 4 short months….thank you chime…youve made banking easy and hassle free!!!!

    • I waited over 2 months after the first one never showed up I hot a second then a third I finally had to close my account but my girlfriend got chime and her card came in 2 weeks

  30. I have a a great experience with Chime..Pay day comes two days early.. Customer service responded quickly to my issues. My card was stolen and after the pending charges cleared I filed a dispute I had my money in 2 days. The only issue I have is that it takes almost 3 weeks for a replacement card. Other than that they are good with me and others I have referred and we both got 50 dollars added to our accounts I’ve made 350 just on referrals!

  31. As long as you never have fraudulent charges it seems to be ok. But don’t think for one second that they will fix any issues you have. My husband found a charge on his account that he didn’t make and immediately called chime. He was told to file a dispute. It has now been six months, with multiple disputes and rebuttals. Some of which they say they never got. They even said that there was no error found. We have requested copies of there findings several time an not received anything. Now after six months the are saying it is not there responsibility to refund the money it is the merchants. Just be aware that if money is stolen they will do nothing. Getting your money a few days early is not worth when they steal your money and there’s nothing you can do about it. Worst customer service ever. Don’t fall for their scams, stay away. Use card.com or something else. Will be switching banks very soon.

    • If you’re purchasing something in store or online and use it as a Visa card, Visa covers or has protection to cover fraudulent charges. I don’t get why everyone is calling Chime, unless you are using your card as a debit card.

    • I’ve had fraudulent charges and have NEVER had a problem getting my money back! Did I have to wait what seemed like forever? Two weeks but ALWAYS got my money back and nope don’t work for chime or anyone else for that matter! Just a girl who uses chime with NO problems!

  32. Love it, CHIME HASN’T RIPPED ME OFF AT ALL. DON’T KNOW HOW THIS IS THE SAME PLACE I use. I think they are FANTASTIC. NEVER QUESTION ME AND CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWESOME. CALL THEM DIRECTLY AT (844) 244-6363. I’ve never had to wait for an answer. Instantly took care of my request.

      • you must work for chime im down $800 in a frad case that they would not even put a stop hold on pending charges from a venmo account when i have no account linked nor have a venmo account. complete bullshit.

  33. Thanks for all the comments and reviews, I just order my card and its on its way. As soon as I get it I will be cutting it up. I don’t play that fraudulent creap with my money

  34. Omg, horrible experience with chime.Everything was great at first, then I had fraudulent charges sonI needed a replacement card. Specifically asked if my card would be here by Wednesday( keep in mind I ordered the replacement Aug 1…a Monday) was told it would be expedited. Wednesday( payday) comes no card…I call back…And I’m told they don’t do express shopping because of my address(dumb…I live in chicago,il). Then I’m told it’s 7-10 business days, they have to wait until day 10 to request a new card…AND they cannot express ship it… so ANOTHER 7-10 business days…RIDICULOUS! As soon as the card comes I’m withdrawing everything and cutting the card up…useless.

  35. Just had a card fraudulently issued in my name through Chime. Bancorp would have nothing to do with it. All I wanted was to make sure the account was closed and get follow-up written confirmation.

    Good luck with this POS company. Foreign customer service rep hung up on me.

  36. Worst bank ever!! Been fighting on where my my money is that was sent to me on July 10th its now July 25 n its 1 excuse after another. Horrible customer service. Horrible experience!!!!!

  37. I am currently disputing a charge for $175.59 on my account, made at a Rite-Aid location in Beaumont, CA. Mind you, I live in Westland, MI. And there is no way that I would spend that amount of money in a Rite Aid pharmacy. Also, I haven’t received my new card, which will hold up my direct deposit. Very close to giving up on this company.

  38. there customer service tells you so many different things well one time my card got I hold on it because of a transaction I didn’t make but I needed my funds ASAP so they reactivated my car then this happened again few days ago and they said they cannot do nothing about it till I get my new card in the mail up to 10 days and I told them I needed my car before the following week cuz I’m going on a trip it’s my money and I should be able to have the opportunity to activate my card back up this is bullshit and I’m being really tired of this banking. Chime banking is not a good bank anymore. I can’t even use my own money.

  39. Im scared now dont know why i switched ive had insight for years and it was absolutely wonderful i just wanted to budget better 2 days till pay day and still no cards

  40. Although, chime is a fee-free bank and you receive early direct deposits, their customer service is horrible! I’ve been a customer for about 6 months. I found out on Monday, while trying to purchase food for my family at walmart, that my card and funds were blocked due to an unauthorized charge I have no knowledge of. It’s going on day three of this so-called investigation and no one is able to give me any answers. All of my funds are tied up in this investigation and I have no way to access it. I am one disgruntled customer and I don’t recommend this bank to anyone. It’s still much for them to learn about serving others.

    • They did the same to me!! If you want to join together in a class action, let me know!! I’m down! They held my money hostage for weeks!

      • I read on the website RipoffReport.com there are, supposedly, some customers who have joined in a class action lawsuit against Chime.

        If nothing else, the comments posted here (including yours) persuaded me not to sign up for a Chime account. I will, instead, be signing up for a no-fees checking account (which also includes a Visa debit card) from a more credible local banking institution known as Salem Five Bank. I think this is the safer route for me to go, rather than with a relatively new entity in the so-called “bankless banking” field that has no longstanding track record.

        • The only issue I ever had with Chime is back when I first got it, I noticed a few under dollar charges at a fast food place I frequented, when I called to dispute, they put the money back in my acct immediately. I have also had it take my money for a transaction, but declined the transaction. That pissed me off. Luckily the cashier at the gas station, I showed her my phone app that the money did come off and she let me go… That’s unheard of. DD worked well for me, I have never been charged for a DD. And the “lock card” feature is the only reason I still use them… If my card is disabled, I won’t be charged by anything fraudulent.

    • I’m going through the some thing. I can’t even use my money. It’s my money and they should be able to reactivate the card. Hella pissed and done with chime

  41. AVOID LIKE THE PLAQUE!!! Ok, for starters I constantly had issues with Kroger declining my card, but taking the money anyway. Kroger nor Chime could explain to me why this had happened to me on 3-4 seperate occasions. Now..I would then have to contact support (which is like pulling teeth) and BEG for my money to be released, since the transaction was declined. I sent in photos of the receipt as proof. Now, they did remove the hold on the fund the first 3 times, but the 4 they treated me like I did something wrong. Now..I’m going to be honest and say I may not of been the nicest guy, but who would be after this had already happened 3 times before, AND previously I had waited 30+ mins on hold for phone support. So, yes I did send a stern message to their Twitter support page. But, I own that and I wasn’t unprofessional in anyway. I just wanted answers. They then send me an email on 3/30 telling me they are closing my account on April 1st.

    It is now 3/31 and my account is already closed?? Not even a notice that they would be closing it 24 hour ealier? Now my funds are being held hostage.

    Please avoid this company for three reasons..

    1. Terrible customer service and the phone support center is open until 7…which is not convenient. Any legit bank, even other prepaid cards have 24hr support, Chime doesn’t.

    2. Dispute handling is horrid. It takes forever, and they fail to follow their OWN fine print. The card is not secure, and is NOT EMV chip compatible.

    3. They are liable to randomly close your account if they give you problems, and you complain about them. They will tell you they are closing it one day, but end up closing it early and screwing you over.

    • Did you ever recieve your money from your account and if so how long did it take , im having the same issue with them ?

    • I’m going thru this issue now. I emailed them.. they said my account was closed due to “bad behavior “ and they refuse to provide any further details. I noticed 3 fraudulent charges on my card. Even though they say they provided provisional credit, I do not have access to any funds since my card has been deactivated & my actual account is closed. Catch 22. And they still won’t clarify what Transaction or activity triggered this issue.

      • After they did it to me I did a basic google search and yep, it’s one of their “practices.” Keep your account with them if you have one……..they issued me a bad check for the balance! Sound like a good bank to you? For $1500

  42. I had my taxes put on my chime card and went to buy a car and the man at the car lot try to charge my card and only 2300 was approved so he canceled it. I called to see if there was a hold or what the deal was and the lady told me after 40 mins on hold that there’s a spending limit of 2500 a day. So the whole day I couldn’t get any money off my card or use my card anywhere even thought the transaction was canceled. Which makes no sense. There wasn’t any money taken off and they could see it was canceled but still considered that my spending limit. So I had to put down a deposits and go back twice to pay off the car.


    Chime is AWFUL! I was deliberately hung up on by 3 different female agents . How can their customer service get away with this?


    • I got scammed for $1810.00 from Chime in July and then again in August for an additional $1000.00 have never received any money back called FDIC said they were backed by Bancorp called them to file a fraud report and was hung up on.Called my local police department. They have cases they are working on. PS never had a problem with them until then. I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

  44. Chime’s Customer service is horrible! I was in shock when I asked to be transferred to their fraud/dispute department and was told by the Hispanic female agent their fraud department was not open today. I asked why? She said because one of the employees couldn’t make it to work, and the other agent had to leave early to go to school. I couldn’t believe her response. She told me they are a small company in San Francisco, CA.

    Prior speaking to this agent, I was disconnected on intentionally by another Hispanic female agent named Jessica, and the other agent was Cynthia. It seems like the very small call center is all Hispanic; and some of them you can tell English is their second language.

    I was on hold for over 30 minuets waiting for one manager.

    My card was stolen and funds were taken off my account where the PIN was not used. I reported my card lost within 24 hours of becoming aware of the theft. Obviously I would not be the one on the merchants surveillance cameras. Chime made the egregious decision not to approve me for provisional credit. This was absurd and preposterous.

    I plan to cancel my account and go with a professional bank like Bank of America, US Bank, and Citibank who all have excellent customer service and offer security for their customers.

    Chime is the worst bank I’ve seen.

      • It DOES matter that they are Hispanic, but not for the reason you suggest (racism). It matters because they are affiliated with BBVA Bank, headquartered in Spain, an international bank, and which is currently under investigation by Spain for corruption.

  45. I’ m currently looking for a good prepaid debit card with the least amount of fees, none if possible. I’ve started selling on EBay and I need to be able to transfer my earnings from my Paypal to my debit card. I’m on the fence with this Chime card. At face value, it appears to be the perfect card. What I want to know is, what’s the catch? Is there an activation fee? A fee per purchase?? Should I give Chime a shot? If no, what prepaid debit card would you recommend?

    • It’s a great card until you have to dispute anything. They are great with fees and direct deposit. I’ve had chime since they have came out with it. But it seems as though when it comes down to disputes the process is awful. I’m going through a dispute now and I’m not sure if they are going to actually help which is sad. I’ve only had one other issue since I’ve had the card. They let a company continuously take money from my account even after I told them I had nothing to do with them. I had to cancel my card and order a new one. That’s what stopped the company. I still never received a refund from the money this company stole from my account. But at least now they dont have access to it anymore to keep stealing from me. Now I’m waiting to see what they do with this current dispute. Hopefully they do the right thing. If they dont I am just going to close my account. I really like chime but I have limited income so I can’t keep being humble and allowing them to allow my account to be compromised.

  46. This review is due to the horrendous, disappointing customer service that I’ve experienced first hand by multiple customer service reps including today. As a business owner I understand the value of customer care and services and I would hope that this company is built on the same integrity. I was hung up on by a customer service rep less than twenty minutes ago, her disposition on the call itself was distracted and uninterested. Once I attempted to call back I was left on hold for an extended period of time. I plan to cancel my account and continue advertising my bad experience with your company through reviews.

    Thank You!

    • Yes there customer service is terrible along with the fact they do not go by there own rules in which we as customers agree to when we sign there agreement. They have lied multiple times while on the phone with them and should in fact be directed to the better business bureau…. Breach of contract on there behalf or something they shouldn’t be allowed to get away with the things they do. False advertisement to go along with it as well. These fraudulent companies make it harder on the legit companies in the long run. I have direct deposit and make very good money and they didn’t care about my business or anyone else’s as long as they get it at first good look getting your money back out of there so called bank.

    • Kiyante G This is not a Chime website. It’s a blog written by a user of a Chine account. It’s my pleasure to explain this very basic concept to you.

  47. Ive had Chime for a year now and never once had an issue, no fees, had an atm over charge me for a withdraw (took out $100 and it was negative 200) but Chime immediately put it back even if i did have to wait 30 minites for a representative. I found this article trying to see if my tax refund would all come on the card at once !

  48. I’ve had the same experience of some above where Chime does not seem secure at all. I’ve had various credit and debit cards for over 25 years and never had a security issue. I get a Chime card and literally within 1 month of having the thing, I start seeing fraudulent charges made. I then I had to take all my money out at an ATM and cancel the card only to be hit with FEES at green dot in order to put my cash back in after I got a new card.

    Their customer support is lackluster at best and I can often expect to wait on hold for long periods of time and sometimes get in touch with support that’s obviously in a crowded room where the other support people are trying to yell over each other so the customers on the line can hear them. Very obnoxious especially when you’re dealing with a stressful issue involving money.

    There’s no way to deposit a check without FEES. Did you notice I’ve mentioned fees twice? They claim there’s no fees, but that an outright lie. They also keep claiming that they’re finally going to accept checks where you take a picture with your smart phone, but that’s been nothing but vaporware.

    I don’t trust Chime with my money and nor should you. There’s other online cards that take pictures of checks to deposit them, etc. — I’m taking out my money and trying them. I’m done with Chime and their horrible customer service.

  49. I have had them a few months. Their round up feature has benefited me and helped me start saving up. I have had bad experience in the past with more traditional banks, charging monthly fees and other fees. Whenever I have had to ask a question, I have used Facebook, they have been very nice, though sometimes the response did not come in that much of a timely matter. But, my questions were more clarifications, and not really urgent problems that needed addressing. Let’s see, something I would love to see help me save more is the ability for a cash deposit somehow, that does not involve a nearly 4 dollar fee every time. I like how simple the app is, I like how it does pretty much everything I need on a day to day basis. The only thing is that once you get a larger chunk of money saved up, I personally would like to see it earning some sort of interest rate, so I may move it eventually. But, starting out, I would say with the 10% round-up bonuses every Friday, I have probably gotten more from them than more traditional banks I have had in my memory, because of this I like Chime for spending and using on a day to day basis. I like the extensive atm selections, for withdrawing money only, though. I like how it seems I receive direct deposits earlier. I think Chime is going to be even better, they just need to continue to improve and innovate. The Checkbook has worked fine with me, for personal payments, I like how it is very simple to send a check to someone or somewhere you have sent it in the past, very simple, you can do it on the move in your busy day.

  50. I just cancelled my Chime card because I can no longer load funds from my debit card. My debit card was skimmed so to prevent that from happening again I got a Chime card. When I wanted to use the card someplace I was not comfortable with I transferred what I needed immediately and then used the card. Since I can no longer transfer funds immediately the card is worthless. Customer support is pretty darn worthless also.

  51. They wouldn’t accept my tax refund and claimed that it was the wrong name because my middle initial was on my tax return. IRS took over 3 months to get it to me. I embarks Chime several times and got no response. I finally got through to the phone line. They said that I could only correspond through email! It took them over a month to email me back. That’s when I finally found out the reason for them sending my refund back. Now for the past month, I haven’t been able to transfer money from my bank account to my Chime card. I have emailed them and have gotten no response! I went on today and accidently clicked on something and it opened up and they are now only accepting transfers from certain banks! So I set up my Wells Fargo account to transfer from and still am unable to transfer money from. It is ridiculous! I use this card for online transactions so I don’t get my actual bank account hacked. It’s more headache than its worth!!

  52. I was with netspend before coming to chime . Netspend has no surcharge free atms chime does. Netpend charges you $10 a month for unlimited purchases chime doesnt charge anything. Netspend doesn’t have any options for a savings account chine does. Both cards give you your direct deposit as soon as they receive it. But in my case im saving money using chime. No conplaints so far. One tine i stayed at a Hotel and they held money from my account. I called chime customer service and they went on three way to call the hotel and aa soon as the hotel said that the money was cleared chime released the funds. To tell you the truth chime is a very good card and inexpressive.

  53. I just cancelled my chime as well. They now no longer let you link your external bank account unless it’s one of the very few they have listed. And CS went to shit….fast

  54. I have only used this card for my direct deposit for the past two weeks, and thus far, there has been a problem each week. The customer service department is VERY unprofessional!!! What bank card service makes the customer call a merchant on 3-way to resolve their own issue? Chime does!!! What bank card service doesn’t have supervisors? Chime! What bank card service is unable to protect their customers money? Chime!

    As far as direct deposit goes, my netspend direct deposit goes through quicker than this card so you guys aren’t the fastest service.

    I was just on hold for a manger and got hung up on after they acted like they couldn’t hear me after waiting for over 30 minutes. I’m definitely going to the blogs, BBB and consumer affairs after my experience.

  55. OMG I’m fighting with them as we speak, literally begging for my money back. I used the atm inside my office building in Bronx, NY and less than 30 minutes later charges began to appear from Norfolk, VA. I called Chime right away as I figured it was an error on their behalf. Needless to say my card was compromised for the 2nd time in months. I’ve called Chime and Bancorp almost 30 times and each time I’m told they need more time to investigate my claim. Hello, common sense would tell you I couldn’t have possibly used an atm in Bronx at 8:22am and swiped my card in Norfolk, VA at 9:01am on the same day. This company is by far the worst. Don’t waste your time. Its not secure, and then once something happens they treat you like you’ve done something wrong, instead of the victim of theft and fraud.

  56. I agree!! This company CHIME! They lie like if your card is compromised and fraudulent charges have been made that they will return your miney in three days LIE! There dispute department dose everything they can not to return your money. They are not for you but aginst you I am returning to Bank of America where my money is insured and if stolen I dont have to worry about it my

    • Been going thru the same thing. They will allow someone to compromise your account and then find there was no error. Lol. Even when the issue is reported to the police

  57. They are by far the worst bank I have belonged to. Their customer service lies and, they make it difficult to talk to a real person. When you do get a real person they are beyond ignorant. DO NOT JOIN CHIME!!

  58. Well, the reasons I am done with Chime are:

    1) poor customer service & call center operations — the customer service agents and the one manager/supervisor are friendly and helpful but who wants to wait on hold for 20-30 minutes to reach the basic customer service rep. If you have a “escalated” issue (i.e. complaint, dispute, charge back, etc), there is only one manager/supervisor who handles all of those call. Sasha, you are awesome but I hope you are paid well!

    2) unacceptable response and resolution to fraudulent charges and disputes — you are only allowed to file a dispute on one transaction in a 30-day period; so when your card data is compromised and a cash withdrawal is made at an ATM in a foreign country (when your real card is still in your possession) and then charged at various other foreign locations, Chime still only allows one transaction to be disputed at a time.

    Chime is on the right track but the issues above need to be addressed asap because those same issues have sent a large number of prepaid cards to an early grave!

  59. It was only good for liquidating at low cost. Now it’s 3% (like Evolve) so why bother?

    In the sock drawer they go…

    • They closed my account and then gave me a bad check!!!!!! The irony. A bank writing a customer a bad check. I’m so mad right now…….but I’m calling the CPB and the AG of wherever they are located and the Federal AG. They stole $1500!!!! Please do not deal with them. Please they are CROOKS!


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